Born science. (1977)

Documentary №48789, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:10
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Fishelj L.
Screenwriters:Rodionov A.
Camera operators:Ventcelj M., Kirnus M.
Composers:Goljdshtejn A.


The film shows the achievements of science and technology, aimed at the service of humanitarian goals. Showing work on deep drilling of the Earth, the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, materials fly space station to study the geology of the land, work on aircraft design and the creation of high-power laser systems.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation: a view of the Earth from space.

On the sky clouds float.

The excitement of the sea, the view from the top.

Panorama of snowy valleys of the Kola Peninsula.

View of the drilling complex and plant laboratory (Kola ultradeep well).

People in the engine room.

The works on the installation of deep drilling.

Workers of the remote control process control.

Fixing parts.

Experts discuss the work plan.

On the radio gave the command to run.

The launch of the system.

Working mechanisms.

Boer plunges deeper.


Users are directed to the entrance of the complex.

Immersion geological tube.

Scientists at the controls.

From the tube is removed mined ground.

Experts consider the rock sample.

Laboratory examination under a microscope.

Numbered rock samples.

Scientists are working with research equipment.

Conducting experiments.

View of the drilling facilities and the plant laboratory.

Traffic on the freeway.

People on the streets of the city.


Start a space rocket.

Astronauts working at the station in weightlessness.

View of Earth from space.

Key words

Cosmization science.
Research institutions.
The technological revolution.

Locations: Murmansk region [789]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Astronauts working at the station in weightlessness.

Floating drilling rig in tow.

Drilling rig at sea.

Scientists on the platform.

Cargo ships.

The deck of the ship.

The view from the deck of the sea.

View of the platform with water.

Cargo ships, tugs in the vicinity of the platform.

Offshore oil.

View of a drilling rig in the sea from a helicopter.

Materials for the installation of the pipeline.

The workers are on the rig.

Discussion of the work plan.

Helicopter rotor.

Views on the drilling platform with a helicopter.

Luggage goes under the platform.

Work on support.

Waves breaking on the support.

The sun above the platform.

Oil workers at work.

Meeting Professionals.

The man down the ladder and go down the hallway.

Meeting in the wardroom.

The view from the platform at sea.

Signalmen in the control room.

It sent a helicopter platform.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Landing on the helipad.

Change the watch.

Groups of people are sent to the helicopter and land on the platform, exchanging greetings.

The helicopter takes off and is heading to the mainland.

Sea waves.

Sunset over the sea.

View of the drilling platform from the water at dusk.

Lamps on the ceiling of the reading room.

Library staff driven cart with selected literature.

Librarian book gives readers work at a desk.

She takes notes.


Uranium mining open pit.

Powered mining machinery.

View of the area.

The land on the conveyor.

Installation takes rock samples and sends them to the conveyor.

The technique works in a career.

Hall Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant.

Experts at the controls.

Key words

Cosmization science.
Research institutions.
The technological revolution.
The oil industry.
Ore industry.

Locations: Russia [1]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Desert Mangyshlak peninsula.

Cracked earth, desert vegetation.

On the ground crawling tortoise.

Ruins of ancient buildings.

Desert View from above.

View of the Caspian Sea.

The shadow of the helicopter on the water.

The waves beat on the shore of the peninsula.

View of the city of Shevchenko on the edge of the peninsula.

Panorama of the city.

Panorama Shevchenko nuclear power plant.

Bushes of fern.

Shells and NPP construction.

Experts at the controls.

Meeting in the equipment room.

Scientist walks down the stairs.

A man walks through the hall.

Employees of NPP reactor hall.

Children playing in the pool on the playground.

Children bathe in the fountain in the square.

Powered mining machinery.

Students on an excursion in the greenhouse.

Bilibino NPP. A man walks through the hall of the reactor.

Operators at the control panel.

Children on tour in greenhouses.

View Bilibino NPP. Panorama of mountains in the background.

Powered mining machinery.

Giperborichesky Center Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation named A.A.Shalimova).

The people behind the controls of operating high-pressure chambers.

