Democratic Hungary. (1948)

Documentary №48327, 7 parts
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:L. Stepanova
Camera operators:S. Semyonov, E. Efimov

Reel №1

1 hour - Budapest.

Monuments to Soviet soldiers, Millennium Hungary, etc.

Squares, buildings, improvement of streets.

2 hours - Types of Budapest.

Chronicle occupation of Hungary by German troops in 1944.

Liberation of Budapest by Soviet troops.

Centennial celebration of the national revolution in Budapest in 1948.

The Soviet delegation, headed by K. Voroshilov lays wreaths at the monument to S. Petofi.

3 pm - Celebration of the Centenary of the 1848 revolution.

Melting metal in a metallurgical plant in Ozd.

Building and one of the shops shipyard "Ganz" in Ujpest.

Workers in the shops of the plant "Csepel".

Ironworks in Dnoshdvere.

Working for the machines.

Old working village.

Moving workers into new apartments.

Children rest in a sanatorium on Lake Balaton.

Tourism workers at Lake Balaton.

4 hours - Working with machines textile factory, in the mine "Petofi", the construction of bauxite processing plant on the construction of the canal.

Opening Margaret Bridge.

River Danube and Tisza.

Meeting of the Congress of the Hungarian Communist Party, the Congress of the Hungarian Social Democratic Party, the unification congress meeting.

Rallies in Budapest in support of the union parties.

5 pm - Danube.

Carpathian Mountains.

Flocks of sheep.

Cows and horses in the pasture.

Hamlets and villages.

Personnel Chronicle-rides through the village lady of the manor, which employs peasants.

Section of land in the new Hungary.

Agriculture Minister Nagy takes peasants.

Rally peasants in Sarosi-Natak.

Speech by M. Rakosi.

Poppy and wheat fields of the village cooperative partnership Etyek.

Cleaning and delivery of grain to the state.

6 hours - Female Mayor of Ujpest takes peasants in his office.

Restoration school in the village Meder.

University of Debrecen.

Students in the classroom at the university and the Academy of Painting.

The audience in the opera house.

Women embroider national patterns.

Harvest Festival.

7 pm - Farmers harvest festival.

Meeting with the Hungarian pioneers pioneers other countries.

Military parade in Budapest.

Transfer of the Soviet Army during the war captives Hungarian flags.

The signing of the Treaties of Friendship and Mutual Assistance between the USSR and Hungary.

Key words

Foreign countries (Hungary).
International public relations.
World War II.

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