Inviolable Albanian-Soviet Friendship.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I.

Operators: Khodyakov V., Shtatland V., Schekutev A.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


About the visit of the Party and Government Delegation of Albania to the USSR.

Historical background

In April 1957 the USSR at the invitation of the Soviet Government and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union visited Party and Government delegation headed by First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labor, E. Hodge, and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Albania, M. Shehu.

Temporary description

Arrival of government-party delegation NRA port of Odessa. Delegation met at the Kiev railway station in Moscow. Receiving the delegation, headed by E. Hodge and M. Shehu Kremlin Voroshilov, NA Bulganin, to the Central Committee of the CPSU - Nikita Khrushchev. The talks in the Kremlin between party and government delegations of the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of Albania. The talks involved: Bulganin, Mikoyan, Andrei Gromyko, MZ Saburov Khrushchev, with the Albanian side: E. Hodge, M. Shehu, G. Nushi , S. Kolek, P. Marco, B. Stoll, R. Alia, M. Prifti. Bulganin, E. Hodge, M. Shehu, Khrushchev signed Albanian-Soviet declaration. Rally Albanian-Soviet friendship in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, are: M. Shehu, Bulganin, E. Hodge, Mikhail Suslov. Visiting Albanian statesmen MSU, Moscow silk weaving factory Scherbakov, the Bolshoi Theater. A scene from the opera "Queen of Spades." Delegation visit to Uzbekistan. Admission SK Kamalov, visiting the cotton farm "Kyzyl - Uzbekistan"; rally Albanian-Soviet friendship in Uzbek Theater of Opera and Ballet after A. Navoi. City of Leningrad. Members of the delegation visiting Smolny, the cruiser "Aurora", Neva Machine-Building Plant, Leningrad Palace of Pioneers. Kiev. Visit of NT Kalchenko visit Kiev factory "Red excavator." City of Odessa. Seeing the delegation to his home in the port of Odessa. Thira. Albanian workers rally after the meeting of the delegation had returned from the Soviet Union. Acts E. Hodge.

Reel №1

Landscape Albania.

Port of Durres.

General view of the port.

Seeing the Albanian party and government delegation.

Delegates on board the Soviet ship "Crimea".

Odessa port.

Albanian guest workers meeting, leaders of the Ukrainian SSR.

Among the welcoming Ambassador of Albania to the USSR Michal Prifti.

Guests go on board the ship.

Pioneer presents M. Shehu flowers.

E. Hodge greets dating.

Delegates to bypass the guard of honor.

First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR delegation Grechukha

Grechukha stands at the microphone with a welcoming speech.

With the response the speaker M. Shehu.

The participants welcomed the guests.

Shehu M. and E. Hodge respond to greetings.

The streets of


City building, decorated with Soviet and Albanian flags.

Slogans in honor of the Albanian-Soviet friendship.

Issue of the newspaper "Soviet Russia" with portraits of E. Hodge and M. Shehu.

Kiev railway station in Moscow.

Our people on the platform, including Bulganin, Khrushchev, Shepilov, Malenkov, Molotov, Mikoyan, Pospelov, the Ministers of the USSR.

Out of the carriage M. Shehu and others.

Bulganin greets Mehmet Shehu.

Hello E. Hodge, NS Khrushchev, Hugo Nushi, Spiro Coleco etc.

Bulganin and M. Shehu bypass the guard of honor.

Are soldiers march past.

Are Gromyko, Shepilov, Mikoyan, Molotov, Khrushchev, Bulganin, Shehu, Hodge and others

M. Shehu speaks at the microphone.

Khrushchev, E. Hodge, M. Shehu, NA Bulganin go past joyfully welcoming them Muscovites.

Delegates and greeters get in the car.


Visit of a KE Voroshilov.

M. Shehu, E. Hodge and others talk with KE Voroshilov.

Receiving the delegation in NA Bulganin.

Delegates greet NA Bulganin and AA Gromyko.

NA Bulganin talking with M. Shehu, E. Hodge, G. Nushi etc.

The building of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

Members of the delegation at a reception at NS Khrushchev.

Among them, E. Hodge, M. Shehu, R. Mark.

Delegates at the table.

Red Square.

Laying a wreath at the Mausoleum of VI Lenin and JV Stalin.

Wreath carry E. Hodge and M. Shehu.

Grand Kremlin Palace.

Negotiations between the party and government delegations of the USSR and Albania.

At the table, NS Khrushchev, NA Bulganin, AI Mikoyan, MZ Saburov AA Gromyko, Soviet Ambassador to the People's Republic of Albania Ivanov, E. Hodge, M. Shehu, G. Nushi, Spiro Coleco, R. Mark, B. Stoll, R. Alia, Albanian Ambassador to the USSR M. Prifti etc.

General view of Moscow University on Lenin Hills

Visit the University of the delegation.

Students, professors welcome guests.

A solemn meeting at the university.

The presidium of the Albanian delegates.

Acts student T. Samoilenko student Mandi Socrates.

By Ministers of Education and Culture of Albania R. Alia.

Delegation members talk with rector of Moscow State University professor Vovchenko.

Professor Vovchenko presenting guests keepsakes to visit the university.

