The Friendly visit of Georgy Zhukov, Marshall of the Soviet Union, to India and Birma.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Egorova I.

Operators: Rymarev D., Akkuratov E.


The film is about the trip of Georgy Zhukov, Marshall of the Soviet Union, around cities and towns of India and Birma.

Historical background

Historical. From 23 January to 17 February 1957 in India and Burma visited Soviet Defense Minister, Marshal GK Zhukov.

Reel №1

GK Beetles in the plane.

Plane over the Himalayas.



Meeting GK Zhukov.

Atmosphere: Indian Defence Minister, Dr.

Katdzhu, General Shrinagesh Marshal Mukherjee, Admiral Carlyle.

GK Bugs out of the plane, greets dating.

Children presented with GK Zhukov flowers.

GK Zhukov is the diplomatic corps, the military attache.

Built by an honor guard.

Bypass honor.

Street of the city.

Parliament House.

The building of the Ministry of War.

Visit GK Indian Defense Minister Zhukov Katdzhu.

Said Dr.


In the conversation involved the Soviet Ambassador to India Menshikov.

Marshal Zhukov talks with Dr.


President's Palace.

Visit GK Zhukov to Rajendra Prasad.

GK Zhukov talks with President Prasad.

Laying of wreaths at the grave of Mahatma Gandhi.

Street of the city.

The Ministry of Defence of India.

Meetings GK Zhukov with Army Chief of Staff, Air Force and Navy, Head of Foreign staff officers.

Lively conversation.

Breakfast with the Prime Minister of India, J.

Nehru after GK Zhukov and his party.

GK Zhukov talks with Mr.


Reception with President Prasad in honor of the seventh anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of India.

The audience greeted the president.


Nehru and GK Beetles walking in the garden of the presidential palace.

Celebration of the Republic Day.

GK Beetles and leaders of India at a military parade.

Pass the troops.

Reel №2

Pass the troops.

President Rajendra Prasad takes the salute.


Nehru and GK Beetles on the podium.

Go to the troops.

People's parade on the square.

Qutub Minar - the ancient monument.

GK Zhukov and accompanying visiting the monument.

Qutb Minar tower.

The view from the tower on the ruins of the ancient Indian temples.

GK Zhukov inspects ruins.

Stadium of the Air Force.

Parade of Cadets.


Nehru takes the salute.

There GK Beetles.

Performance of athletes.


Nehru award prizes to the Cadet Corps units.

Festival of folk dances.

At the stadium, J.

Nehru and GK Beetles.

Performed national dances.

Map itinerary GK Zhukov in India.

Parade in honor of GK Zhukov Military College in Dehra Dun.

GK Zhukov talks with students of college.

Gymnastic performances of students.

Reel №3

Gurkhsky training center.

GK Zhukov and his entourage watch occupied by soldiers on the parade ground.

Marshal GK Zhukov said on Russian bayonet attack.

The maneuvers of the infantry.

Visit the stud farm.

Equestrian exercise on factory racetrack.

GK Beetles giving presents to the Indian cavalry.

Residents of the village near the mountains.

Pune welcome Marshal GK Zhukov.

Panorama of mountains.


Military Engineering College.

Soviet visitors watching lessons on the crossing.

School of National Defense.

Visiting schools GK Zhukov and his party.

GK Bugs in the stable yard School.

GK Beetles watching exercises on the parade ground, advises students of the school.

Guests are shown steeplechase, fancy riding.

Bombay - LS.

The streets of the city.

Naval Academy.

GK Beetles in college.

Familiarity with the officers.

Sailors parade in honor of Marshal GK Zhukov.

Reel №4

GK Zhukov and his party in the Bombay docks.

The conversation with the workers.


GK Beetles on the traditional exhibition of flowers.

Beetles plants a tree Friendship.

Travel on city streets.


Marshal GK Beetles passes through the streets of the city.

The people welcomed him.

Naval Base.

GK Beetles on the boat.

PNRM. Blue Mountains.

The road to the city of Wellington.

Military Staff College.

Monument to fallen soldiers.

Marshal GK Zhukov inspects College, met with students.

Meeting at the airport in the city of Madras.


Carriage Works.

Factory workshop.

Marshal GK Beetles on the car goes round shop.

Industrial settlement.

Residents welcome Marshal GK Zhukov.

Zhukov talks with the workers.

Marshal GK Beetles toured the village.

Soviet guest in the cabin, where the family lives of the working Ramyama.

Marshal GK Zhukov talks with residents of the village.

The city of Calcutta.

Marshal GK Zhukov and his party passing through the streets of the city.

The people welcomed the guests.

Car factory.

Workers welcome Marshal GK Zhukov.

Guests visiting the finished product.

Reel №5

Amphibious transport connection in Agra.

Marshal GK Zhukov and his entourage watch paratroopers training.

Guests visiting the transport plane, are present in the landing zone.

The city of Agra.

Soviet visitors to the Red Fort.

Meeting with Soviet tourists.

Taj Mahal - LS.

Marshal GK Zhukov inspects it.

Monitoring of restoration work.

One of the streets of Delhi.

Hyderabad Palace.

Admission Marshal GK Zhukov.

Contains J.

Nehru's chief of staff, generals and officers of Indian armed forces, government and the public of the country.

Marshal GK Zhukov and J.

Nehru talking.

Travel Route Map of Marshal Zhukov on Burma.

Rangoon (the plane).


Meeting Marshal GK Zhukov.

Among the ministers meet Burmese government led by Prime Minister U Ba Swe.

Marshal GK Zhukov takes report from the commander of the guard of honor.

Bypass honor.

Welcomes people of the Soviet Union.

The streets and squares of Rangoon.

Burma's President's Palace.

Reception of the President of asthma in honor of Marshal GK Zhukov.

Those present at the reception.

Concert in the gardens of the presidential palace.

Airport in Mandalay.

Meeting Marshal GK Zhukov and accompanying interior minister Takin That Keane.

The participants welcomed Marshal GK Zhukov.

Khan said the Finance Minister Maung Gyi.

With the response the speaker Marshal KK Beetles.

Marshal GK Zhukov welcome students.

Marshal GK Beetles in the city.

Guests are welcomed students.

City of Mandalay.


Guests visiting them.

Officer's School.

Marshal GK Beetles watching sports exercises pupils.

Reel №6

The maneuvers of the Burmese army.

Things to force the river.

Shanov country.

Mountain Lake Inle.

Soviet visitors on a walk around the lake.

Raft performed national dances.

Competition rowers.

Marshal GK Beetles presenting prizes to the winners.

A meeting of Soviet guests Tagundzhi - the capital of Shan State.

Guests are welcomed students, residents of the city.

City Rangoon.

Visit Marshal GK Zhukov to the Prime Minister of Burma U Ba Swe.

Marshal talks with the Prime Minister, provide him with gifts from the armed forces of the USSR.

Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

Guests visiting the pagoda.


Tomb of Burma's national hero - Aung San.

Laying a wreath at the Soviet guests.

Visiting guests from the USSR Rangoon University.

Farewell party in honor of Marshal GK Zhukov and his party at the president of Burma Ba U.

Marshal GK Zhukov, doctor asthma and others look Burmese concert artists.

Seeing Marshal GK Zhukov.

Among the mourners, U Nu, U Ba Swe and others.

Soviet guest says goodbye to the mourners and climbs into the plane.

Palace of the President of India.

Farewell visit to Marshal Georgy Zhukov to President Rajendra Prasad.

GK Zhukov talks with the president.

Seeing off guests at the airport.

Marshal GK Beetles valedictorian, climbs into the plane.