The Visit of Friendship and Brotherhood.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kravchunovskiy I.

Operators: Krylov A., Shtatland V.

Text writers: Lapin N.


About the visit of Soviet military ships to Albania and Yugoslavia.

Historical background

Historical. The summer of 1956 with the visit of friendship to Yugoslavia and Albania has left a detachment of Soviet warships.

Reel №1

Sevastopol - LS.

The flagship of the group - the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov" and the destroyers "unchallenged" and "Immaculate" leave the raid and go to sea.

In the control room of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Kasatonov, Chief marching staff Vice-Admiral Uvarov and commanding officer Captain of rank Golota.

Sunrise over the sea.

Lighthouse Anatolia.

Barrage in the Bosporus.

Boat with a group of the Soviet embassy in Turkey, published in the Strait of Black Sea Fleet to wish a happy voyage.

Istanbul - LS.

The walls and towers of the ancient fortified castle Rumeli-Hissar.

At the Istanbul harbor - ships the U.S. Sixth Fleet.

Exchanged salutes flagships U.S. and the Soviet Union.

International salute.

View from the sea of ​​Istanbul.

Ships at sea.

Coast of Yugoslavia.

View from the sea to the ancient Slavic city of Split.

On board the ship lined up sailors and officers.

Salutes the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov."

Battery at Cape Sustipan answers international salute.

Ships entering the harbor.

Residents of the city on the quays.

Honor guard, built to meet the Black Sea Fleet.

Report from the commander of the guard of honor.

Admiral Kasatonov bypass system.

Aboard the cruiser arrives Yugoslav navy commander Admiral Mate Erkovich.

Yugoslav sailors and officers visiting Soviet sailors on the cruiser.

Friendly sailor dinner.

Talking sailors.

Talk Lieutenant Commander Eugene Davydov and Yugoslav officer Yakshiv Jura.

Soviet sailors on shore.

Acquainted with the city.

The streets of Split.

Residents of the city market.

Soviet sailors buy souvenirs.

Reel №2

The summer cafes Soviet sailors talking to residents.

Building of Higher Naval School of Yugoslav navy.

Participating in the campaign Soviet students visiting college students.

PNRM. Split shipyard.

Soviet sailors at the shipyard.

Republic Square at night - PNRM.

Performs song and dance the Black Sea Fleet.

Performed Russian folk dance.

Sailors on the streets of the town of Trogir, famous for fighting guerrillas - the underground.

The monument to the heroes of the guerrillas.

Sailors inspect fields suburban zadruga "Update".

Yugoslav friends visiting the Black Sea by ship.

Among the guests of the seventy-two year old Ivan Katalinich and chairman zadruga "Refresh" Marinko Rozhim.

The captain of the third rank Pilipenko gives children the Yugoslav model of the ship and the sailors' form.

At the port dock girls are taught the Soviet sailors dance Yugoslavian dance.

Soviet ships sailing from Split.

Residents escorted guests.

Ships at sea.

Durres port (top).

Toward Soviet ships are Albanian boat.

Albania flag on the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov."

Aboard the cruiser lifted Chief of the General Staff of the Albanian National Army Maj.


Arif Huskies.

Reel №3

Since the raid at the port boat goes under the banner of the Black Sea Fleet.

Residents Durres welcome sailors.

The rally in the central square in honor of the arrival of Soviet ships.

Speakers: Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Albania and the Minister of National Defence Bekir Baluk, Admiral Kasatonov.

PNRM. Albanian capital Tirana (top).

Delegation of Soviet sailors, lays a wreath at the monument to the heroes of the national liberation war of the Albanian people.

Central Avenue Tirana.

Receiving leaders of the Albanian Party of Labor and the Government of the Black Sea Fleet, admirals and officers.

Group of Black Sea in one of the state farms.

Shows farm state farm director Kols Lyaku.

Sailors among residents of Tirana.

Soviet sailors are given presents Albanian skanderbegovtsam.

Albanian pioneers visiting sailors on the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov."

Pioneers give gifts to sailors.

Residents Durres escorted Soviet sailors.

Ships at sea.