Tour Around Europe.. (1956)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lavrova T.

Script writers: Krivenko N.

Operators: Oshurkov M., Tsitron V.


Voyage of Soviet tourists on the motor ship "Pobeda" ("Victory")

Countries of the world

Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Temporary description

1.6 hours Soviet tourists traveling on the ship "Victory" around Europe. Introduction to the ship passengers. Route navigation: Odessa - Athens (Piraeus) - Rome (Sorrento, Pompeii, the Vatican) - Capri Island - Bay of Biscay - France (Paris) - Rotterdam - Amsterdam - Stockholm - Leningrad. All stopping points are excursions.

Reel №1

Ship in the sea.

On the deck of Soviet tourists: the mechanic machine factory VS Khlebalin and engineer S. Timofeev, scientist M. Rayanin, cutter factory "Rubber" AP Mashnin, mining engineer A. Voronkov, Hero of Socialist .

Labor, sculptor G. Neroda, artist FS Bogorodsky, director of the Moscow Radio Factory DE Glagolev, scientist T. Krylov-Lukomskaya, Leningrad working MP Kulikov, Captain of the MS IM Writing on the bridge.

"Victory" is a part of the Bosphorus.



Hagia Sophia.

Ship "Victory" in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Tourists take pictures of DZ Tkachenko, etc.

Route Map "Victory."


Music room.

Tourist Z. Popova and the doctor VF Vernidiba.

Tourists do hair barber VM Ivanov.

"Victory" in the Greek port of Piraeus.


Soviet tourists traveling on the bus, the


Monument Greek Academy of Sciences with the figures of Pallas Athena and Apollo.

National Library.

Tourists talk with the residents of Athens, exchanged souvenirs.

Reel №2

Tourists visit the ruins of the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Acropolis, the Parthenon - the temple of Pallas Athena.

In the ruins of the Parthenon tourists meet with students of the University of Athens.

Erechtheion temple.

Restorers at work.

Tourists at the top of the hill Acropolitan.

At 20 km from Athens tourists visiting the ruins of the old Greek city of Eleusis.

Tourists talk to a Greek, is recorded.

Sentry at the entrance to the palace of the king.

Parliament House.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Athens in the evening.


The restaurant "Averof" in a visit to the Soviet Ambassador to the tourists coming to Greece MT Sergeyev.

Tourists on the deck of the ship.

Mexican Strait.

Ship's bakery.

Captain of the MS Writing at work.

Port of Naples.

Views of the city.



Forum - the main square of Pompeii.

Tourists visiting the ruins.

Reel №3

Tourists walking on the street, going to the house of a wealthy winemaker.

Amateurs the Moscow factory "Rubber" takes a group of friends.

Tourists exchanged souvenirs.

Italian operator newsreel Mario Carotenuto takes tourists.

Tourists on a bus ride to Sorrento.

Stop in Amalfi.


Memorial to the writer Torquato Tasso.

Square in Sorrento.


The ruins of the ancient aqueducts.


Machines tourists from many countries.

Bronze statue of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

The ruins of the Forum.


Tourists visiting the sights of Rome.


Niche in which is buried Raphael Sanzio - a great artist in Italy.

Tourists and Strauch Glizer in the Pantheon.

Students of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts in the Pantheon draw.

Soviet tourists talk with students.


Cathedral of St.


Palace of the Vatican.

Vatican Museum.



Castel Sant'Angelo.

Trevi Fountain.

The audience throws at the bottom of the fountain coins.

Reel №4

Isle of Capri.

The tourists on the streets.

Leo Kassil talks with the Italians.

Places connected with staying here Gorky.

House where he lived Gorky.

Down the street is the wedding procession.

Soviet tourists visit the Blue Grotto.

On the ship "Victory" tourists read Italian newspapers.

Tourists on the ship "Victory" congratulate NA Tsitovich his election as a full member of the Academy of Sciences.

Writer M. Maltsev talks with artists and Strauch Glizer.

Motor ship at the entrance to Gibraltar - in thick fog.

XO NA Sobolev and Captain Writing.

Map way the ship from Athens to the Bay of Biscay.

In the cabin, the writers Leo Kassil Tatiana Tess, Basil Zakharchenko, Boris Polevoy, Sergey Smirnov.

Motor ship moored Gavrskogo port.

Tourists meet French dockers.


Champs Elysees.

Tourists on a bus ride through the streets of Paris.

Reel №5

Arc de Triomphe at Etoile.

Soviet tourists at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Paris (PNRM.) from the top. point.

Champs Elysees.

Joan of Arc monument.

Republic Square.

The July Column at Place de la Bastille.

The Opéra Garnier.

Pont Alexandre 111. The Palace of Versailles.

Versailles Park.

Louvre Palace.

Soviet tourists in the Louvre.

"Notre Dame" - Notre Dame.

Summer theater front of the facade of the cathedral.

On the bank of the Seine tourists meet French actor Pierre Truby, director Roland Kinon, they filmed "Happiness is tomorrow."



Stalls booksellers.

The area on the Montmartre hill.

Artists make sketches.

Sacre Cair.


The streets of Paris.

Holland, the port of Rotterdam.


Canals and bridges.

Reel №6

Cyclists on the streets of Amsterdam.

Monument Rembrandt.

Soviet tourists at the monument.

The international friendly match between the national volleyball team of the ship and students of Amsterdam.

Report on the city.

Soviet tourists in

Aalmeere examine "factory colors."

Ship "Victory" is the Kiel Canal.

German pilot conducts boat.


The way the ship "Victory" from the Bay of Biscay to the Baltic Sea.

Coast of Sweden.




Town Hall.

Soviet tourists on an island, and then go to the Town Hall.

Ship in the sea.

Farewell ball on the boat.

Motor ship approaches the dock port of Leningrad.

Tourists say goodbye to the crew.

On the bank meet tourists.