The Governmental Delegation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the USSR.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Repnikov S.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Volchek G.


Film about stay of the Governmental Delegation of the Korean People's democratic republic in the Soviet Union.

Historical background

July 6, 1956 in Moscow at the invitation of the Soviet government delegation arrives North Korea.

Temporary description

1 hour - visit DPRK delegation led by Kim Il Sung in the USSR (July 1956). Visiting delegation of the Lenin Mausoleum, ENEA. 2h. - Government talks in the Kremlin, the delegates visited the Lenin Museum in Gorky, a meeting with energy from nuclear power. The signing of the Soviet-Korean communique. 3h. - Performance of Kim Il Sung's Central Television, a reception at the Embassy of North Korea in Moscow. Stay in Sverdlovsk, visit "Uralmash", stop in Irkutsk on the way to Mongolia.

Reel №1

Among the greeters at the airport: NA Bulganin, DT Shepilov, EA Furtseva etc.

Out of the plane, Kim Il Sung and his entourage.

Marshal Kim Il Sung and his entourage greet meet.

NA Bulganin and Kim Il Sung bypass the guard of honor.

Kim Il Sung stands at the microphone (synchronously).

Machines with guests leaving from the airport.

Red Square.

Delegates lay a wreath at the Mausoleum and the entrance to the mausoleum.

Delegates at the Kremlin wall.

7.07. Reception in the Kremlin government delegation NA Bulganin.

Machines with a delegation passing through VSHV.

Guests are greeted director VSHV Tsitsin Academy and Chairman of the Main Committee of the Industrial Exhibition Maksarov.

Delegates at the Pavilion "Engineering", the pavilion of the "Far East."

Reel №2

The talks in the Kremlin between delegations of the Soviet Union and the Democratic People's Republic.

Sitting at the table, NS Khrushchev, NA Bulganin, DT Shepilov, Kim Il Sung, Park Deng Ai, Nam-il.

Opening Games of the peoples of the RSFSR in the stadium "Dynamo".

In the government box envoys of the Korean people.

Children welcome the Korean people.

Parade of athletes participating in the Games.

Guests from Korea in the house-museum of VI Lenin in Gorki.

Living room, study Lenin.

Gazebo in the park, where they often rested Lenin.

Visits in the plant.

Provide an explanation of the station-Grigor'yants.

Delegates at the nuclear reactor, the main control room.

12.07. The signing of the Soviet-Korean communique.

Sign documents NA Bulganin and Kim Il Sung.

Reel №3

Kim Il Sung appears on television and radio (synchronously).

LS. view of the hotel "Soviet."

Out of the car, Kim Il Sung and Pak Deng Ai.

Reception in honor of the delegation of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the DPRK in the USSR Lee Sang Cho.

Lee Sang Cho meets guests.

CT input.

Bulganin, Khrushchev, Molotov, Malenkov, Brezhnev.

During the reception, speeches by Kim Il Sung and N. Bulganin.

Conducted by a delegation from the Central Airport.

NA Bulganin and Kim Il Sung bypass a guard of honor.

From speech to microphone stands, Kim Il Sung (synchronously).

Departure of delegates.

Delegation met at the airport in Sverdlovsk.

Visiting delegates Uralmash.

With the guests talking Glebovsky plant manager.

Glebovsky presents guests present - model walking excavator.

Guests in the press-forging plant.

Delegation met in Irkutsk.

Delegates met the first secretary of the Irkutsk Province Party Committee Kobelev, representatives of the Mongolian People's Republic.

Pioneers guests presented flowers.

Guests at the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station.

Work on the construction at night.

Departure of delegates to the Mongolian People's Republic (night).