Film-travel almanac № 232 (1988)

Newsreel №48944, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:42
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)


1. "Meschera protected". 2. "Irkutsk... Remembering the Decembrists". 3. "Flowers in the snow". 4. "Shibam oasis in the desert."

Reel №1

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1. Meshchera reserved.

Natural landscape biosphere reserve Oka.

A man is sailing on a motor boat.

Field grass, dew, fog.

Ferns in the forest.


Birds in nest.

Bred in the incubator Chicks cranes run along the forest path for the "mother" Tatiana Kashintseva.

Cranes-cranes in the cages of the biological station.

Japanese crane.

Gray herons near the Creek.

Biologists of the expedition on the territory of the reserve.

Heron on the edge of the nest.

Bird nests in trees.

Banding the Chicks.

Chicks in the nest, wind.

Stork flies away.

Foxes play on the path.

A girl with a Fox in her arms.

Night, the man with the children around the campfire, next to grazing horses.

The boy jumps off his horse, strokes it and throws the reins from his neck.

View of the fire from the Bush.

2. Irkutsk...

Remembering the Decembrists.

Driftwood on the shore.

Wooden houses on one of the streets of Irkutsk, go past the sled.

Spire belfry with a cross.

General view of the bell tower and Church.

Old mansions and temples.

Houses with carved platbands and other decorations.

The monument to the Explorer Grigory Shelikhov.

The grave of Decembrist Nikolai Panov.

Lit candle on the background of shackles.

Candle sneaked past the portraits of the Decembrists.

House-Museum of Decembrists in the former house of Decembrist Sergei Trubetskoy, interiors, exhibits.

General view of the house-Museum outside.

People go to the house-Museum of Sergei Volkonsky on a recital.

Lighted Windows of the house.

Portrait Of S. G. Volkonsky.

The woman lights the candles.

Music box.

Listeners in the living room.

Portrait Of Maria Volkonskaya.

The music area.

The musicians play.

S. G. Volkonsky in 1864 (photo).

Lighted Windows of the house in the late evening.

Locations: Ryazan region [799] Irkutsk region [777]

Reel №2

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3. Flowers in the snow.

The story tells about a folk artist E. V. Panova from Chebsara village (Sheksna district) Vologda region, which is the loom creates rugs with a variety of subjects.

Traffic on the road.

General view of the village.

A man in a sleigh rides down the street, followed by a dog.

Past the pile of logs is a woman (top view).

Homespun rugs are spread out on the snowdrifts.

The house of the artist.

Evdokia Panova works on the machine, sings, talks about his life, family and Hobbies.

Finished work.

Tea and conversation with guests.

E. V. Panov for the machine.

Colorful rugs on the snow.

4. Shibam is an oasis in the desert.

The road in the Arabian desert, the drivers in the carts.

Driving on the highway, old buildings (shooting from the car).

On the side of the road driven sheep.

Go towards motorcyclists and cars.

Wadi Hadramaut, houses and rocks around.

The City Of Shibam.

The main gate of the city, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Minaret and surrounding houses.


Administrative building.


Men sit on the ground, Smoking a hookah.

The General plan of the streets.


The ancient mud-brick "skyscrapers".

Builders gain clay, serve it up, build on the wall.

Farmers harrow the land.

Agricultural machinery in the fields.

Work drilling crews on the towers, the search for water.

Water flows through the cracked earth.

Irrigation canal between the fields.

People harvest greens.

The harvesting of watermelons.

A man drinks water from the canal and watering his head.

Camels at the watering hole.

A young driver holds two camels.

Locations: Vologda region [774] Yemen [246]

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