Film-travel almanac № 254 (1991)

Newsreel №49108, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:24
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:A.Levin, N.Yakubovskij, A.Gorchukov, V.Shatalov, B.Golovnya (rezhissyor vipuska)
Camera operators:M.Punans, Yu.Shuplyakov, A.Gorchukov, V.Shatalov

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The 1st story.


Kaluga region., Borovsk.

General view of the Pafnuteva Borovsky monastery.

Fortress walls with towers, belfry, Cathedral of the Nativity monastery.

The tiles on the facade of the Cathedral.

Fragments of wall-painting in the Cathedral.

The cave monastery.

The man with the torch down the stairs into the dungeon.

Snow-covered field.

Geese near the haystack.

Cracked dome wooden Church.

Red cat lies near the carved jamb.

The girl pours water in a bucket from the column.

The artist paints at his easel on the city streets.

Wooden house, decorated with carvings.

Local residents show their models of churches

View of the Church and its layout.

2-d plot.


The Perm region.

Break on the river.


View of the village on the banks of the river.

A wooden chapel, a wooden house and other buildings brought from the Ural villages on the territory of the Historical complex of R.


School teacher L. D. Postnikov in the house Church draws a hut near the carpenter works.

The builders to restore the wooden structure.

The blacksmith at work.

The interior of a peasant hut.

Objects of peasant life.

The icon in the house.

The interior of a room in a peasant's hut with a cradle for the baby.

Saddle, harness, horse arc in the hall hut.

Students visiting the vintage sleds, working in the garden on site.

Mural, which depicts the voyage of Yermak on the river.

Chusovoy, in the school Museum.

Students in the Museum.

Paintings from the series "Ermak" local artist Paul Shardanov.

Chain mail and helmet on a mannequin in the Museum.

A monument to ataman Yermak.

On the pedestal is the inscription: "1582-1585".

Rocky river.

Pupils floating on the river Chusovaya in the boat.

L. D. Postnikov teacher and a group of students sitting around the campfire.

Girl playing the guitar.

Tent school children.


Key words

Cities, Christianity.
Out of school education.
Road transport.
Arts and crafts.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

3-d plot.



Natural national Park Ala-Archa.

The Northern slope of the Kyrgyz range.

Poppies in the valley of the mountains.

Mountain river.

Flowers in the mountains.

Juniper - juniper forest.

Reserve officer writing in a notebook.

Road wooden sign with the inscription: "Ala-Archa.

Kyrgyz state natural Park".

Owl, ROE deer and other animals.

Schoolboy on trips to the Park and Museum.

Stuffed birds in the Museum.

Pupils make a horse walk in the Park.

Flowering Bush.

4th plot.


Mexico, Mexico city.

The views of one of Central districts of the city (above).

The traffic on the streets.

Road horse-drawn carriage on the street.


Monument to the ancient Indians.

The Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico (aerial photography).

Arhitektrunye monuments of ancient Indian cultures. "House of magic" - the temple on the pyramid in Uxmal.

The Observatory, the Temple of warriors, Kukulkan pyramid in Chichen-Itza.

Tourists visiting the monuments.

The Mayan Calendar.

The picture of the well the ancient Indians.

Tourists near the entrance to the well.

Tourists climb the steps of the pyramid of Kukulkan, the number of which is equal to 365 days a year.

Local women weave vintage patterns.

Next to masters in the street sit their children.

A woman feeds an infant.

The types of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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