Stay of the Delegation of the Sejm of the Polish National Republic in the Soviet Union.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenova M.

Operators: Grek A., Kiselev S., Yatsun E., Filatov I.


The film is about the visit and the trip around cities of the USSR of the Delegation of the Sejm of Poland.

Historical background

History: In December 1955 in the Soviet Union at the invitation of the Supreme Soviet of the Saeima delegation visited the Polish People's Republic. The delegation was headed by Marshal of the Sejm Jan Dembowski.

Temporary description

1 hour - visit of the delegation of the Polish Sejm in Moscow. Visit to the USSR Supreme Soviet, sightseeing Kremlin and lay a wreath at the Mausoleum. Seen Bearing Plant. Kaganovich, Moscow, meeting with students of the Poles. 2h. - Delegation in Minsk meeting, visit the Belarusian farm. Stay in Leningrad: inspection of places connected with the name of Lenin and attractions. 3h. - Visit to the plant "Electric power", the underground. Sverdlovsk delegation at "Uralmash". In Stalingrad parliamentarians laid flowers at the monument to the fallen soldiers, visited the "House of Pavlov." 4h. - Kiev, sightseeing. Return to Moscow, the end of the visit.

Reel №1

Moscow - LS.

Reception in the Kremlin Diet delegation Volkov and Latsis.

Jan Dembowski and the delegation acquainted with the sights of the Kremlin (the Great Kremlin Palace, the Tsar Bell, Tsar Cannon, the apartment of Lenin).

Delegates to lay a wreath at the Mausoleum of VI Lenin.

Polish journalists Roman Pinsk and Bronislaw Maytchak - CU., MS.

Moscow street, the traffic on the street.

The members of the delegation to the construction of a house of finished parts.

Visits in the farm "Gorki-2."

Semenov Director farm welcomes guests, talking to them.

Guests visiting the barn.

Visiting delegation of the First State Bearing Plant.


Guests of the workers.

Speakers: Polish scientist, Professor Witold Bernavsky and fitter plant Klinischev.

Guests visiting the machines.

Delegates at the kindergarten bearing plant, play with the kids.

Visiting delegation of MSU.

Delegates takes Rector Academician Petrovsky.

Delegates visiting the university building.

On behalf of the students will be welcomed by Inessa Kovaleva.

Jan Dembowski and other members of the delegation spoke with Polish students, students of the University.

Reel №2

Bolshoi Theatre.

Delegation in the lodge.

Scene from Tchaikovsky's opera "Queen of Spades" (synchronous).

Minsk - LS.

Machines with visitors passing through the streets of the city.

Admission to the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR in honor of the Polish delegation.

Playing Jan Dembowski and Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR Gorbunov.

Guests pass through the streets of Minsk.

Guests at the Minsk Tractor Plant.

Applaud workers.

On the podium: the secretary of the State Council, Marian Rybicki, welder plant Antonik.

Tractors in the factory yard.

Visiting delegation kolkhoz Gastello.

Welcome guests' with bread and salt. "

Guests visiting the livestock farm, collective farm stables.

Flying aircraft.

Delegates to the plane.

Leningrad - MS.

Machines with a delegation passing through the city.

Visits in Leningrad City Council.

Chairman of the executive Smirnov talks with delegates and gives them a souvenir from Leningrad vase.

Guests at the monument to Peter I, a granite shed at the station spill on the deck of the cruiser "Aurora".

Participants in the October storm, a former member of the ship's committee "Aurora" Timothy Lipatov gives guests a photo cruiser.

Reel №3

Guests in the turbine plant shop "Electric power".

Guests visiting Leningrad subway.

The delegation of the Diet on the plane.

The city of Sverdlovsk - MS.

Meeting with members of the Polish Sejm deputies of the City Council.

Gift guests of the gems.

Delegates visiting the exhibits geological museum.

Provides an explanation professor Malakhov.

Rally at Uralmash after envoys of Poland.

Acts Lyudomir Stasiak.

Guests in the press-forging plant.

Speak Polish founder, member of the Sejm Karol Vadul and blacksmith Timothy Uralmash Oleynikov.

Visits in the Palace of Pioneers.

The delegates in the room tales of visiting Palekh painters.

In the auditorium of guests welcome pioneers.

Show amateur.

Stalingrad - PNRM.

Delegates to the stairs down to the Volga, and go on the ice.


Delegates on a hill on the Mamaev Kurgan, a monument to fallen soldiers lay a wreath.

House Sergeant Pavlov.

Hero of the Soviet Union, Yakov Pavlov talks with guests.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:


Participates Sergeant Pavlov.

Reel №4

Mira Street.


Living on the streets welcoming the delegates.

Delegates to the construction of Stalingrad hydroelectric station.

Delegates to the plane.

Delegates at the cars go to Kiev.

The delegation, accompanied by the architect Priymak on Khreschatyk, one of the new houses.

Delegation at a reception at the President of the Supreme Council of the Republic Tychyna.

Acts Marian Rybicki.

Tichina P. and S. Kovpak talking to delegates.

Jan Dembowski gives Ukrainian poet Maxim Rylsky collected works of Adam Mickiewicz.

Diet delegation present at the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in the Great Kremlin Palace.

Deputy presiding AP Wolves (synchronously).

By the Head of Delegation of the Sejm Marshal Jan Dembowski (synchronously).

Welcome delegates of the Polish Sejm Presidium Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR KE Voroshilov.

Welcome Reception at the President of the Council of Nationalities, VT Latsis.

Seeing the delegation at the airport.

Playing Jan Dembowski and V. Lacis (synchronously).

Guests climb into the plane.