The Train of Friendship.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuzova Z.

Operators: Grek I., Mischenko V.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


The International trade union Delegations and Delegations of workers are familiarized with the cultural and economic life of the country.

Historical background

In May 1957 the Soviet Union in the train Friendship traveled members of trade unions and workers' delegations from 28 countries.

Temporary description

Stay in the Soviet Union, trade union delegates of 28 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, traveling the country ("Friendship Train"). Delegates to lay a wreath to the Lenin Mausoleum. Sightseeing city Moscow. Meeting with foreign visitors, the trade union activists Moscow's Hall of Columns. Speakers: union leaders of China, Romania, India, the chairman of the All V. Grishin. City of Leningrad. Inspection delegates Lenin Museum in Razliv, visiting the Hermitage, Leningrad chocolate factory Mikoyan, the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers. City of Stalingrad. Visits in Mamaev Kurgan, Stalingrad Tractor Factory, the factory "Red October", Stalingrad hydroelectric. The delegation members on the boat while sailing the Volga-Don Canal and the River Don, survey Tsimlyansk hydroelectric, visiting Rostov agricultural machinery factory, the Stalin Collective Farm Rostov region. Sochi. Rest in a sanatorium. Delegates at the cars passing on the Black Sea coast.

Reel №1


Stand and talk delegates.


Red Square.

The guest platform members of trade unions and workers' delegations.

A May Day military parade and demonstration of workers.

International trade union delegates lay a wreath at the Mausoleum of Lenin and Stalin.

Delegates attending the Leninist northeast hut station spill, room VI Lenin at Smolny.

The members of the delegations of Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, visited confectionery them.


British delegation, Sudan and Poland at the "Electric power".

Guests visiting the State Hermitage.

Sculptures and paintings in the Hermitage.

Delegates visiting the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers.

Delegates give children gifts and souvenirs, play with them, dancing.

Delegates meeting at the railway station in Stalingrad.

The streets and squares of Stalingrad.

Delegates at Mamaev Kurgan.

The members of the delegations of France and China in the factory "Red October."

Delegates from Norway, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, the tractor factory.

Delegates at Stalingrad hydroelectric construction, in

Volzhsk, talk with residents.

Reel №2

Delegates toured the Volga-Don Canal.

Diesel-electric with delegates Tsimlyanskii port.

Residents welcome the delegates.

Guests visiting Tsimlyansky hydro, dance dance with Tsimlyansky Russian power engineers.

River Don.

Rostov residents greeted the delegates.

Guests visiting Rostov plant agricultural vehicles, livestock farm in the collective farm.


Delegates milked cows.

Delegates talk to farmers.

Sochi - LS.

Vacationers go to the sea.

The Kremlin, Moscow - LS.

Meeting foreign guests with trade union activists in Moscow in the Hall of Columns.

Speakers: China labor leader Di Zi Cai, a delegate of Romania Anton Moisesku, Indonesian delegate Lumongdong your Oscar, the secretary of the General Confederation of Labour of France Marie Colas.

Moscow - LS.

Construction in Moscow.