Afghanistan.. (1957)

Film-document №4789 7 parts, Duration: 1:06:36 to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev F.

Script writers: Kiselev F.

Operators: Efimov E., Lavrov B., Sher B.

Composers: Balasanyan S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Savich O.


The review survey film on the population, cities, agriculture and industry of the Republic of Afghanistan.

Reel №1

Mountain landscapes.


Streets and buildings in Kabul.

Pedestrians on the streets.

Tomb, the tomb.

Suburb of Kabul - Paghman.

The summer residence of the king in Pagmane.

Royal residence in Kabul.

The King receives the report.

Afghan parliament.

Parliamentary session.

Deputy Chairman of the National Council Mohammed Nauruz and other deputies.

The building of the Council of Ministers.

Prime Minister - His Highness Sardar Mohammed Daoud, ministers Sardar Muhammad Naeem and others.

The streets of old Kabul.

Reel №2

Watering the streets in Kabul.

General plans: asphalt plant, storage facility, hlebomelnichny plant.

Work by Soviet and Afghan experts.

Plants "Mashinhane", "Hajar-Najjar."

Grinding stone slabs.

Finished products Kabul masters.

Construction of wood-mechanical plant.

Employed workers in the existing plant shops.

Classes at the Technical School and mechanical college.

Classes at the Institute of Technology, schools and university.

Aliabadskaya hospital.

Medical students, doctors bypass patients.

Nursery school in Kabul.

Children are engaged, frolic and rest.

Kabul Museum of History.

Visitors view exhibits.

Leads a tour of the museum director.

Reel №3

Exhibits Kabul Museum of History.

The ruins of the capital of Bactria - the city of Balkh.

Collection of old coins.

Works of contemporary Afghan painting.

Meeting of the historical society.


Afghan Book: Encyclopedia, Works AS Pushkin's works VI Lenin, magazines.

Vostokintorga buildings, representative offices of foreign companies.

Kabul airport.

Cars go sailing.

Is motorcade.

Construction of the road.

Farmers working in the fields.

Future agronomists and machine operators in practice.

Experimental field of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Laboratories, veterinary clinics.

Exemplary district in Chzhavakah.

Agronomist gives tips peasants.

Chamber hospital.

Old people are learning to read.

Reel №4

City of Ghazni.

The streets of the city.

Selling fur, copper products.

Landscape plans.


The streets of the city.

City market.

Gardens of Kandahar.

Harvesting fruit.



Work digging.

The construction of the dam.

Hydraulic structure, dam on the river Argendab, the dam on the river Helmand irrigation canals.

The ruins of the ancient city.

Experiment Station nada.

Agricultural work.

Former nomads are working on their plots.


The mosque of the city.

Shrine of Alisher Navoi.

Tomb brilliant philosopher, humanist and poet Jami.

New boulevard in Herat.

Bazaar in the city.

Landscape plans.

Reel №5

Herds on pastures.

Parsing karakul pelts.

Soviet trade representatives are dealing with hair.


Mosque, the city market.

Kattagan province.

Collecting rice.

Cotton fields.

City of Kunduz.

Cotton harvesting.

Cotton mill.


City Gulbahar.

Construction of a new textile plant.



Construction of a cement plant.

Build power plants on the river Kabul.

Oil derrick.

Oil workers, geologists at the tower.

Workers employed at the mine.

Reel №6


Jalalabad oasis.

Manufacture of sugar from cane.

The new sugar factory in Jalalabad.

A gathering of tribal authorities and dekhan eastern province.

Acts governor of Jalalabad.

The streets of the city.

Abdurrahman Khan Palace.

Southern Province.

Landscape plans.

Residents of the southern province.

National holiday.

Performed war dance.


Monument in honor of National Liberation.

Independence Day celebrations.

Festive street.

Military parade.

Present: Mohammed Zahir Shah, Sardar Mohammad Daoud, and others.

International Industrial Exhibition.

Pavilions of Afghanistan, China, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary.

Mohammed Zahir Shah in the Soviet pavilion.

Reel №7

Country Stadium.

Competition in honor of the national holiday.

Rejoicing in Kabul.

Performances of Chinese, Indian artists, actors Afghanistan.

Landscape plans.