On the edge ... (1990)

Film №46432, 3 parts
Production: East-Siberian newsreel studio
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Shunjkov B.
Camera operators:Ponomarev V.


The film tells about the Ambassadors child mental hospital (Buryatia, Kabanskiy area s.Posolsk), located in the former buildings of the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery (historical monument of the Russian advance to Siberia) on the shores of Lake Baikal.

Reel №1

The first part.

Winter blizzard, men chase horses around in the field.

Summer, a former building of the Transfiguration Monastery, CU.pl. - Dilapidated church.

Snow blocks on the shores of Lake Baikal, the sunset over the lake.

Night, rustic house, full moon in the sky.

The man in the white coat is the yard of the hospital.

Mentally ill young man shouts.

PNRM. on the dilapidated wall of the former church, windows without glass, the former bell tower.

Hospital patients go around the room, in a corner - TV.

Some of the young people jumping, one of them is sitting in the corner.

Sheets drying on a clothesline in the backyard.

Mentally ill boy sitting on the pot.

Kids are running around in the hospital yard, playing ball, a girl with a doll.

Children - children of alcoholics talk about themselves, about their parents.

Girl playing in the sandbox.

Doctor sitting at his desk in his office, testing the boy.

On the wall hangs a drawing of Lenin with the boy.

Young children playing in the room.

Children taking medication.

Boiled syringes.

Ampoules box with chlorpromazine.

Children sleep in the room.

The boy says in a whisper, as was in the hospital.

Herd of horses galloping across the field, the herdsman customize horses.

Boys on horses gallop across the field.

Boy lying on the bed with his eyes open.

A woman prays at the wall in the ruined temple, baptized.

The second part.

Mentally ill children wash the floor in the room.

Nurse drops children on pots.

Room for younger children, teachers help children to dress.

Adults guys cleaned your room.

Two boys at the table writing a letter to one of them dictated text, which reads as bullied them in the hospital.

Teacher conducts classes, children learn to read and write.

Boy shouts, cries.

Boiled syringes.

Doctor does a prick a boy in the arm.

Night train rides, a female caretaker with a lantern standing at the railway.

Defeated salon stands in train depot.

Herd of horses galloping.

Boys on horseback herding horses in the herd.

Woman sitting on the couch in his apartment, listening on headphones, which means her son out of the hospital.

Another woman in the kitchen with headphones listening that says her daughter out of the hospital.

Children in the games room of the hospital.

Wooden house, a woman stands by a fence.

Boy sitting on a stone village house, talks about his life.

Old wooden house in the background - a modern multi-storey building.

Woman sitting at a table in the kitchen, discusses the effects of chlorpromazine injections, crying.

The boy in the yard, sitting on his shoulder kitten.

A man smokes in a wooden house.

Boys stand in the front garden, one of them talks about his feelings after injection chlorpromazine.

Servicemen stand in the tank on a pedestal, in the background - the house, the roof of the word "mind, honor and conscience.


The boy in the kitchen tells how he got to the police station and then to the hospital.

The boy's mother tells how he was taken to mental hospital, as children are treated there.

Hospital baby jumping on the couch.

Kids get off the pot.

A man talks about the difference between mentally ill children and children who have committed minor offenses.

A man tells about abuse in the minds of children, accidentally caught in the mental hospital.

Children carry buckets of water by the fence of the hospital.

Cows in the former monastery rides a scooter.

The third part.

Children from hospitals play in the street with a dog.

Mature woman in her house tells about the case, because of which her grandson got to the police, the icon with the image of the Virgin, the Saviour, family photos on the wall.

Red corner in the hut.

Elderly woman tells about the time of atheism in the country.

Autumn field, in the background - riding truck, bus, people go to the funeral.

The funeral procession approaching the cemetery.

Woman on the street carries buckets on a yoke.

Boys run in the yard of the hospital.

Rural wooden house, a cow on the street, ruined church.

Boy playing the accordion, the girl standing next to and listen.

Winter, a former monastery buildings, the horse in the paddock, drying laundry on a clothesline.

Boys cut firewood, put them on the truck, driven to the woodshed.

A man in a white robe followed the work of children.

The laundry drying on the fence.

Women wash basins children.

A group of boys with a tutor is on the shore of Lake Baikal, are wooden fish on a pole in the background - wooden boat overturned in the snow.

The guys are preparing for Christmas - don costumes, rehearsing fragments representation.

Celebrating Christmas in a church building - tree, tinsel on the walls, nurses play with children.

Christmas show, the candles are burning.

Sisters of Mercy distribute children tangerines.


Faces of happy children.

Interior view of the temple.

Night, the kids are on the street in front of the temple.

A full moon sets behind the clouds.

Key words

Care for the population.
Standard of living.
Position of the various groups.
National life.
Offenses and crimes.

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