We Have Made Friends in Moscow.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sluckiy M.

Script writers: Vorobev E.

Operators: Bessarabov I., Nebylickiy B.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Vorobev E.


The VI World Youth Festival in Moscow.

Historical background

From July 28 to August 11, 1957 took place in Moscow VI World Festival of Youth and Students.

Reel №1

Landscapes - Various.

Festival posters, newspapers.


Delegates festival raising money for the journey to Moscow.


Girls dancing at the Pyramids.




Italian Committee to prepare for the festival.


The delegate of the festival Cady Walter says goodbye to his wife on national custom.



Delegates of France and Italy get on the ship "Victory".

Delegates to the deck.

Rehearsal on the ship.

Japan, the


Youth demonstration demanding permit delegates to go to Moscow.

Among the delegates Hisako Nagata.

Egypt, the


The delegates of the Arab East and Africa are sent to the riverboat.

Ship in the sea.

Fencers train on the deck.

Japan, the


Youth delegation, which included Hisako Nagata, rises to the ship.

Delegates were escorted to the local custom.

Japanese girls are rehearsing in the dining car.


City residents welcome the Norwegian delegation.


City residents welcome the delegates of the festival.


Go to Moscow delegates Belgium.


Residents of the Netherlands see off the delegation.


Train leaves from the delegates.

USSR. There is a train with the delegates.

Residents of the city to greet him the way.


A meeting of delegates of China, England, India and other countries.

Delegates to the buses going to decorate the streets of Moscow.

Reel №2

Moscow, Moscow State University (evening).

Sleep delegates festival.

Schoolboy feeding pigeons.

The streets of Moscow, the Luzhniki Stadium (evening).

Passing cars with delegates of Poland, Great Britain, Egypt, Vietnam, the Arab countries, the U.S., Germany, Norway and other countries.

Muscovites welcome the delegates.

Delegates are responsible for greeting.


Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Government platform.

Those present at the stadium greeted the first persons of the USSR.

Ceremonial parade of delegations.

Go delegates of Australia, Austria, Albania, Argentina, Africa, Brazil, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Vietnam, East Germany, West Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, IndiiIndonezii, Jordan, Spain, Italy and China.

Among the delegates of India R. Kapoor.

The participants welcomed the guests.

Delegates are responsible for greeting.

Reel №3

Delegates held in Mexico, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, San Marino, USA, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Japan, the delegates that Hisako Nagata, the Soviet Union.

Chairperson of the Soviet festival preparatory committee Romanovskii (synchronously).

Speakers: Charles Vrezland (Australia), Chintahoni Panigrahi (India), Roger Ferreira (Brazil), Comfort Tay (Ghana), Antoine Oman (France).

Says KE Voroshilov (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

The festival participants release of doves.

Speeches at the Stadium of athletes of the Soviet Union.

Delegates passing through the streets of Moscow.

Guests lay flowers at the monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Delegates talk to Muscovites.

Journalists at the press center of the festival.

Delegates at the Red Square.

Reel №4

The Delegate of Argentina Horacio Guarani sings a song about the world (synchronously).

The street dance Hutsul.

A meeting of delegates of the Arab countries.

He spoke.

Delegates sing.

Sister of the French soldier, who refused to shoot at the Algerians.

Laurence Leshti among Algeria.

Delegates Hungary, including L. Somogyi, hero of the struggle against counter-revolution aimed at meeting with a delegation of the USSR.

Meeting of the delegations of Japan and the United States.

Delegates talk, among them - Hisako Nagata.


Americans build an airfield in the rice fields of Japanese farmers.

Farmers clash with American soldiers.

Delegates at the bank of Moscow.

Karaven sings from the U.S. (synchronously).

Exchange autographs.

Dance delegates Yugoslavia, Korea, Czechoslovakia.

Delegates to plant trees in the Park of Friendship.

A meeting of delegates of the festival - the young builders.

Italian delegate Donato Giordano receives a gift from the Soviet builder B. Sredin trowel.

Shcherbakovskaya textile mill.

Visiting the plant group weavers - participating in the festival.

For the machines weaver Vera Mikhailova and Korean Em Den for.

Moscow coal basin.

A meeting of miners around the world.

Meeting dockers.

