The Parliamentary Delegation of Burma in the Soviet Union.. (1957)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Boykov V.

Operators: Oshurkov M., Opryshko P., Popova M., Buslaev U.


The film about the visit of parliamentarians of Burma in the USSR.

Historical background

In 1957, the Soviet Union at the invitation of the Supreme Soviet parliamentary delegation visited the Union of Burma, headed by the Deputy Speaker of the House of Nationalities deputy Thakin Thein Maung.

Temporary description

A meeting of the parliamentary delegation at Vnukovo airport. The head of delegation Thakin Thein Maung and P. Lobanov exchanged congratulatory speeches. Receiving the delegation in the Kremlin PP Lobanov, PT Komarov, Voroshilov. Visiting delegation of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, Moscow State University, the Central Stadium of Lenin, an opera "Carmen" at the Bolshoi. Delegation visit to the cities of Leningrad, Stalingrad, Frunze, Sverdlovsk, Ufa, Yerevan, Sochi, Kiev. Visit the Smolny, the Hermitage, Leningrad shoe factory "Skorokhod" and lay a wreath at the mass grave, the defenders Stalingrad Stalingrad hydroelectric inspection. Admission T. Kulatova, visiting farm "Kyrgyzstan". Delegates to the Ural Machine shops, Novo-Ufa refinery plants, Yerevan Silk Factory named after Lenin, one of the Sochi sanatoria. Familiarity with the sights of the delegates Kiev, visiting the farm "Bolshevik", Kyiv region. Reception in honor of the parliamentary delegation of Burma arranged Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Burma in the USSR, Chin, PP Lobanov VT Latsis. Seeing delegation.

Reel №1


Airport decorated Soviet and Burmese flags.

A meeting of the parliamentary delegation of Burma.

Atmosphere: Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Comrade.

Lobanov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Nationalities that

Mosquitoes, the deputies of the Supreme Council and the public, the Burmese ambassador to the USSR Mr.

Wu Chin et al

Guests welcome comrade.

Lobanov (synchronously).

With the response the speaker, Mr.

Takin Hein Maung (synchronously).

Reception at the President of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Supreme Soviet that

Lobanov and Vice-Chairman of the Council of Nationalities that

Komarov: Present Burmese guests, Comrades

Lobanov, Komarov.

Guests visit the Mausoleum of VI Lenin and JV Stalin.

Laying a wreath at the foot of it.

Burmese MPs at a national agricultural exhibition pavilions inspect machinery, passing on the show, get acquainted with the pavilions of livestock, horse, visit the Hall of Kyrgyzstan.

The pavilion Kyrgyzstan Burmese MPs talk to the hero of socialist labor Kozhokanovym herdsman.

Burmese guests in the halls of Georgia Water Resources.

Burmese parliamentarians visit the plant.

Reel №2

Visiting Burmese parliamentarians of the Moscow State University.

With the guests talking Vovchenko professor, vice-rector of Moscow State University.

Professor Vovchenko presents guests gifts.

Burmese MPs in the university dormitory talks to students from Burma.

Guests admire the panorama of the city


Delegates present at a football match at Luzhniki stadium.

Burmese guests in the Grand Theatre at a performance of "Carmen."

Present in the audience warmly welcomed the delegates.

Thank guests artists.


Guests get acquainted with the sights of the city, visit the Smolny.

Delegates at the factory "outrunner" inspect finished products.

Burmese MPs in Leningrad mosque.

Visiting guests Burmese State Hermitage.

Familiarity with the exhibits.

Delegates in Petrodvorets.


Laying of wreaths at the mass grave of Soviet soldiers who fell in the battle of Stalingrad.

Guests on the construction of Stalingrad hydroelectric station.


Acceptance of the Burmese delegates Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Kyrgyzstan that


Guests visiting the dam on the river Chu.

Reel №3

Visiting Burmese parliamentarians farm "Kyrgyzstan".

Guests visiting the livestock farm, fields, farm.


Burmese delegates at the Ural Heavy Machinery Plant.

Guests visiting the plant, machinery, finished products.

Burmese guests talking chief architect of

Sverdlovsk comrade.


Visiting Burmese parliamentarians Sverdlovsk geological museum.

Delegates to the House of Pioneers take part in the children's festival.

Guests at the exhibition of products of the Ural craftsmen.

Delegates having fun in the park together with the pioneers.


Visit Burmese parliamentarians Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet Bashkiria comrade.



Zagafuranov talking with guests.

Visiting Burmese parliamentarians House Museum VI Lenin.

Burmese guests at the Novo-Ufa refinery.


Delegates at the cars pass through the city.

Residents welcome guests.

MPs visit Silk Factory them.

VI Lenin.

Guests visiting the silk samples, observing the proceedings.

Guests are presented with gifts.

Echmiadzin - the residence of the Catholicos of all Armenians.

Burmese MPs talk with Archbishop Sack.

Sochi (removed from the aircraft).

Building sanatoriums and rest homes.

Guests on the beach among vacationers.

Reel №4


The streets of the city.

Burmese delegates at the party.

The chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR, Comrade.

Paul Tolya.

Monuments, uptown.

Guests on the farm "Bolshevik" inspect the field, the collective farm garden.


Burmese MPs welcome the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR Kuchankasa Yungas.

Burmese guests of residents.


Reception at the Embassy of the Union of Burma.

Among those present Comrades Lobanov, Latsis, Mikoyan, the Ambassador of the Union of Burma in the USSR Mr.

Wu Chin.

Welcome Reception at the chairs of the two chambers of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Comrades

Lobanov and Latsis talking with guests.

Meeting of parliamentarians of Burma with the members of the standing committees of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Comrade acts.


Guests are presented with gifts.

Admission Burmese parliamentarians at the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR KE Voroshilov.

KE Voroshilov Mr.

Takin Thein Maung and out.


Seeing the parliamentary delegation of the Union of Burma.

Among the mourners Comrades

Latsis, Komarov, and others, Mr.

Takin Thein Maung speaks (synchronously). so

Latsis delivers a speech response.

Guests board the plane.

The plane was taxiing.