Film-travel almanac № 224 (1987)

Newsreel №48937, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:A.Klyuchnikov , V.Kryuchkin , E.Eratov , B.Goljdenblank
Camera operators:V.Kryuchkin, S.Komarnickij, A.Klimentjev, B.Moskalenko

Reel №1

The first part.


Nenets herders chase a herd of deer on the snow-covered field.

Three cyclists from Nakhodka physical education teacher Paul Grooms, Farid ABDULLIN welder, builder Sergei Velkov resting on snowy field next lie their bikes.

Cyclists ride along the Arctic coast route "Arkhangelsk-Chukotka." - Paul Konyukhova face in sunglasses.

Old wooden cross on the grave of the pioneers of the Arctic.

Cyclists pass by crosses.

Nenets camp: men, women in national dress, yurt, sledges.

Cyclists approach the Nenets, greet, take signatures in defense of peace, in the background - a herd of deer.

ATV ride through the snow-covered tundra.

Craftsmen from Naryan-Mar, built the ATV.

Naryan-Mar, winter, cyclists ride on one of the streets.

Girls in national costumes with tambourines meet athletes in the background - the inscription on the building "Glory to the Soviet people - the builders of communism!" Office building.

Endless tundra, the sun rises over the earth.

NDP "LATVIA in miniature"

Riga Center (removed from the upper point).

Ride trams, cars, passers-by on the street.

PNRM. by old houses.

Northeastern outskirts of Riga, lakeside Juglas.

PNRM. on new multi-storey houses.

Ethnographic open-air museum.

Wooden houses, windmill, pine forest.

View the museum grounds from the top point.

Interiors of wooden houses, outbuildings.

Farm, home of the young master.

Household items on the table, on the benches.

General view of the Usman church.

Interior view - candles, carved arches, wooden sculptures.

Boys and girls in national costumes of folk group dance before the audience in a clearing ethnographic museum. - Faces of the audience.

Visitors walk across the field in the foreground - the Maquis.

Older women in national costumes are at the well.

A man working at a loom, another man weaves a basket girl on the porch watching.

Woman working the potter's wheel.

Blacksmith at work.

Wooden sculptures in the clearing, museum visitors see them.

Crafts made of wood laid on the table.


General view of the forge, fire burning in the hearth.

The second part.


The solar disk in the sky.

Lizard in the desert.

Camel on the idea of ​​the Kyzyl Kum desert sand.

Turtle crawling on the sand.

Greens camel thorn, poppies redden.

View desert spring.

Flock of sheep in the desert dilapidated old buildings.

Bactrian camels resting on the ground.

Men on donkeys passing by the building under construction.

PNRM. on the structures of the chemical plant, built in the desert.

Power lines, the staff at the control panel.

One of the areas of the city of Navoi.

Sculpture by the fountain in the background - high-rise buildings.

The central area of ​​the city.

Girls go past the fountain.

Children climb on the stone dragon, from the mouth of which water flows.

New houses in the style of ancient Uzbek buildings.

Type one of the streets (filmed with a passing car).

Market woman considering national dress.

PNRM. decomposed on the shelves for goods (fabrics, clothing, utensils).

Street cafe, cook fries skewers on the grill.

Men behind the counter selling oriental cakes.

Visitors at the tables ice-cream parlor.

Youth swim in the outdoor pool.

General view of the pool.

Students engaged in the computer lab.

Sailboats on the water, anglers on the bank of the pond.

Flowerbeds adorning square.


Mauritius (Mauritius State).

Sailing ship, ship on the water in the background - mountains, buildings on the shore.

State Botanical Garden "Pampleus" - river, gazebo on the shore, bridges, trees, water plants, hanging on tree branches track.

The capital city of Mauritius

Port Louis.

Traffic on the street, motorcyclists riding among cars.

A policeman directs traffic.

Pedestrians on the street, shops signs on the houses.

High-rise office building.

Women in saris walking down the street, exotic trees along the road.

Mosque in the foreground - passing cars.

Catholic cathedral on one of the streets.

PNRM. with flower beds to building pagodas, figures of animals before entering.

PNRM. the marble figure of Queen Victoria.

Bronze figure of the French Governor-General, surrounded by palm trees, is at the center of the city.

Signs of foreign firms in the streets of Port Louis, passers-by.

Seller arranges his goods at a vegetable market.

Persons sellers.

Shop with jewelry item and souvenirs.

Lenin monument in the park.

School children on the street, the children's faces.

Quay at sunset.

Key words

Chemical and petrochemical industry.
Road transport and road.
City transport.
Maritime transport and road.
River and lake transport.
Private trade.
Administrative buildings.
Arts and crafts.
Gardens and parks.
National life, holidays, celebrations.

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