The Modern Mongolia.. (1957)

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Director: Zandra C., Podgoreckaya O.

Script writers: Zandra C.

Composers: Murdorzh L.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Chimed CH.


Imaging review film. It is about the life of modern Mongolia.

Reel №1

Early morning landscape.

Pioneers collect herbarium.

Tourists climb the mountain.

Evening landscape.

Snow-capped mountains.


Lake Hovsgol.

On the lake are steamers.


Flocks of sheep.

Gobi desert.

Go camel caravans.

Fossilized remains of animals.

Central Museum in Ulan Bator.

The skeleton of a dinosaur.

Skeletal remains of ancient animals.

Exhibits discovered during excavations of Hun mounds.

Monument of the Turkic Khaganate.

The remains of the ancient city of Karakorum - the capital of the Mongol Empire.

Kumirnju first Buddhist monastery Erdene Zuu.

The walls of the temple.

Amar-Bayasgalanta monastery.

The decorations on the walls.

Mongol is an ancient musical instrument.

Painting by Sengetsohio depicting the trial of the leader of the peasant revolt Ayugin.

Portrait of a folk hero Maksarzhaba.

Portraits of Sukhbaatar and Choibalsan.

Lenin and Sukhbaatar.

Treaty of Friendship between the Soviet Union and Mongolia.

The Constitution of the Mongolian People's Republic.

Facts and the Mongolian People's Republic.

Pastoralists are going to the polls of public authorities.

Voters dipped newsletters.

Among voters raskroyschitsa shoe factory Kombinat Tsembel, milkmaid Orhanskogo Goskhoz Hombodoy captain conductor Chadraval, gardener Batsumberskogo Dolgor state farm, playwright and director Wangan.

Reel №2

Flocks of sheep in the wilderness.

A herd of cows.

Herd of horses.

Herdsman catches horse lasso.

The rider tries to travel the horse.

Go hunting with tame eagles.

Golden eagle catches a fox.

Vulture looks for prey.

Ph.D. in Biological Sciences Dashdorzh rides a camel across the steppe.

Animals of Mongolia: wild goat, deer, bear.

Hunting on the steppe animals - torbaganov.

Warehouse furs.

Sort skins.

A herd of cows.

Graze on the slopes deer, flocks of sheep.

Moose, camels.

Veterinary assistant looked at the animals, making them vaccinated.

At the receiving dairy section.

Children go to school, have fun at recess.

An ambulance sent to the camp.

Helping the patient.

The end of the working day.

Arata family drank mare's milk, listening to the radio.

A scene from the opera "The saddest of the mountain."

Soloists and Nemsuren Dagvanamdal.

Listen to the audience in the hall.

Listen Basin.

Reel №3

Autumn landscape.

Winter landscape.

Herders are driving their cattle in the stall.

Span of horses.

Agricultural associations "Work."

Herds of horses.

Flocks of sheep.

Veterinarian to be vaccinated sheep bull.

Trolley with milk.

Building site.

Chairman of the Association, member of the Great People's Hural - Choydorzh talking with builders.

Builders work.


Women bear children.

Arata mop of hay, building a shed, fodder.

Anniversary assembly association "road to socialism" Dzaphanskogo Aynak.

Acts Basin.

Applaud Basin.

Zun-worker Harynskogo Delegnil state farm tractor starts.

Works trailer senokopnitel.

Panorama of a wheat field.

Work combines.

Combine the wheel.

Work on the current.

Field camp.

Artists perform folk dance "herdsmen".

Stud farm.

Vet vaccinates horses.

Przewalski's horse.

Tames a horse cock.


One of the best svinarok Zunharinskogo Densima state farm.

Poultry farm.

Flocks of sheep.

Mongolian scholar and George Aorzana Burlak, Romanian scholar, among the sheep.

Reel №4

Sheep shearing electric clippers.

Wool is a textile factory.

Ulaanbaatar meat.

Cutting lamb carcasses.

Sending products to the food stores.

Tomentose cloth factory combine them.


Workers at their machines.

Chrome factory plant.

Leather processing.

Ulaanbaatar combined heat and power.

Workers at the controls.

In the shop shoe factory.

Raskroyschitsa Tsembel working.

Powered Tsegmid.

Shoe store.

Customers choose shoes.

Purchase of clothing and fabrics.

Children in the toy department.

Panorama of Ulan Bator.

Square named.


Government House.

Street Ulaanbaatar.

Building of the State Music and Drama Theatre, the Mongolian State University, Central Polyclinic, the State Central Museum.

Street Ulaanbaatar.

Monument VI Lenin.

The end of the working day.

