In the City of London. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bobrov G.

Script writers: Bobrov G., Obrazcov S.

Operators: Bessarabov I., Bobrov G., Kasatkin P., Kotlyarenko L., Sokolnikov I., Troshkin V. P.

Anouncers: Obrazcov S.


A view film about the sights of London - capital of the Great Britain.

Temporary description

1.6 hours City of London. Views of the city. Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Windsor, The British Museum, Stratford on Eyvane (home of Shakespeare). Ritual changing of the guard of the royal guards. East End - the workers' quarters. Day off in Hyde Park, on the beach.

Reel №1

Views of London from the top. point.


Parliament House.

Castle Tower on the banks of the Thames.

Tower Bridge - the bridge over the River Thames.

Gun at the walls of the Tower.

"Gates Birthday."

Iomen on one of the bridges in the Tower.

Changing of the Guard.


Buckingham Palace - the residence of Queen Elizabeth 11.

Guard-hour walk along the lattice.

Summer Palace Royal in Windsor.

Westminster Abbey.

Chapel of Henry Y11.

Monument to Richard 1 - "Lion Heart".

Monument to Cromwell.

Parliament House.

Clock Tower and the "Big Ben".

Ministry outside White Hall.

Street with a sign Downing Street - the residence of the Prime Minister.

The street sign "King Street."

Memorial plaque - "on the street for a while Peter lived one."



Petersburg area and down the street.

Sign reading - the name squares and streets.

Reel №2

Street White Hall.

Horse Guards is a black gate in front of the arch.

Hourz Garde.

Riders are in the yard for a change of the guard.

Story guards.

Changing of the Guard Guard - Marines in front of Buckingham Palace.

People watch

City in the morning - the financial center of London.

Employees go to work (across the bridge on the Thames).

Lundy Bridge subway station, etc.

Go clerks, servants.

The building of the Bank of England, "Bank of England".

Berkeley Bank.

Lloyd Bank.

Midland Bank and nashional End provinshnl Vestminstr Bank and Bank.

Stock Exchange.

Residence of the Lord Mayor of City Menien Haouz.


Paul's Cathedral.

Debtor's prison, where Dickens's father was sitting, and childhood home of the writer.

The building of the Civil Court in the street Flitstrit.

The building of the "Daily Telegraph", "The Daily Express".

Building agency "Reuters" and the "Press assosieyshn."

Showcase of the newspaper "Evening Herald".

Reel №3

Londoners read newspapers on the streets.

Showcase Sunday Express newspaper.

Car ride through the streets of the newspapers.

Newsboys selling papers.

The building of the Royal Exchange in the City.

Shopping streets of the West End (shopping center of London).

Report on the city.

Oxford Street - the main shopping artery of the West End.

Piccadilly Circus Circus.

Sculpture of Eros.

Advertising - man-sandwich, etc.


Street musicians in Oxford Street.

Shop Derry End Tomps in Kensington.



Petty street subsided Lane.

Reel №4

Illuminated advertising on the streets of London.

The streets of London at night.

Cinema "News of the Day."

West End at night.

Working-class district of London - East End morning.

The workers go to work, ride bikes.

London's Docklands.

Unloading of ships and loading.

Operating cafe.

Monument to Marx on Highgate Cemetery.

PNRM. them to the library.


Room, where there were meetings of the General Council of the International Workingmen's Association, with Karl Marx.

The first edition of "Capital."

Room, where he worked as Lenin, here he edited the "spark."

Issue of the newspaper "Iskra".

The building of the British Museum Reading Room.

Entry at number 1833, made by the hand of Marx.

Signature of Lenin.

"Jacob Richter."

Lenin's statement with a request to give him the book.

River Avon.

Stratford - the birthplace of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Monument.

Landscape of Scotland.

Street address Burns.

A sign on the house Burns.

A room in the museum Burns.

Books Burns.

Burns' poetry in translation Marshak.

Burns Monument in Ayr.

Reel №5

Garden in m

Eyot September Lawrence, where he lived, Bernard Shaw.

A sign on the gate.


House where the playwright.

Room in the house.

Dining room.


On Sunday Londoners on holiday in Hyde Park.

He spoke in different parts of the park.

The park ride riding girls, boys play soccer.

Children play, etc.

Along the river Serpantayn boating.

Children allowed ships.

At Trafalgar Square Garden Children feeding pigeons.

Marble column with a figure of Nelson.

Buskers comedians.

Comedians raise money.

Reel №6

Report on the city.

The zoo Londoners children watch Nicky bear, donated zoo vols.

Bulganin and Khrushchev.

Botanical Garden.

In the entertainment garden Battersea plezher rides, etc.

The resort town of Southend.

Holidaymakers on the beach.


Vacationers traveling by boat on the Thames.

Houses of Parliament.

C. Samples said synchronously.

English children are playing in the park, etc.

Soviet children in the park.