At Chinese Friends.. (1957)

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Director: Yeggers K.

Operators: Grek I.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Fartuchnyy V.


About the stay of the Soviet Agricultural Delegation in the People's Republic of China.

Historical background

At the end of 1957 in China was agricultural delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the USSR Petrov.

Reel №1

Meeting of the delegation at the airport near the city of


Atmosphere: Deputy Minister of Agriculture Liu Jui-Lung.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Petrov, members of the delegation, met at the airport.

Delegates to the machines are sent in



Streets and squares of the city.

People on the streets.

The new and the old quarters of the Chinese capital.

Embassy of the USSR.

Members of the delegation and Ambassador Comrade.

Yudin talking.

All China Agricultural Exhibition.

Guests on the show.

Welcomes its guests director Jin Shan-bao.

Reel №2

Guests are introduced to crops, common in China, the state cotton.

Hero of Socialist Labor Abduzhamiya pavilion cotton.

Among the visitors: Representing the People "And", "Thai".

Familiarization with the Soviet delegates irrigation works in China, production of fertilizers, cultivation of tea, fruit, afforestation, animal.

Agricultural cooperative "Friendship".

Guests at the village school in the fields, on a cattle farm.

Member of the delegation - AI Ephraim, the chairman of the collective farm in the Ryazan region, talking to farmers.

Petrov presents gifts to Chinese friends.

Visiting guests of the Research Institute of Agriculture of North China.

Reel №3

Delegates at the experimental fields of the Institute.

State farm "Nan dzyao."

The Soviet delegates acquainted with irrigation system state farm, visiting the barnyard, fields, vineyards and orchards.

Delegates at a poultry farm food company in Beijing.


The Soviet delegates visited the former Imperial Palace - Gungun.

The overall plan, the details of construction.

Guests in the Park "Beihai".

Parks: wall dragon temple "White Tower", etc.

Beijing MTS.

Soviet guests visiting her, meet with the driver.

Reel №4

State farm "Shuang-chiao."

Delegates visiting the crops, livestock farm, barn, chicken farm, home to the state farm workers, talking with members of the cooperative.

Cooperative "Evergreen."

Chairman Li Mo-lin tells visitors about the farm cooperative.

Guests visiting the greenhouses, working together with farmers, talk to them.

The Soviet delegates at the Great Wall - LS., CU.

State farm "Druzhba".

Delegates inspect machinery, meet with state farm workers: a combine, a hero of labor Liu Ying, etc.

Delegates at the Beijing train station before traveling around the country.

Delegates in the car.

Is the train.

Reel №5

LS. View of


Delegates to the bus passing through the streets of the city.

Palace of Sino-Soviet friendship.

Hall of the palace.

Soviet visitors to stroll on the boat.

Ships in port.

Shanghai Palace of Pioneers.

The Soviet delegates of the Chinese pioneers.

Rice-growing cooperative "Xin Qiao."

Rice fields.

The Soviet delegates observe field work, learn about crafts.

Reel №6

G. Hangzhou.

Delegates traveling around the city.


Peasants work on reclaimed land from the marshes.

Tea-growing cooperative them.

First of May.

Harvesting tea.

Soviet growers: Hero of Socialist Labor Chankvadze and others talking with Chinese growers.

Guests at the kindergarten.

G. Hangzhou.

Holiday home city workers.

Vacationers meet delegates.

Liu He Ta Pagoda -

West Lake.

Sculptural decoration and other attractions of the park.

Seeing the Soviet delegates at the airport.