Celebration of May Day in 1956 ( socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1 - the. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I., Rybakova A.


About labour achievements of the Soviet people on the eve of May 1956; Parade and Celebratory Demonstration in Moscow.

May 1

Social life | Holidays

Temporary description

Labor achievements of the Soviet people on the eve of May 1. Construction of residential buildings in Kiev. Oil production in the Baku oil fields. Loading cargo on ships in the Odessa sea port. Fishing vessel is fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Vacationers in Sukhumi walk along the waterfront, and ride on the boat. Artist of the USSR Radio sings L. Kazan (synchronously). Workers hothouse economy, the Moscow is ready to sell flowers. Pre-sale in Moscow shops "gifts." Meeting at the airport of foreign visitors arriving in the city Moscow. Military parade on Red Square on the occasion of May 1. Parade commander Moskalenko. Parades Zhukov. On Red Square are military academies, military units of the Moscow garrison military equipment. The parade of athletes, rally on Red Square. On the rostrum of the Lenin Mausoleum members of the Soviet government, the leaders of the Communist Party.

Reel №1

Ice drift on the river.

General view of the construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station.

Construction of buildings in the industrial district of Kyiv-Darnitsa.

Lays brick mason foreman Michael Sidletsky.

Kiev factory worker automatic machines, leader-Alexander Shulzhenko,

at the bench.

Oil rigs in Baku.

Drills a new well brigade master Rasulov.

Of the pipe has oil.

General view of the port of Odessa.

Unloading and loading operations at the port.

Sowing in the Crimean farm Kalinin.

Fishing in Ferrerskih Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sailors prepare for the holiday.

Quay in Sukhumi.


Holidaymakers on the streets and on the beach.

Singing actress Lydia Union Radio Kazan (synchronously).

Selling flowers in Moscow.

Trading in the gift shop.

Muscovites with shopping on the streets.

The Moscow airport.

Arrival at the feast of the foreign delegations - Hungarian People's Republic, the German Democratic Republic.

General view of Moscow Watch Factory.

From factory workers go.

Dancing in the streets of Moscow in the evening.

Illuminated Moscow (Gorky Street, the building telegraph).

The streets of Moscow in the morning.

Muscovites on the streets.

Young people dancing.

Pass pioneers athletes.

In a room at the Red Square radiopunkta writers, who will conduct the report: A. Safronov, Leo Kassil Tatiana Tess.

Reel №2

Speakers Olga Vysotsky and Yuri Levitan occupy space in radiopunkte.

Troops on Red Square and Gorky Street.

Guests in the stands.

Foreign visitors in the stands.

On the mausoleum - the leaders of the CPSU and the Soviet government: KE Voroshilov, NA Bulganin and NS Khrushchev, GM Malenkov, LM Kaganovich, V. Molotov, AI Mikoyan, MG Pervukhin, MZ Saburov, MA Suslov, EA Furtseva, DT Shepilov, NM Shvernik, AB Aristov, N. Belyaev.

From the Spassky Gate leaves parades Defense Minister Marshal Georgy Beetles.

Parade commander Marshal KS Moskalenko and GK Beetles tour the troops.

GK Beetles rise to the podium and giving a speech.

Troops on Red Square.

Parade opening military academies.

Pass: the Frunze Military Academy, the Military-Political Academy of Lenin, Dzerzhinsky Artillery Academy, Academy of armored and mechanized forces of the Stalin Military Engineering Academy named after Kuibyshev, Air Force Academy of the Soviet Army, the Air Force Academy named after Zhukovsky.

Pass sailors.

Students pass the Moscow Military School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

Pass the border guards, infantry cadets.

Reel №3

The leaders of the CPSU and the Soviet Government on the mausoleum.

In Red Square of the Guards Taman Division Kalinin.

Fly planes.

Rides in the car paratroopers.

Moving column of artillery.

Ceremonial march troops completes consolidated brass band.

Children with flowers go to the Mausoleum.

On Red Square are the pioneers, athletes capital.

Pass the demonstrators.

Guests from the stands greeted the demonstrators.