Hunters Of Southern Seas.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.

Script writers: Kogan S.

Operators: Kogan S., Voroncov V.

Composers: Bunin R.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Maryamov A.


About the jubilee voyage of the whaler fleet "Slava" ["Glory"]; life of whalers.

Temporary description

The film is about the expedition whaling fleet, "Glory." Atlantic Ocean. Movement of ships of the flotilla. AN Solyanik on board the flagship. Team members ships, whalers at work. Neptune Holiday. Storm. Icebergs. Zagarpunivanie and butchering whales. Albatrosses and sea doves (pigeons Kansk) in the air, on the water. Penguins. Tanker traffic "Bitter." Uruguay. The city of Montevideo. Crew members of the flotilla lay flowers at the monument to M. Artigas. A friendly meeting in the port of Montevideo with seamen USA. Acts Rear Admiral J. Dyufik. Black Sea. Flotilla towards Vorontsov Lighthouse. Meeting fleet at the port of Odessa.

Reel №1

Sailor raises flag on the flotilla "Glory."

Fleet on the road.

Fleet Captain Alexei Solyanik.

Charging on the flagship, direct charging doctor flotilla A. Akachenok.

Engine room.

Beschilov mechanic at work.

Fireman Matsuki the stove.

Neptune Holiday.

Electrician Murat Terkulova lather head.

Dentist AI Loboda greeted with Neptune, throw it into the pool.

Cameramen S. Cohen and C. Vorontsov for shooting.

Vorontsov thrown into the pool.

Solyanik clink glasses with Neptune.

Operators Kogan Vorontsov removed.


People at work.

B. Balykov steering working.

Reel №2


On watch second mate Vyacheslav Nebolyubov, at the helm steering Balykov.

Flotilla in the fishing area.

Harpooner A. Zolotov the gun.

Sperm whale at Lina.


Master Cut V. Shpynev working.

British whaling base "Southern Vengerer."

Captain Morozov looking through binoculars.

Whaler № 14 on the road.

Captain director Solyanik maps new points.

On their ships, the captains Morgun, Zenaishvili and Klarikyan.

At the "Glory-7" Boyarintsev.

Solyanik with aides in the radio talking to other ships (synchronous).

Followed by "Glory-15", "Glory-6", "Glory-8."

Reports Morgunov.

In the harpoon gun F. Prokopenko.

Captain Wink at the device.


N. Gnilyak harpooner working.

Reel №3

A. Regushevsky harpooner working.

On the bridge Captain Morozov assistant.

"Glory" Captain Drogin at work.

Whales in tow.

Butchering whales.

Strokachenko master at work.

The boiler master Tashkenov.

Senior donkerman Belyaev at work.

South Orkney Islands.

Penguins on the whales.


Morozov radio operator at work.

Chief of radio service.

The peace settlement.

Tanker "Gorky" the fuel for the "Glory."

Zavadovskiy island.

Reel №4


Tanker "Bitter", who brought "glory" of the products of writing.

Captain of the "bitter" Sturua.

"Glory" takes on board fuel.

Captain director Solyanik negotiating with Sturua radio.

Tanker "Gorky" leaves.

Sailors read letters.

Harpooner B. Puffins reads the letter.

Puffins at work.

Captain Klarikyan.

Dead ends at the microphone.

Puffins steering the wounded whale.

The captain and his assistants on the bridge.


Weddell Sea, covered by ice.


Fleet covered by ice.

Sailors free ship from ice.

The city of Montevideo.

Port of Montevideo.

Flags on "Glory."

In the center of Montevideo - a monument Omelchenko.

Sailors "Glory" led Solyanikov lay wreaths.

Sailors at the monument.

Honor guard.

Reel №5

Port of Montevideo.

U.S. military icebreaker "Glacier".

On the deck of "Glory" American sailors come with the head of the expedition, Rear Admiral George Dyufakom.

American filmmaker talks to Solyanikov.

"Glory" leaves Montevideo.

Mourners on the shore.

Pier Montevideo.

Board the "Glory."

Volleyball on the deck.


Sea (night).

Go whaler.

Vorontsov Lighthouse.

The people on the pier.

Solyanik and sailors waving their hands.

Sailors go to the pier.