Workers sit on a bus, taxi.

Apartment Comptroller export of chrome factory Sayn-Nyambu.

Family at the table.

Sons present Sayn-Nyambu, his wife.

Family in a yurt.

Listen to the radio.

Street of the city.

Built homes.

A construction worker.

The chief architect of the construction at the site of Chimid engineers.

Plan for the reconstruction of Ulan Bator.

Building site.

State Printing.

Tipografschiki working.

From the printing press are newspapers.

Stand with newspapers and magazines.


Buyers consider books.

State Public Library.


Reading room.


Assembly and Tanzhur Danzhur.

Students in the class.

Reel №5

Lesson in physics laboratory.

Mongolian State University.

Students in the laboratory.

Veterinary Faculty.

Agronomy Department.

Student working on the current.

Students at a lecture on agriculture.

Practical classes in microbiology.

Students at a lecture on general surgery.

Among the students, the hero of the Mongolian People's Republic dump.

PhD Shagdarsuren surgeon preparing for surgery.

Makes the procedure to the patient.

Riding machine "first aid".

A doctor examines a patient.

The doctor listens to the child.

Meeting of the Bureau of the Committee of Science of Mongolia.

Speaker stands - agronomist Experiment Station Committee Tsoktozany Sciences.

Agronomists in the field.


At the meeting of the Committee of Science and the presence of the candidates Misic Namsarayzhao.

Sit scientists - Ichinhorlo, Natsygdorzh.

At the table, a well-known linguist Bimbachiyn Rinchin.

Institute for Nuclear Research.

The work of physicist Sodnom.

General view of the Kremlin.

Opening in Moscow exhibition of works by painters and Mongolian culture.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Mongolian artists paintings, figures, carved from bone, utensils of gold and silver.

Honored Artist of Mongolia Mordorzhi composer at work.

The audience at the circus.

Playing acrobat Mezhigsuren, honored artists Danzan, and Tserendolma Natsak.


The scene of the tragedy by William Shakespeare's "Othello" (synchronous).

Actors bows.

Reel №6

Street Ulaanbaatar.

The relations between Mongolia and other countries.

Government House.

Gandandechilin monastery.

Dean of Canterbury Hewlett Johnson with his party comes into the yard.

H. Johnson in the monastery considers manuscripts, old books, objects of Buddhist worship, statues of Dzanabadzara, masks and applications.



Reception in honor of H. Johnson and his family.

Airport in Ulan Bator.

On the building of a portrait of President Sukarno.

Meeting of the President.

Greeting the President of the Presidium of the Great People's Khural of the samba.

Children presented flowers to Dr.


Sambu said.


Sukarno makes a reciprocal speech.

The eve of the national holiday of Mongolia.

Meeting of the delegations of the USSR, China, Burma and India.

The Soviet delegation, talking with veterans of the Mongolian People's Revolution, including the adjutant Sukhbaatar Myagmar.

The working people of the country come to the party.

Government House, decorated with banners.

Solemn meeting dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Mongolian People's Revolution.

Chairperson of the Council of Ministers Tsedenbal.

Are the representatives of China, Burma, and the Polish People's Republic, the Rumanian People's Republic, India.

Said the head of the Soviet delegation Moskatov.

It transfers to the Government of the Republic of the Mongolian Red Flag.

July 11, 1956 - the day a national holiday.

By area, the protesters are.

On the podium - the party and the government of the republic, and guests from foreign countries.

Leaders of the party and the government of the Republic, guests welcome pioneers.

Lieutenant General speaks Lholvachuren.

Troops pass, passing cars with troops, artillery.

Panorama of the steppe.

Plow tractor.

Gobi desert.


Seismologists are oil exploration.

Beats fountain oil.


Oil workers at work.


Street of the village.

Construction of the mine in Nalayha.

Miners at work.

By area, the protesters are.

Go miners Shahtostroiteley.

It takes a column of Arts.

Tsedenbal on the podium.

Pass athletes, pioneers, ranchers.



Opening people's games - Nadom.

Samba acts.

On the field - fighters.

At the launch party 30-kilometer race.

Reel №7

A man shoots a bow.

Old bow.

Hit the target.

Shoot schoolchildren.

Champions on the field.

Struggling children.


Bouncing boy.

Awarding prizes to the winners.

Sandanzhilmid fighter.

The young fighter Damdin.

Moment in the struggle.

Gymnasts on the field exercises.

Transmongolian highway.

Is the train.

The new settlement.



A mechanic checks the train.

Mirzhik machinist.

Assistant station Dorsch.

Is a train with tractors.

Mongolian children.