Film-travel almanac № 253 (1991)

Newsreel №48626, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:00
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Golovnya B., Klyuchnikov A., Dilanyan K., Kryuchkin V., Orzaliev K.
Camera operators:Ropejko V., Kipin V., Kryuchkin V., Orzaliev K.
Text authors:Linkova I.


1. "Russia. The Village Of Kolomenskoye". 2. "Spring festival - New year". 3. The great ring of the North. 4. "The Polish Rome".

Reel №1

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1. Russia.

The Village Of Kolomenskoye.


State historical and architectural Museum-reserve "Kolomenskoye".

General view of the Museum-reserve.

Kazan Church, Church-bell tower of St.

George, tent Church of the ascension in the Museum.

Layout and drawing of the wooden Palace, icons, books, tiles in the Museum.

Inscriptions on the tiles: "Wine cheers the sad", "Looking for enemy", "fear of the guard", "our Way is far".

A group of students on a tour of the Museum.

Relic oak, flowering Apple tree, cherry blossom branch.

Artists at the easels in the Museum.

The gate of the manor.

Procession in the Museum-reserve.

2. Spring festival - New year.


Ivolginsky datsan.

Monks in red robes and yellow hats are on the territory of the monastery.

Temple building.

Festive service in the temple on the occasion of the Buddhist New year on the Tibetan calendar.

Monks perform religious rites in the temple.

Believers rotary drum prayer mill.

Monks read sacred texts.

Ritual pyramid of dudjub, symbolizing all the troubles and obstacles during the year, in the temple.

Ritual burning of the pyramid on the territory of the monastery.

Buddhists and their children watching the burning of the pyramid.

Those present throw everything they want to get rid of into the fire.

Buddha sculpture in the temple.

Monks in the temple touch each other with white towels.

Buddhists tie ribbons on tree branches.

Key words

Decorative-applied art.
Monuments of history and architecture.

Locations: Moscow [820] Republic of Buryatia [740]

Reel №2

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3. The great ring of the North.


Participants of the international dog sled marathon will start in the village of Uelen.

Dog sleds near the helicopter.

Representatives of the all-Union geographical society of Moscow and Chukotka preparing for the expedition "the Big ring of the North": check the cargo sled company "Klondike", inspect the dogs, make a training trip on the sled.

On a halt people have dinner, cook food for dogs.

Participants hike cut snow blocks.

The post on which hangs a sign with the inscription: "Beyond the Arctic circle." Marathon runners on a dog sled in the distance.


4. The Polish Rome.

The City Of Krakow.

Catholic church.

People in the square feeding pigeons.

Monument to poet Adam Mickiewicz.

The street are young people with extravagant hairstyles, monks and nuns.

Monument on the site of the battle of Grunwald.

A small open car advertising "Casino Krakow" passes on the street.

Road crew passes through the arch.

Vernissage of paintings by young artists in the old part of the city.

Paintings, buyers.

Old shopping malls.

Chess in the gift shop.

The building of the University of Krakow.

The Monument To N. Copernicus.

The Royal castle on Wawel hill.


Street musician.

Key words

National (national) sports.
Road transport.

Locations: Chukotka Autonomous Okrug [818] Poland [177]

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