The patient on a gurney being taken to the operating room.

The doors to the chamber closed.

Outside specialist controls the communication with the camera.

Surgeons carried out an operation on the heart.

Powered mining machinery.

Atomic pacemaker in the hands of a doctor.

The newest medical devices.

Experts at the controls cameras.

Pacific Ocean.

View Far East coast.

As bridges go scuba divers.

On the banks of the lab table, a scientist looking into a microscope.

View of a group of scuba divers and mountain on the horizon.

Underwater world.

Stones overgrown with algae.

People fall into the depths.

The work of scientists under the water: sampling, record keeping.

Biological Station on the water.

Research ship underwater plantation on the border.

Scuba divers jump overboard.

People are floating in the water.

Collection of marine animals.

Key words

Cosmization science.
Marine biology.
Research institutions.
The technological revolution.
Mastering the deserts.
Experimental Medicine.

Locations: Kazakhstan [114] Chukotka Autonomous Okrug [818] Ukraine [229]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The diver rises from the depths and passes on board with the extraction grid.

Scientists shake from the network and sort of marine life.

Laboratory studies.

Training Center aquanauts (hydronauts).

A group of scientists goes through the corridors.

Scholars are placed in a special chamber.

Sensors on the head member of the experiment.

The chamber is closed.

Experts at the controls.

Scientists at the camera (view through the window of the door).


Sea waves.

Research submarine "Bentos".

Sailors come down. "Bentos" begins to dive.

Specialist submariner watches readings.

People go down to the computer room.

Scientists are preparing to conduct research.

The scientist sends a signal through the porthole.

A man wears a mask and leaves the boat.

Out divers out of the hatch.

Algae on the rocks.

Scuba divers swim over the surface of the seabed.

"Bentos" begins to rise.

A flock of gulls above the waves.

A smoke on the deck.

Sunset over the sea.

People walking in the park.

Irrigation Installation on a bed.

Wedding procession.


Types of Tu-144 from the bottom.

The pilots in the cockpit checking functionality.

Aircraft engines.

Take-off TU-144. View from the dark corridor to the test hangar.

People around the plane at the front.

Airplane ready for testing.

Scientists at the controls.

Running wind tunnel.

Airplane above the clouds.

Experts inspect aircraft systems and discuss work plans.

Scientist watching the plasma welding.

Assembling aircraft at an aircraft factory.

Night marking on the runway.

Key words

Aviation industry.
Cosmization science.
Marine biology.
Research institutions.
The technological revolution.

Locations: Russia [1] Ukraine [229]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Astronauts working at the station in weightlessness.

Plants grown in space.

View of the Earth from portholes.

Research Center.

Specialists work with plants grown under conditions close to space.

One of the experimental units.

Scientific spreading roots young shoots.

Check ears and seed selection.

Kharkiv region, the field of triticale (hybrid of wheat and rye).

Agronomists inspect ears.

The field is Combine Harvester.

Scientists collected bundles of ears for research.

Combine harvests.

People are moving grain.

Harvesters in the field.

Close-up ears.

Panorama of the city.

View of the system of sewage treatment plants.

Employees of the station take a water sample.

Jets of water.

The setting sun.

PN Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences (RAS).

Meeting scientists.

Man writes and draws diagrams in chalk on a blackboard.

The solar halo.

Dissolve: forks and turns the image of the room.

People work to install the UMI-35 for laser fusion research.

The sun over the ocean (heavily littered the horizon).

Scientists discuss the calibration of instruments.

Work is continuing to install the UMI-35. Setting up the laser.

Scientists collect technical documentation and expenses for employment.

Enabling the installation.

Installation works, the scientists removed the data from the equipment.


Girl on water skis, water spray.

Maritime space (shooting from a boat).

The operator starts the lift installation.

People in the basket lift moving up.

Photos of specialists for work in various enterprises.

Key words

Genetic engineering.
Cosmization science.
Laser technology.
Molecular biology.
Research institutions.
The technological revolution.

Locations: Russia [1] Ukraine [229]

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