Daily News / A Chronicle of the day № 30 (1949)

Newsreel №47368, 1 part
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:I. Venzher
Camera operators:I. Goljdshtejn, G. Cvetkov, A. Schekutjev, M. Livshic, G. Zaharova, A. Grek, K. Simonov, E. Muhin, N. Lebedev
Other authors:Tekst E. Marjyamova, muzikaljnoe oformlenie V. Kotovskogo, zvukooperator K. Nikitin.

Reel №1

1syuzh. - Kuzbass.

Mining town, land mines structure N 29 "Stalinugol."

Miner "Donbass" is working in the mine.

Loading of coal on the conveyor.

Train with trolleys loaded with coal passes in the mine.

2syuzh. - Moscow.

Weavers in the shop Trekhgornij factory plant them.


Checking the finished fabric shop in rejection.


Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet kolkhoz milkmaid. "12th October" PA Malinin on the farm (Kostroma region) and on the podium the third session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Moscow).


Grade-school N 18 Pavlovsky Posad pass matriculation exams.

5syuzh. - Meeting of teachers of Moscow Aviation Institute with applicants.

6syuzh. - Moscow.

Public capital in the Concert Hall.

Tchaikovsky's homage to the Danish writer A. Nexo in connection with his 80th birthday; act Simonov, A. Nexo.

7syuzh. -France.

Views of Paris.

Solemn procession of workers to the wall of Paris Communards.

In the first row of the column-General Secretary of the Communist Party of France M. Torez, M. Cachin, F. Bonte.

Key words

Light industry.
Federal authority.
Higher Education.
International cultural relations.
Foreign countries (France).

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