Reel №2

Store literature of the people's democracy.

Buyers consider books.

One of them turns the magazine "New Albania".

Photo refinery in Tserrike.

Operating mine.

General view of the hydroelectric power it.

VI Lenin in Tirana.

Building, plant weaving factory.

Tractors, planters, combines in the field.

Working Albanian peasants.

Moscow silk weaving mill them.


Albanian delegates in the workshop combine.

Workers welcome guests.

The rally in the shop.

The presidium of the guests.

E. Hodge is responsible for greeting the workers.

Spiro stands Coleco.

Grand Theatre.

Albanian delegates, NA Bulganin and NS Khrushchev warmly welcomed the audience.

A scene from the opera PI Tchaikovsky's "Queen of Spades" (synchronous).

M. Shehu, E. Hodge and others Albanian visitors thanks Artis

Flying aircraft.

Albanian guests on the plane.

Mehmet Shehu speaks with a pilot.

View from the plane on the city


Guests at the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR Kamalov.

Albanian delegates talk with Kamalov.

Members of the delegation out of the theater.

Alisher Navoi.


Tashkent welcome them.

M. Shehu speaks with residents.

M. Shehu and Kamal get in the car.

Machines with the guests go through the streets of


Car enters the farm "Kyzyl-Uzbekistan".

Albanian greeting guests with the chairman, Hero of Socialist Labor, ie

Matkabulovym, agronomist Matkabulov acquaints visitors with the kolkhoz.

Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

Alisher Navoi.


A solemn meeting in honor of the Albanian delegation.

Chairperson of the collective farm.

LM Kaganovich, three times Hero of Socialist Labor Tursunkulov, Kamalov, M. Shehu.

Statement by the National Dance Company.

Reception of the President of the Council of Ministers of Uzbekistan Kamalov.

Talking Kamalov, M. Shehu and Mukhitdinov.

Mehmet Shehu presented Uzbek national costume.

M. Shehu, Kamalov, B. Stoll, Mukhitdinov heartily forgiven each other.


On Nevsky Prospect car ride with the guests.

Enver Hoxha and others in the armored car, which stands VI Lenin in April 1917

Albanian delegates at the Leningrad branch of the museum VI Lenin visiting the exhibits.

Stand with the first issue of the newspaper "Pravda".

Cruiser "Aurora".


Monument to Peter I.

Reel №3

Nevsky Machine Works, decorated with the national flags of the Soviet Union, Albania, Russian Federation.

Factory Visits Albanian guests.

Delegates are in the shop.

E. Hodge talking to workers.

The rally in the shop plant in honor of the guests.

Stands Enver Hoxha.

Acts P. Pospelov.

Palace of Pioneers.

Guests at the Palace.

Enver Hoxha, is involved in the children's festival.

Grand Kremlin Palace.

Rally of friendship between the peoples of the USSR and the People's Republic of Albania.

The presidium members of the party and government delegations of Albania, the leaders of the Communist Party and the Soviet government.

M. Shehu, E. Hodge, Shvernik, Khrushchev, etc.


Serves M. Shehu (synchronously).

NA acts Bulganin (synchronously).

Acts E. Hodge (synchronously).

Acts Suslov (synchronously).

Reel №4


The signing of the Soviet-Albanian declaration.

Sign NA Bulganin and M. Shehu.

Bulganin and M. Shehu congratulate each other on the successful completion of negotiations.

Is a group of delegates and the leaders of the Soviet Union: Suslov, Khrushchev, Mikoyan, Enver Hoxha, Hugo Nushi, Spiro Coleco, R. Mark.

Signing statements about the negotiations between the delegations of the CPSU and the Albanian Party of Labour.

Sign NS Khrushchev and E. Hodge.

NS Khrushchev and E. Hodge congratulation.

Farewell party and government delegation of the People's Republic of Albania to the homeland.

Bulganin, M. Shehu, G. Nushi and others bypass the guard of honor.

Are NS Khrushchev, E. Hodge.

M. Shehu speaks into the microphone in his farewell speech.

Are NA Bulganin, G. Nushi.



Panorama of the city.

Albanian guests are on the platform.

Machines with a delegation traveling to the city.

Members of the delegation at a reception at the President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Kalchenko.

With the guests talking Kalchenko Grechukha.

Sit M. Shehu, E. Hodge, Hugh Nushi, R. Mark, B. Stoll, R. Alia.

Visiting members of the delegation factory "Red excavator".

Guests talk with the workers, inspect the finished products.

Delegates at the workshop.

Guests are welcomed factory workers.

Meeting dedicated to the Albanian delegates to the machine shop.

Acts Secretary of the Albanian Party of Labor R. Marco.

Enver Hoxha and Mehmet Shehu among workers.

Odessa port.

Go M. Shehu, E. Hodge and Grechukha.

Playing a military band.

Are soldiers.

Are M. Shehu and Grechukha.

Albanian guests say goodbye to the mourners and climb the ladder to the ship "Crimea".

Grechukha, Mehmet Shehu, Enver Hoxha, Ivanov and others on board.

Workers say goodbye to the heart of Odessa Albanian friends.

Rally in


Workers in the area.

On the podium E. Hodge, M. Shehu.

The participants warmly applauded.