Film-travel almanac 1991 № 255

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Golovnya B., Dilanyan K., Zubarev D., Klyuchnikov A., Rodichev D.

Operators: Kipin V., Lomakin N., Ropejko V., Fedorovich K.

Text writers: Linkova I.

Other authors: Dilanyan K., Rodichev D., Riklina M., Shilov L.


1. "In the glorious Murom". 2. "House Master". 3. "For trout." 4. "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai".

Towns and countries

Reel №1

1. In the glorious Moore.

Monument "Epic stone" at the entrance to Moore, the road passing cars.

A ray of sunshine in the branches.

Tree trunk.

Nicholas Quay Church (Church of St.

Nicholas Wet).

Meadow grass.

Wooden houses on the font.

The monastery walls.


Holy Trinity convent brick wall.

View from under the arch at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

View of the city.

View of the monastery across the river.

The movement of vehicles on the bridge.

Adults and children go fishing from a bridge.

View of the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God (the Smolensk church).

Elderly woman sitting on a bench near the monastery walls.

A woman fills a bucket from the column on the street.

Old houses, wooden architecture.

Older men sit on a bench.

Young people talking on the street.

A girl carries a child in a stroller.

Parents with children on the walk.

Elderly woman sitting on a bench near the monastery walls.

Church domes.

Tour group near the monastery.

Church of St.

Nicholas Quay.

The frescoes on the walls.

Smolensk church.

On the bridge are people riding vehicles.

Divorce is a pontoon bridge across the Oka River.

2. Masters House.


Solar flare on the water.

Restaurant "Pavilion" at Patriarch's Ponds.

The sun at its zenith.

View of the Patriarch's Ponds.

Park near the pond.

Trees along the banks of the pond.

Turbid water.

Tree leaves.

House number 10 on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street.

The bas-relief on the wall.

The garden in the yard.

The camera moves down the street, under the arch, dives into the entrance.

Window door.

Light bulb.


Izrisoval wall.

Black cat.

Closed box with a painted cat.

Flight of stairs.

The walls of the house.

Metal fences.

Gorky Institute of Literature.

It closes the window on the wall decorative lantern.

Dramlit (House of Writers in Lavrushinsky Lane), through the wrought-iron fence types.

Portrait of Marguerite (author N.N.Rusheva).

Stone house in the center of Moscow.

View of the capital from the roof of the Pashkov House.

Crohn tree.

House number 9 on Mansurovsky Lane.

Portrait Masters (author N.N.Rusheva).

Roof of the house.

Black cat.

The cat jumped down to the ground from the window sill.

Ivory passes through the courtyard.

View Pashkov House through the fence.


Big Gnezdnikovsky lane, the view from the arch at the house number 10, which housed the newspaper "eve", a place of the first meeting of the Master and Margarita.

View of the city from the roof of the Pashkov House.

Tree branches.

Bulgakov's Tomb in the Novodevichy cemetery, the rain.


Vladimir region



History; Russian cities and regions; Literati

Reel №2

3. For trout.

Natural landscape along the river Dzhogdzho (DС‘gdС‘), a tributary of the river Kotuikan.

The coastal area, fishing vessels.

On the hill there are people.

Tourists floating on the river in canoes.

Rocky coast.

River view from the top.

Blossoms Sievers pyatilepestnaya.

Mushroom field on the edge of the forest, dead trees.

Man mushrooms.

From the water the fish pull.

Fisherman caught a fish weighing.

Cooking mushrooms and fish over a campfire.

View of the river, under the roots of trees, the ice melts.

River rapids.

People in a boat sailing along the rock wall.

Rare trees on the rocks.

Tourists on inflatable catamarans.

River shore.

Splashing water.

Fisherman catches a fish.

Fish on the hook.

Fisherman pulls out fish to the shore.

Fish under water.

Open fishing line.

The fish swims away.

Sunset over the river.

On the river floats kayak.

4. Fountain of Bakhchisarai.

Panorama Bakhchisarai.

The muezzin on the minaret.

Khan Palace.

Halls Palace.

Summer arbor.

Fountain in the gazebo.

View ensemble outside, flowering gardens.

Fountain with a cascade.


Harem body.

Khan's cemetery.

Dyurbe Dilara Bikech (Mausoleum of Dilara).

Fountain of Tears.

The corridors of the palace.

Column and base of the fountain.

Swallows nest.

Out of the palace.

Through the stones in the wall sprout grass.


Panorama of the city.


Krasnoyarsk Territory



Architecture; Geography and Nature