Lights Of Mirny.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.

Operators: Kochetkov A. S.

Composers: Kholminov A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Stroganov O.


About the first Soviet Arctic wintering.

Temporary description

The film is about the first Soviet Antarctic wintering South Polar Mirny. Landscapes of Antarctica. Blizzard. The peace settlement. Home village, swept snow. People go out of their homes through hatches in the roof, fix the helicopters on the ice in the cold -67, 6 degrees. Moving train traverse deep into Antarctica. Create a polar station "Pioneer" at the Oasis. Winterers active: meteorologists, weather forecasters recorded readings; aerologists trigger probe, geomorphologists, glaciologists investigate ice thickness; Radiophysics at the instruments. Expedition led HSU MM Somov, members of the expedition, Professor A. Gusev, LA Dolgushin Pilot II Cherevichny and others. Demonstration of polar in the Peace devoted to a holiday on November 7. Spring in Antarctica. Penguins with chicks. Meeting ship "Ob" with a new crew of polar explorers. I. Opening of the monument Komsomolets Khmara, who died in the first days of the expedition. Members of the first southern polar expedition ship "Ob" leave Antarctica.

Reel №1

The peace settlement.

Snowstorm sweeps.

Winterers rest.

Among them are: Prof. P. Gusev, tractor AL Krylov, I. Lavrenov air photographer, doctor Mikhailov, navigator M. Kirillov, head of the expedition hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Somov aerologist Vitaly Babarykin, aircraft engineer Zaitsev, M. Chagin mechanic, pilot A. Kas.

Landscape plans.

Blizzard sweeps.

B. Babarykin have meteopriborov, taking notes in a special book.

Aerologist A. Shchekin radiosonde launches for atmospheric research, taking cues probe.

Village in a blizzard.

Snow sweeps rooftops.

Snow clearance operation.

Landing aircraft.

Professor Gusev A. Kash pilot of an airplane.

Professor Gusev checks thermometer readings.

Kochetkov operator of wintering.

Reel №2

Preparing traverse train.

Scientific Council of the expedition.

The commander of the expedition to the site of the first landing - Somov.

Members: Komarov mechanic, tractor Kudryashov.

Movement traverse train.


Kapitza and Babarykin working.

The study of ice thickness.

Art. "Pioneer» (LS. plan).


Gusev at the device.

L. Dolgushin glaciologist at work.

Ye Winds and radioman tractor Kudryashov play chess.

Landing on the third place of the Soviet research station.

Aircraft Commander G. Sorokin, H. Shonin copilot, navigator B. Tulin (CU. plans).


Winterers wind-blown rescue aircraft.

B. Tulin anemometer measures the force of the wind.

Pos. "Peace" in the blizzard.

Head aerometeorologiechskogo squad Tauber said by telephone early hurricane.

Telegraph, radio operators at work.

Engineer A. Rekach transmitting center, a radio operator Romanov at the instruments.

General plans: Macquarie Island (Australian research station), Kerguelen (French research station).

Station "Pioneer" in a snowstorm.



Pilots rescue helicopters.

Reel №3

The peace settlement, covered with snow.

Snow clearance operation.

Winterers repair damage radio masts.

Digging aircraft.



Listening to the radio operator Malek.

Art. "Pioneer."

Listens E. Winds.

Professor at Gusev meteopriborov.

From the "Peace" to the "Pioneer" the airplane is flying.

Flight - Squadron commander HSU Cherevichny.

Morozov flagship navigator on the plane.

Over art. "Pioneer" pilots dumped barrels of gasoline, food and fuel.

Professor Gusev on the phone with the Peace.

Somov meets Professor Gusev.


Peace (removed from the aircraft).

Laboratory in the town of Mirny.

Ravens geologist examines a piece of the rock.

Glaciological laboratory.

Glaciologist Vtyurik examines pieces of ice.

Seismic Pavilion.

A. Sytinsky seismologist at the instruments.

Pogrebnikov magnetism, Senko at work.

Radiophysics Menkov and Bukin at the instruments.

Forecasters Tauber and Leonov at the instruments, studying the weather.

Academic Council in the mess of the village.

Clinic "Peace."

Doctors Pale and Mikhailov surgery.

Mikhailov doctor in the X-ray machine.

Doctors in the medical room for the study of climate effects on the body.

The power plant of the village.

Workers at units.

Dining room.

Winterers lunch.

Chef Efimov (close-up).

Winterers in the mess in the library.

Deputy leader of the expedition that

Golubev makes a mark in the diary of the expedition.

Reel №4

Rocky oasis (shot from above).

Aircraft landing.

Unloading aircraft.

Landed another plane.

Kash pilot of wintering.

Shipping on sleds.

Construction of the research station at the Oasis.

The station-AP Tselishchev transmits radio weather reports.

Research Station in Rocky Oasis (shot from above).

The celebration in the village of Peace on November 7.

Radio operator receives holiday radiograms.

Demonstration of the "peaceful".

Raising the flag at the station "Pioneer."

Winterers village "peace" and the station "Pioneer" at the holiday table.

Landscape plans (the plane).

Polyakov crew on the plane.

Penguin colony (the plane).

Geographer Korotkevich is monitoring the development of their young.

Pig on the "Peace."

A crack in the ice.

Tractor, in a failed rift.

Removing the tractor from the crack.



Digging snow-covered tractor smoothing landing.



Preparing for take-off at Pioneer.

Biplane and the accompanying aircraft in the air.

Biplane lands.

Seeing wintering, departing from Pioneer.

Reel №5



The plane is landing.

Out of the plane winterers Pionerskaya: Gusev, Ye Winds, Kudryashov.

Triumph of the Peace.

Winterers the table.

Landscape plans.

Penguins on a snowy cliff.

Winterers ski.

Preparing for the winter change in the Peace.

Aircraft in the air.

Airplane pilot Sorokin and hero of the Soviet Union Cherevichny, navigator Morozov, Mikhail Somov.

Establish radio contact with the ship, released the Peace for changing wintering party.

Ship "Ob" is a fast ice.

To ship sent helicopters.

The meeting with the crew of the ship wintering.


Peace (removed from the air).

The opening of the monument to Ivan Tractor Komsomolets CIDA.

Acts Somov.

Arrival of the ship "cooperation."

Unloading it.

Winterers watching a movie.

Participants of the first Antarctic winter farewell to stand for a second winter: Vols.

Treshnikov, Starkov, etc.

Winterers on deck.

Landscape plans.