Karelian-Finnish SSR.. (1947)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: S. Gurov, L. Kristi

Reel №1

Waterfalls, lakes, mountains, architectural ensemble of Kizhi.

Fishermen in the village.

The teacher in the classroom in a rural school.

Dairy farm.

Poultry farm.


Collective farm garden.

Combines clean bread.

Communist meeting in the village.

Construction site, the interior of the plant.

Auditorium, excerpts from the play.

There is a train to the forest.

Rally in honor of the opening of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.

Steamer "Veresaev" passes through gateways.

Meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR. Petrozavodsk.

Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Lithuanian SSR. Court in shipyards shipyard.

Boat on the high seas. 3-5 hrs

Fishermen are fishing in the White Sea.

Plant for the production of machines for the wood industry.

Felling and rafting.

Rewarding noble loggers CPCC in the Lithuanian SSR. Job Segezhsky paper mill.

Petrozavodsk city, Leningrad.

Pioneers in the camp on Lake Onega.

Vacationers in the sanatorium; in a holiday home of Artists on Lake Ladoga.

Performance of national ensemble "Kantele".

YCL congress of the Lithuanian SSR. Students in the Forestry Academy of

Sortavala, at the University of Leningrad.

Geologists are working in the woods.

Construction of the road.

Key words

Landscapes. Village life. Secondary education. Livestock. Poultry farming. Beekeeping. Gardening. Agriculture. VKP (b). Building. Electricity. Theatre. Trains. Rallies. River transport. Regional power. City. Shipbuilding. Fishing. Engineering. Timber industry. Pulp and paper industry. Pioneer organization. Sanatorium. Choreography. Komsomol. Higher Education. Geology. Building.