Film-travel almanac № 265 (1993)

Newsreel №48635, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:35
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Dilanyan K., Kruglova L., Man V., Mironov A., Polonskaya N.
Camera operators:Agapov B., Kipin V., Motichenkov V., Serpuhin D.
Text authors:Tarnoruder L.


1. "Name proud Kronstadt." 2. "Reflections of the Silver Age." 3. "City of ancient, glorious city." 4. "Pechersk monastery."

Reel №1

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1. Name proud Kronstadt.


Fortress Kronstadt.

View of the fort "Emperor Alexander I" ("Plague").


General view of a fortress from the water.

Military ships at berth.

View of the city.

City streets.

Flowering trees.

House F.F.Bellinsgauzena.

Kronstadt gardens and parks.

People are moving bridge.

Channel water reflections.

The movement of the channel (shooting on the water).

Kronstadt dock.

Drainage system.

View of the Naval Cathedral of St.


Details of the Cathedral of registration (stone architecture).

Anchors on chains (monument), a view of the sea Cathedral.

Street view of the park fence.

Monument F.F.Bellinsgauzenu.

Monument P.K.Pahtusovu.

Tree branches.

Monument to Popov.

Tombstones in the cemetery of Kronstadt.

Monument to Peter I. Quote from the order of Peter I on a pedestal.

The street is a military band accompanied by residents and participants costumed performances.

Fragment of presentation before the council.

Dance of the sailors.

Residents of Kronstadt on holiday.

People under umbrellas, the rain.

Trumpeter on a bicycle.

2. Reflections of the Silver Age.

Freezing river snowing.

Garden on the coast.

View of the house at the end of the alley.

Photos of the estate and M.K.Tenishevoy.

Museum-Estate in Talashkino Tenishevs, wooden architecture.

Museum exhibits (crafts).

Carved railings stairs to the second floor.

Alternation: art workshops, museum exhibits, photography.

Photos of Nicholas Roerich.


Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Photo of Nicholas Roerich and his assistants in the temple.

The painting of the church.

Entrance to the Temple.

Locations: Kronstadt [954] Smolensk region [804]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №2

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3. The ancient city, the city famous.

Panoramas of Serpukhov, a light snowstorm.

City streets, wooden and brick houses.

Vysotsky Monastery.

Weathervane on the corner tower.

View of the tower from the courtyard.

General view of the monastery.

Past the monastery is a woman.

Corner tower.

The monks in the yard.

People come out of the church.

Trinity Cathedral (the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity) at the Cathedral Hill.

Church of Prophet Elias (Elias Church) and the Church of the Holy Trinity with a chapel of St.


Church of the Dormition (Assumption church or Bogoroditskaya).

Buildings Serpukhov textile enterprises.

Vintage paper manufactories N.N.Konshina partnership.

People walk past the two-story building.

Portrait A.V.Maraevoy (Volkova).

A.V.Maraevoy mansion, now a museum.

Tour group enters the hall.

Collection of icons.

The painting on the ceiling.

Paintings from the collection of paintings.

Terraced Oka State Biosphere Reserve.

Snow-covered fir trees.

A herd of bison in the forest.

Sunset over the trees.

4. Pechersk monastery.

Holy Dormition Pskov-Caves Monastery.

The procession of priests down the stairs.

Monks walk through the courtyard, there are people in the yard.

Wall painting cave church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The corridors of the monastery, in front of niches for burial burning candles.

From left to right: the sacristy, belfry, Assumption, Church of the Intercession.

Old books on the shelves.

Monk reading a tome.

The artist works in the icon-painting workshop.

By the window is a monk.

The monk-artist paints the icon.


Monastery belfry.


Michael's Cathedral.

View of the roof of the monastery buildings.

The monks ring the bell.

Priests handed out Easter eggs to children.

The solemn service in the courtyard of the monastery, priests bless the congregation.

Locations: Moscow region [788] Pskov region [797]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

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