One Sky Is Over Us.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Ovanesova A.

Script writers: Garbuzov S., Komissarzhevskiy V.

Operators: Gutman I., Semin A.

Composers: Kolmanovskyi E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Komissarzhevskiy V.


The VI World Youth and Student Festival in Moscow.

Historical background

From July 28 to August 11, 1957 took place in Moscow VI World Festival of Youth and Students.

Reel №1

Holiday decorations Moscow.

Delegates passing through the streets.

Muscovites welcome guests.

Central Stadium.

VI Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Ceremonial parade of delegations.

Party and government leaders welcomed the delegates.

Go delegation Albania, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Hungary, Jordan, Indonesia, China, San Marino, France, USA, Czechoslovakia, the USSR and other

Delegates to plant trees in the Park of Friendship, walk the streets, talk with the Muscovites.

Festival scene.

Reel №2

On the streets of Moscow residents welcomed the delegates.

Participants of the festival Polyskalov M., Simon Caro, pilot A. Maresyev and delegates talk.

Simone Caro family, published a wounded Russian soldier Mikhail Polyskalova.

Group of delegates.

The driver NIKÈ Hugo Muscovites.

I am proud of the wife of Tunisia.

House of Mother and Child.

Son proud of spouses Chadli in the crib.

Delegates to the streets.

S. Caro and M. Polyskalov ride through the city.

American delegates talk with young Muscovites.

Guy sings American cars (synchronously).

Dancing delegates, among them dancers Rashnu and crushing, a Russian girl Ida Smooth, Egyptian dancer Naima Acker (synchronously), the African delegates.

Reel №3

A scene from the French theater of pantomime.

Yves Larrel acts.

Japanese delegates sing old "Lion Dance."

Performed Mexican dance.

Josefina Lavole dance and Oscar Tuente.

Performed by Russian, Romanian, Scottish, Chilean dances.

Delegates pose for artists.

Contemporary art.

Meeting of young Christians in Zagorsk (Trinity-Sergius Lavra).

Reel №4

Delegates in the village, in the audience at Moscow State University, at the nuclear power plant.

Delegates at the Moscow Region farm "Forest Glade".

Sings Italian Lorenzo Brudzoni.

Meeting travelers and tourists at Lake Seliger.

Delegates at the Kremlin.

Delegate sings 17 Regiment (synchronously).

Members of the delegation are in Mausoleum Lenin.

Guests at the Armory.

Visiting the exhibits.

Meetings by occupation.

Talking miners.

Conference Hall All-Union Agricultural Exhibition.

Talking agricultural specialists.

Meeting of the delegations of Finland and Czechoslovakia.

Members of the delegation of the Ukrainian SSR perform gopak.

Scots and the girls from the Donbass in the street.

Reel №5

Ball in the Kremlin in honor of the festival.

Dancing couples.


Ball girls in the park CDSA.

Bolshoi soloist sings B. Branch (synchronously).

Dancing couples.

Acts Sirens Main (synchronously).

Adagio from the ballet "The Stone Flower" performed by Alla Osipenko and Alexander Gribov.

Clark sings Boat (synchronously).

Dancers perform Ural (synchronously).

Reel №6

Performed Chinese dance (synchronously).

Krakowiak Polish ensemble performed "Slask" (synchronous).

Artists and bands from the Congo, and Frode Absita Sisoku.

A scene from the ballet by PI Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" (synchronous).

Festival carnival.

Ostankino park.

Delegates at the party youth in Asia and Africa.

Among those present Sonhi Arab poet.

Torchlight procession to Manezh Square.

A. acts Maresyev.

Are the Japanese delegates.

Spouses are proud.

Japanese delegates to perform the dance mothers (synchronously).

Central Stadium.

VI Lenin lit festive lights (evening).

Reel №7

Festival closing ceremony.

Guests at the central stadium.

The streets of Moscow.

Riding buses with the delegates.

Delegates say goodbye to each other.

Kursk Station.

Seeing delegates.

Dancing, farewell song.

Sing Italian delegate Penny Seeger and American Guy Karoven.

Trains depart.

Mourners waving their hands.