Under the Combat Banners.. (1958)

Film-document №4909 7 parts, Duration: 1:08:18, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I., Kiselev F., Setkina I.

Script writers: Kriger E., Maryamov A.

Composers: Ivanov-Radkevich N.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film is made to the 40th Anniversary of the Soviet Armed Forces.

Temporary description

Newsreel. Civil war in Russia in 1918 - 1922 years. Speech to the workers of Lenin, calling for the protection of the revolution. Record of working in a volunteer detachment and soldiers with armored fighting on coming to town Petrograd Germans. Lenin's decree on the establishment of the Red Army. Veterans of the battle of Narva and Pskov. Kyiv city, occupied by German troops. British and American troops in Arkhangelsk. French ship in the port of Odessa. Japanese troops in Vladivostok. White Army generals: LG Kornilov, Alexander Kolchak, NN Yudenich, Anton Denikin, Wrangel PN. White Guards in the busy city. Heroes of the Civil War, the Red Army generals: Frunze, Voroshilov, Budyonny, VI Chapaev, GI Kotovsky, NA Shchors, Timoshenko SS Kamenev, supporters of Lenin: Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, SM Kirov, Ordzhonikidze, Kuibyshev, SI Gusev. Soldiers Chapayev Division. Galloping cavalry of the First Cavalry. Court Volga Flotilla. Red Army come into the city: Kazan (Fall 1918), growth (January 1920), Kerch (October 1920). Sergei Kirov, Ordzhonikidze in the liberation of Baku (1920). Military parade on Red Square. Frunze inspects troops. Newsreel. Japanese troops in Manchuria, the war in Abyssinia, the Spaniards flee the bombing. Say, Mussolini, Adolf Hitler. Tank Crew four brothers Mikheyev, who served in the Red Army in the Far East. The troops of the First Army, commanded Far Blyukher are fighting against the Japanese forces in the Lake Khasan and Khalkhin Gol. Newsreel of the second world war. German troops in the occupied cities of Western Europe: Vienna, Prague and Paris. Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War. People in the town square to listen to the radio report about the war. City of Leningrad. Kirov factory workers go into the militia. The soldiers of the Soviet Army, the sailors of the Black Sea are defensive battle for GG Odessa, Sevastopol. The city of Leningrad during the blockade. City residents get their water from the hole. On the ice of Lake Ladoga ("Road of Life") passing trucks. Military parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941. Stands Stalin (synchronously). Soviet counterattack near the town Moscow, December 6, 1941: Soviet planes in the air, galloping cavalry LM Dovatora passing tanks, skis are Soviet fighters. Battle of Stalingrad (November 1942). The fighting in the streets. Shoot "Katyusha" are tanks, soldiers run after them. Captured German generals. Fighting partisans: Blow up bridges, trains. French pilots Aviation Regiment "Normandie-Niemen" at the airport, in the air, on the plane. Soldiers of the Czechoslovak Legion, formed on the banks of the Volga River. Kursk battle (August 1943): Occurrence of tanks, planes in the air, shooting guns, rocket launchers "Katyusha". Kiev. The people met Soviet soldiers (6 November 1943). Khrushchev met with residents of the city. The entry of the Soviet troops in the city, the Warsaw, Bucharest, Sofia, Budapest, Prague. Keitel signs the Act of Surrender of Germany. Victory Day parade on Red Square on June 24, 1945. To the foot of the Lenin Mausoleum parade participants throw Nazi banners. Soviet war with Japan. The landing, captured by Japanese soldiers. The signing of the Act of the Japanese surrender. Soviet soldiers return from the front. Workers work on the restoration of destroyed factories, mines. Soviet border guards are keeping watch on the borders of the USSR. Training students in military academies. Khrushchev's speech to graduates of military academies (synchronously). Party meetings in one of the units. Ball at the St. George Hall of the Kremlin to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Military School named after the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Students of the school talking to Voroshilov, dancing with the girls. Army Combat Training, with air and naval fleet. Soldiers overcome obstacles, are the tanks and in the air - jet aircraft, missile launch, the car amphibious immersed in water. Passage of troops and military hardware in Red Square during the nation-wide celebrations and public holidays.