The delegates of the festival in the suburban farm.

Reel №5

Nigerian delegates visiting zootechnics Taizhou.


International meeting of Christians.

Greeted acts Krutitskii and Kolomna, Metropolitan Nicholas.

Festival delegates talk with priests, students Theological Seminary.

International Exhibition of Fine Arts.



A meeting of delegates from the Soviet writers.

F. Lemark composer at work. F. Lemark sings (synchronously).

Performed by French peasants dance, Vietnamese dance (synchronously).

The delegate of the Netherlands plays the old grind.

Laurence Lzetti writes a letter to his brother.


Evening Youth solidarity with the youth of the world colonial countries.

Bonfire of friendship.

Delegates in the suburbs.


Football match, javelin, running, swimming, equestrian competition, competition cyclists.

Meeting anglers.

Anglers fishing.

Guests dine in the dining room.

Reel №6


Guests at the tables.

Italian jazz band "New Orleans Rum" passes through the city in a car.

Playing Japanese artists - puppeteers.

Festival scene.

Buying souvenirs.

Circus cavalcade.

Among the artists Oleg Popov.

Circus performances at the stadium "Dynamo".

Actors in the arena of China.

Soviet artists perform Russian Dance from the ballet "Gayane".

The delegates are going to the ball in the Kremlin.

Guests at the ball meets Tamara Ivanova.

Girls sing from the Tyrol.

Georgian dancers perform, Egyptian dancer Naima Akef.

Dance delegates.

Reel №7

A meeting of delegates of the festival with the party and the government.

NS Khrushchev toast.

Delegates watching fireworks.

Delegates of the Raj Kapoor.

Day girls.

Turn to the hairdresser.

Youths give girls flowers.

Romanian delegates perform humorous folk dance "Perinitsa."

Village Petrishcheva.

The delegates visited the place of death Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy.

Mother Love Timofeevna talking to delegates.

Delegates lay bouquets of flowers to the monument of Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy.

Ball girls CDSA. Dancing couples.

French M. March of the orphans.

Maternity Hospital.

Delegates Italy and Finland in the House.

Leah Lena (Italy) talks with one of the women giving birth, the newborn is singing a lullaby.

Manifestation of peace and friendship.

Mass rally.

James Endicott speaks.

Delegates watching documentary footage of the war.

Delegates of the MG Vavilov, valine Erno, Guo Non Guan, M. Marty, Kwon John Strong, Daniel Bekk.poteryavshie loved ones during the war.

Reel №8

Rally on Manezh Square.

With the speaker Hisako Nagata (synchronously).

Minute of silence for the victims of Hiroshima.

Delegates watching documentary footage of the explosion of the atomic bomb.

The screen monument to the victims of Hiroshima.

The delegates of the festival - CU., MS.

A meeting of delegates of the GDR and the FRG, the USA and the USSR.

Delegates dance, sit down, raise toasts to peace and friendship.

Meeting resistance fighters.

Participants sing "Katyusha".

Meeting of the delegations.

Among the delegates - A. Maresyev.

Dancing in the streets of Moscow.

Festival scene.

Water festival on the Moscow River.

Reel №9

Water festival.

Moscow - LS. (Evening).

The building is illuminated by telegraph.

Agricultural Exhibition, Okhotny Ryad, Sverdlov Square (evening).

Statements by the delegates to the squares of Moscow, in theaters and concert halls.

Mayakovsky Square Hungarian dancers.

Ukrainian Dancers perform at the Bolshoi, Indian artists - an area of ​​the Moscow Soviet, Polish dancers - in the Hall.

Tchaikovsky, Bulgaria - Green Theater.

Finnish singer Sirens Maina appears in the Column Hall.

Festival carnival.

Carnival scenes.

Grand Theatre.

A scene from the ballet "Swan Lake".

Festival closing ceremony.

Rostrum Stadium.

VI Lenin filled with people.

To the President of WFDY Bruno Bernini.

Romanovskii announces festival closed.

The audience sing the anthem of Democratic Youth.

Lowering the flag festival.

Reel №10

Closing the festival.




Delegates to the streets of Moscow.

Guests leave of Muscovites.

Farewell to the delegates at the station.

Landscapes - Various.

Sings Italian (synchronously).

Movie №1