Masters of the Hungarian Operetta.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Operators: Nebylickiy B., Tsitron V.


On the concert tour of the Budapest Operetta Theatre around the USSR.

Historical background

Team Budapest Operetta Theater in the USSR was made in Moscow and Leningrad. 25 January 1956 guests left for home.

Temporary description

Moscow. Meeting at the station platform artists Hungarian operetta. Posters of movie "Bear - aristocrat", "Newcomers to the stadium," in which the artist filmed operetta K. Latobar. Fragments from the operetta "Trembita", "Spotted Calf", "Silva" by K. Latobara, H. Honcho and others. Celebration of the anniversary of the Hungarian artist H. Honcho. Congratulate the actors of Theatre of Stanislavsky; Tverdokhlebov, N. A. Ruban and others. Hungarian artists perform the final scene from the operetta "Silva". Present at the performance of AI Mikoyan, Voroshilov, Khrushchev, Mikhail Suslov, LM Kaganovich. Welcome artists operetta at the Ministry of Culture of the USSR. On the Soviet side there VF Kandelaki, I. Kazan, Culture Minister Nikolai Mikhailov. Stands head Operetta Theater M. Gaspar.

Reel №1

Entertainer artist Istvan Budapest Operetta Theatre Kazan starts the program (synchronous).

Suited to the platform the train.

Meeting artists Hungarian operetta.

People's Artist of Khan Honcho sits at the piano.

Artist Camille Felek sits down.

Artist Kalman Latobar looking posters.

Posters of the movie, which played K. Latobar.

Scene from the operetta "Trembita" performed by K. Latobar and Kemyuvezh.

The table sits actress Anna Zentai.

A Zentai performs song from Kalman operetta "The young lady is buzzing."

Actress Susan Petresh reads the newspaper.

Duet Bory (Susan Petresh) and Stephen (Artist Laszlo Hodich) from the operetta "The Motley Calf."

Wedding scene from the operetta.

Actress Marika Nemeth, who plays Silva.

Silva and Edwin duet from the operetta "Silva" Kalman.

Reel №2

Scenes from the operetta "Silva": Bonnie with girls as Bonnie artist Robert Raton.

Hannah Honcho as Cecilia.

Participants operetta "Silva" on the stage of cheering onlookers.

The audience applauded.

Hannah anniversary Honcho - 50 years of creative work.

Hannah Honcho and guests on stage.

Hannah Honcho congratulate Deputy Minister of Culture of the USSR Tverdokhlebov, artists Ruban, Margaret Gaspar and other artists, the Ambassador of the Hungarian People's Republic in the USSR.

Hannah stands Honcho (synchronously).

The final performance in Moscow.

Final operetta "Silva"

In the box applaud the leaders of the CPSU and the USSR: AI Mikoyan, KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, MA Suslov, LM Kaganovich and others.

Applauding audience.

Reception at the Ministry of Culture of the USSR after the actors of the operetta.

Participants sit banquet.

Culture Minister welcomes guests NA Mikhailov.

In response, the head of the theater stands Margaret Gaspar.

Seeing Hungarian artists home.