Film-travel almanac № 248 (1990)

Newsreel №48623, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:15
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Gnesin M., Trubnikova L., Dilanyan K., Mironov A., Boldireva L.
Camera operators:Agapov B., Maksimov Yu., Kipin V., Komolikov M.
Text authors:Kemarskaya I.


1. "Expedition "Golden age". 2. "Over the river for Hurry." 3. "The feast of the coming Buddha." 4. "Downtown Ottawa."

Reel №1

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1. Expedition "Golden age".

The city of Petrozavodsk, sailboats on the waves.

Drawings of ships.

Members of the club "Polar Odyssey" build an old sailing ship - Pomeranian Koch - in the club during the preparation for swimming on the old ships on the route of Russian pioneers around Scandinavia.

Launching a sailboat on the water.

People ring the bells.

Sailing ships "Vera", "Love" and "Pomor" are at the pier.

Prayer and consecration of ships before the expedition "Golden age".

Members of the expedition in national costumes climb onto the ship.

Sailboats sail from the pier.

A sailboat floats near the island of Kizhi.

Wooden churches in Kizhi: 22-head Transfiguration, 9-head intercession, bell tower (shooting from the water).

A buffoon on a sailboat plays folk instruments and tells a legend.

Sailboats at the pier.

Guslyar sings a ballad on the pier (synchronously), surrounded by spectators.

Members of the expedition for the conversation.

One of the members of the expedition gives signals to other ships with a signal checker.

Geographical map and binoculars with a case lying on the table.

Man studying the map.

Sailboats on the way.

2. Beyond the river beyond Haste.

Tver region, the city of Toropets.

Road sign, which shows the date of Foundation of the city (1074) and the coat of arms.

Oboronitelnye shafts.

Archaeologists at the excavations.

Toropetskiy archaeological finds: bracelets, bronze finger-rings.

Wooden Foundation of the building on the excavation.

The pattern and layout of the city in XVI-XVII centuries.

Drawings of old women's clothing.

Old book.

Women wash clothes on the river.

Street with low wooden houses, at the gate are firewood.

Carved window frames.

Residential brick house of the XVIII century.

Two-storey brick buildings.

Churches of the city.

Epiphany Church (1764) in the woods during the restoration.

The facade of the Church, built in the Baroque style.

Tiles decorating the facade of another Church.

Interior view of the Church.

Building Korsunsko mother of God Cathedral.

General view of the city from the river.

Key words

Sea transport and roads.
Amateur performance.
Folk life.

Locations: Republic of Karelia [746] Tver region [806]

Reel №2

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3. The feast of the coming Buddha.

Buryatia, the territory of the Ivolginsky datsan.

The gates of the monastery.

The temple is located on the territory of datsan.

Interior view of the temple.

Monks reading prayers.

Buddha sculptures in the temple.

Buryats-Buddhists perform religious rites.

Believers spin prayer drums in the courtyard of the temple.

Monks play wind and percussion instruments at the service during the Lamaist temple festival of Maidari Hural.

Monks place a statue of the Buddha Maidari on a sacred chariot.

A festive procession of monks and believers around the datsan.

The monks carry the sacred chariot.

4. In downtown Ottawa.

Canada, Ottawa, monument to the French cartographer, the first governor of Canada, S. Champlain.

On the pedestal is the inscription "Champlain 1613".

Modern high-rise buildings, traffic on the streets of the city.

The central part of the city.


Young people relax on the lawn.

A man with a child in his arms passes by the fountain.

Cyclists talk on the street.


Shop windows.

Mannequins in the shop windows.

Tourists walk along the shop window.

The girls are sitting on a bench, smoking.

A street musician plays the guitar.

Customers choose vegetables and fruits at the market.

Wooden shoes on the counter.

Flower pavilion.

The seller chooses flowers for the buyer.

Roses in the pavilion.

A tourist with a camera.

A girl leads two dogs on a leash along a cast-iron grate.


Men in the national Scottish dress walk down the street.

Monument to the victims of the war, on the pedestal dates "1939-1945" and "1914-1918".

Meeting with veterans at the monument.

The Parliament building.

Tourists in the Parliament building.

Central Tower of the Parliament (Peace Tower).

The eternal Flame in the center of the fountain is a symbol of multilingual provinces.

The coastal part of the city.

The boat sails along the river.

Key words

Road transport.
The highest state bodies and institutions.

Locations: Republic of Buryatia [740] Canada [39]

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