Guests from Brazil. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gurov S.

Operators: Levitan A., Opryshko P.

Text writers: Karavkin U.


The stay of the Delegation of the National Congress of the United States of Brazil in the USSR.

Historical background

In the summer of 1956 in the Soviet Union at the invitation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was visiting delegation of the National Congress of the United Staffs Brazil led by Iveta Vargas, vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs of the House of Deputies.

Temporary description

1h. The delegation of the National Congress of the USSR. Receiving the delegation in the Soviet Armed Forces in the Kremlin. Inspection of the Kremlin; 2h. Visiting MSU, Moscow metro, the Bolshoi Theater. Travel by train to the delegation, the Leningrad. Brazilian parliamentarians visited Leningrad Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council, Metal Works, the Hermitage. 3h. Stay of the delegation in Stalingrad: inspection tractor factory, Stalingrad hydroelectric station. Visit in Baku, Baku-Novo inspection refinery. 4h. The return of the delegation to Moscow. Familiarity with the work of the standing committees and commissions USSR Supreme Soviet. A trip to the outskirts of Moscow Artel them. Vladimir Lenin. End of the visit.

Reel №1

Vnukovo airport terminal building, decorated with the flags of the Soviet Union and the United headquarters in Brazil.

Taxis plane.

Among those who arrived Iveta Vargas, Lycurgus Leyte Estacio Ceuta Mayor Eduardo Catalano Rihid Saldanha Deri, Koarasi Tentil Monteiro Nunez, Jeronimo Diozunt Rosada, Zhestulio Barbosa de Maura, Newton Carneiro, etc.

The members of the Soviet government welcomed the guests.

Acts deputy.

Chairman of the Council of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet Nikolai Avkhimovich.

Iveta stands Vargas (synchronously).

General view of the Kremlin.

Delegation at a reception at the President of the USSR Supreme Soviet of the USSR AP Volkov and N. Avkhimovich.

AN Volkov and N. Avkhimovich talking to delegates.

Delegates are introduced to the Kremlin: examine the courtroom of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, George Hall, "The Tsar Bell," "Tsar Cannon", and Archangel Cathedral of the Assumption, the Armory.

Guests in the armory visiting the exhibits.

Red Square.

Laying a wreath at the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

Members of the delegation sent to the mausoleum.

Reel №2

MSU. Members of the delegation welcomes the Rector Academician NG Petrovsky.

Peter talks to the delegates.

Guests visiting the Assembly Hall, Museum of Earth University.

The streets of


Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Monument AS Pushkin.

Delegates are introduced to the work of the Moscow Metro.

Grand Theatre.


In the bed of the Brazilian delegates.

A scene from the ballet "The Shroud", performed by Armenian artists (synchronously).

Delegates meeting in Leningrad.

General View of


The streets of the city.

Mariinsky Palace.

Delegation at a reception at the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Leningrad City Council NI Smirnov.

Smirnov talking to delegates.

General View of


Neva embankment.

Monument to Peter I.

Visits in a metal factory.

Delegates visiting the machine is running.

Guests in the plant nursery.

General View of


The building of the Hermitage.

Guests visiting the museum exhibits.

Reel №3

Delegates in Petrodvorets.

Members of the delegation at a reception at NI Smirnov.

Guests are given gifts.

General View of


The streets of the city.

Members of the delegation at a reception at the main architect of Simbirtseva.

Simbirtsev talking to delegates.

Visit the Tractor Plant.

Delegates at the workshop inspect machines.

Finished products.

Among them Estacio Souto Mayor.


Delegates at Mamaev Kurgan.

Embankment in


Panorama Stalingrad hydroelectric.

Delegates to examine it.

Delegates on a walk along the Volga pass gateways.

Delegates welcomed the passengers ships.

The streets of


Delegates at the reception of the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan Mirza Ibragimov.

Ibragimov, talking with guests.

Delegates to the oil fields of Baku.

Panorama oil fields.

Guests talk with the workers, inspect the oil running machine.

Visiting New Baku Oil Refinery.

Guests visiting the plant, meet with industry.

General view nefterazrabatyvayuschego plant.

Guests do in the book of and bid farewell to the workers.

Reel №4

General view of the Kremlin.

Visits in the Supreme Soviet.

Delegates talk with members of the standing committees of the Union and the Council of Nationalities.

Visits in collective farm near Moscow.

Vladimir Lenin.

Conversation with the chairman of the collective farm, among conversing Lycurgus Leyte.

Guests visiting the collective farm garden, a pig farm, barn.

Union Agricultural Exhibition.

Visits in the pavilion of agricultural mechanization, the pavilion "Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."

Guests in the Moscow Circus.

Spectators welcome guests.

Performed circus.

Delegation at a reception at the AP Volkov and Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, MP Tarasova.

AP Wolves and MP Tarasov talk with the guests.

Seeing off guests at the airport.

Acts Diozunt Rosada.

Among the mourners members of the Soviet government.

Guests say goodbye to the mourners.

Climb into the plane.

Seeing Ms.

Iveta Vargas.


Iveta Vargas speaks.

He sits down on the plane.