The Visit to Friends.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Silenko M.

Operators: Silenko M.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Delyusin L.


The film is about the visit of Soviet military ships to China.

Historical background

Historical. The summer of 1956 destroyers "thoughtful" and "intelligible", headed by the cruiser "Dmitry Pozharsky made a visit of friendship to China.

Temporary description

Cruiser "thoughtful", "intelligible" in the Pacific Ocean. Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Vice Admiral VA Chekurov deck cruiser. Engine room cruiser. Soviet ships in the China Sea, on the river Huanku. Deputy Commander of the Fleet of the East China Sea, Rear Admiral Peng Teh-ching on the Soviet ship. Soviet and Chinese sailors on the deck of a Soviet ship. Salute the nation. Shanghai. Street, the Bund, buildings. A meeting of Soviet sailors in port. Speakers: Chairman of the National Committee of Shanghai Xu Jian th, Vice Admiral Gao Yun, VA Chekurov. Chinese people welcomed the sailors. VA Chekurova visit the Commander Naval Forces Admiral China Xiao Jing-Guang. The rally in the square. Speakers: Secretary of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China Ko Ching-shih, VA Chekurov. Rear Admiral Petrov sends migrant workers in Shanghai banner of Vladivostok. Soviet sailors on the Chinese ship. Orchestra performs Chinese sailors. Exhibition. Sailors visiting the exhibits. Plant steam turbines. Soviet seamen visiting the plant. Folk festival in the park. Girls perform folk dance with a dragon, a Russian folk dance "Birch". The friendly match between the football teams of the Pacific Fleet and the People's Liberation Army in the stadium. Soviet sailors in the theater. Scenes from the opera. Seeing the Soviet sailors. Hangzhou. Rice fields. A meeting of Soviet sailors at the station. Soviet seamen visiting the ancient monastery. Landscapes of the Pacific, the West Lake, the mountains.

Reel №1


Ships in transit.

Cruiser "Dmitry Pozharsky".

The officers on the bridge.

Commander of the Pacific Fleet, Vice Admiral Chekurov the cruiser.

The sailors on the cruiser.

Detachment in the Korea Strait, far seen about.


A member of the Military Council of the Pacific Fleet, Rear Admiral Pochupaylo talks about the Russian sailors who fought in these waters.

Soviet ships in the East China Sea.

On board the flagship rises Deputy Fleet Commander of the East China Sea, Rear Admiral Peng Teh-ching, accompanied by liaison officers and a group of Chinese reporters.

Salute the nation.

On the cruiser lifted the national flag of the People's Republic.

Battery port Usun give back salute.

On the shore residents welcome Soviet ships.

Chinese and foreign ships on the Huangpu River.

General view of Shanghai.

By Bund suitable cruiser.

Meet on the banks welcomed the Soviet sailors.

Passes an honor guard of Chinese sailors.


Speakers: Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of the Shanghai comrade.

Xu Jian-th, Fleet Commander of the East China Sea, Vice Admiral Tao Yong, Vice Admiral Chekurov.

The visit of Vice Admiral Chekurova to Commander Naval Forces of China - Senior Admiral Xiao Jing-Guang.

Rally in the square of Culture.

Sitting protesters.

At the rally are: the Secretary of the Shanghai Bureau of the Communist Party of China Ko Ching-shih, Vice Admiral Chekurov.

MP Vladivostok Board Rear Admiral Petrov sends workers from Shanghai banner workers Vladivostok.

Chinese sailors and residents of Shanghai visiting Soviet sailors on the ship.

Diplomats and gostyaschy China Metropolitan Lebanon Nifon Saba aboard cruiser.

Chinese pioneers visiting sailors.

Reel №2

Soviet seamen visiting the Chinese ship.

Impromptu concert.

Gathered at the maternity ward, where Xia Pu-lan had two sons, named in honor of the Soviet ships "Chih-mou" ("thoughtful") and Chi Meng ("intelligible").

Twins in cribs.

Sailors with gifts for the newborn.

Soviet seamen visiting exhibitions.

Visiting sailors plant steam turbines.

Meeting of the group of Soviet sailors in Hangzhou.

Sailors on the West Lake with Chinese friends.

Hangzhou - PNRM. with a / t

Path among the rocks.


Lake in the park in Shanghai.

Soviet sailors with Chinese friends in the park (walking, dancing).

The traditional folk dance with dragons.

Dance "Birch" by ensemble of Chinese artists.

Football friendly match of the Pacific Fleet and the People's Liberation Army at the Shanghai Stadium.

Sailors in the Peking Opera Theater.

The scene of the opera.

Sailors artists presented flowers.

Illuminated city.

Festivities on the eve of departure of Soviet ships.

Mourners on the waterfront.

Boat departs with the team.

Sailing ships.