The Arena of Friendship.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kulagina K.

Operators: Lebedev A., Mikheev I., Oshurkov M., Schekutev A.

Composers: Frid G.


On the art of the circus performers - members of the Delegations of the World Youth and Student Festival.

Reel №1

Gillies move on the streets of Moscow.

In the van - the artists of the Polish circus "Warsaw."

The Central Park of Culture.


Trainers: G. Bovolsky, R. Stankovic, K. Stankovic with the animals in the park.

In the van family Endrizhevskogo artist.

Danuta Endrizhevskaya, granddaughter of Alexander Ciniselli the mirror.

In another van wife Edislav Gershman and Galina Plaskoets.

Holiday decoration festival scene.

The Category Bulgarian circus: gymnasts under naparah Sambiyazi.

A group of gymnasts led Lubin Raicheva.

Among the gymnasts: T. Boyganova, N. Boyganov.

In the arena of acrobats: S. Dimcho, N. Tabakov, T. Kazarov.

Parade of Mongolian and Romanian circus.

Reel №2

Acrobats perform on the ball - and Sandag Badar, balancer Otto, acrobats - sisters Pokluda (Romania).

Gorky Park.


The audience at the rides.

"Fearless flight" Andosovoy N. and G. Levitin (racing on a vertical wall).

Polish circus performances: Edislava Gershman and Galina Plaskoets on rollers, aerialists Jolanta Maciejewski, Andrzej Bzbnovsky.

Teacher acrobats Casimir Nevenglovsky monitors performance.

Speech trainer Henry Bovolskogo bears.

Playing cyclists headed by Stanislav Kruleka.

In the arena of trainers birds Renee and Casimir Stakovichi.

Polish artists say goodbye to the audience.

Embankment of the Moscow River.

Khimki river station.

Delegates on a walk along the canal.

Reel №3

Decorated streets and squares of Moscow.

Moving pageant.

Operetta Theater.


The Category Czechoslovak circus.

In the arena of actress Emilia Janechkova (dancing on the wire).

Acrobats Ferko.

Playing Swedish juggler Danielle, Finnish acrobats, magician Hardy Lassana (GDR), and Wilfried acrobats Ingrid Schubert (GDR), musical comic Joseph Landa and Chinese zvukopodrazhateli Sun Ta and his student Wang Yue Ying (synchronously).

Union Agricultural Exhibition.

The Category of Chinese circus.

Presenter - Y Siu Lan.

Acrobats perform Pat Liang Zhong and Wei Tian Nong, Wang Qing Yuan.

Reel №4

In the arena of acrobats Wei Guo Yu, Qiao Ping Hai, simulators Sun Ta and Wang Yue Ying.

Mayakovsky Square.

Moving circus cavalcade.

Among the artists G. Novak, A. Popov, M. Nazarov.

"Dynamo" stadium.

Statements made in five public arenas.

Speakers include acrobats Chernega P. and S. Razumov.

Reel №5

Green Theater Gorky Park.


Acrobat stands Damdin Suren (Mongolian People's Republic).

A group of artists led by Wei Guo Yu (China), Wanda and Valentin Ivanov (USSR), Tibor Simon (Hungarian People's Republic).

Moscow Circus.

Presentation of "Youth celebrating."

Acrobat stands Valentine Surkov, a group of acrobats under S. Kozhevnikov Lyudmila Kotova trainer, rider Yu Ermolaev.

B. Manzhelli horse trainer.

Reel №6

Playing aerialists Lobova, A. Smirnov, Yakunin.

M. Nazarov, ready for action.

Arena is filled with water.

In the arena Demkin acrobats, clowns, Yuri Nikulin, Mikhail Shuydin, Oleg Popov.

Serves M. Nazarov.

Final submission.