Truth and fire. (The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour). (1991)

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Producer Film studio Otechestvo

Director: V. Rizhko

Operators: A. Kolobrodov

Reel №1

Personnel chronicles.

December 1931

City of Moscow.

Preparatory work before the explosion the Cathedral of Christ the Savior removed the icon from the iconostasis, shoot and smash sculpture, marble trafficked.

View and interiors of the temple.

Workers are building a fence around the temple.

December 5, 1931

Explosion of Christ the Saviour.

Late 1920s - 1930s.

Holiday on a skating rink.

Movement skaters with torches.

Anticlerical pageant.

Soldiers cut down and remove the cross from the church, and take out a bunch of icons in the shed.

People remove icons from the walls, carried out of the house.

Icon thrown into the fire.

Burning icons.

Meeting Gorky returned from Italy at the railway station.

Bukharin welcomes Gorky.

Stalin, M. Kalinin, Bukharin held on Red Square.

Inventory of church property in one of the temples.

Removal of metal sheets with domes.

Dismantling of the monument to Alexander III. Destruction Ilyinskikh gate of the church. D. Poor (close-up).

Passion and Miracles monasteries.

The policeman comes out of the church icon.

Destruction of the Red Gate.

Destruction of churches in Vladimir and Kiev.

Site preparation work for the Palace of Soviets.

1920, the city

Starving old people, children and women Volga.

Corpses of children and adults.

Frames prerevolutionary Chronicles Borodinskiye celebrations in 1912.

Cinematographer V. Mikosha gives interviews (synchronously).

Portraits of the royal family.

Ipatiev house in the city of Sverdlovsk.

Photos priests murdered in the years of repression.

Layouts and architectural designs of the Palace of Soviets.

Pool "Moscow" in the winter.

Key words

Repression. Government and public administration. Christianity. Antireligious propaganda.