Science and technology № 15 (1988)

Newsreel №49012, 1 part, duration: 0:09:35
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V.Shkarina, V.Man, V.Shifman, V.Matveeva
Screenwriters:Nikitin A., Bojko T., Matveeva V., Rachkov O., Sluckij A.
Camera operators:Z.Feljdman, A.Dudov, A.RachkovA.Sluckij



"X-ray Plus Computer" On the computerization of a tomograph used in medicine. 4. "Concert belfry" On the belfry being built in Orenburg.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Plot 1. Intercosmos.



CMEA building.

The building of the Russian government (removed from the upper point).

Flags of different countries develop on a wind.

Scientists in Bulgaria, Mongolia, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Vetnami, Cuba, Hungary, at the meeting on the creation of the space program "Intercosmos".

Space Launch.

Model space rocket.

Schematic representation of the influence of solar wind on the Earth's geomagnetic field.

Automated construction of the International Organization "Intersputnik".

Scientists working in the laboratory of clinical meteorology.

Models meteoraket and satellites "Meteor".


On board the spacecraft "Soyuz - 28" members of the Soviet-chehoslovatskogo crew of A.A.Gubareva V.Remeka and during a series of manned flight, which was attended by all of the astronauts "Intercosmos".

Photographs of the flight.

Astronauts during medical examinations.

Plot 2. Weaving chip.

Portrait of 18th century French inventor Zh.M.Zhakkara (engraving).

TV set in a cabinet.

Zhakkartovy loom works in the shop of one of the plants.

Work is underway to produce a diaper carpets.

Technological process of thousands of species and modifications dress fabric, cables, ribbon cables, screens, antenna on jacquard looms.

Plot 3. Roentgen plus computer.

Fragments hirurgicheskoh Operations under one of the clinics.

Experts study human bodies using computed tomography.

Imagi issued Kiev association "snout and automation."

Plot 4. Concert belfry.

Photos of Armenian musician, conductor K.S.Saradzheva.

Personal belongings Saradjev: unpublished manuscript of labor - a unique collection of records of large bells almost all the bells and bell towers of Moscow and its environs.

PNRM. by Moronovskoy belfry in Moscow. k / m b / w 1920-1930-ies.

Fall to the ground with bells of churches, burning icons.

People watching the destruction of churches.

Ringers ring the bells in the tower in the cities of Arkhangelsk and Rostov Veliky (sinhr.).

Sightseers hear ringing, applauding (sinhr.) musician plays the organ in the church bell (sinhr.). in Kaunas.

Layout concert belfry architect A.S.Ivanova in Orenburg.

Vehicular traffic on the streets of Orenburg.

Technological processes of production bells on one of enterprises.

Orenburg music school teacher Yu.A.Avdeev gives interviews (sinhr.).

Key words

Scientific communications.
Aviation industry.
Astronomy and Space.
Textile industry.

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