Unity and Friendship. (1958)

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Director: Troyanovskiy M.


About the stay of Antonín Novotný, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, in the USSR.

Historical background

From 2 to 14 July 1958 at the invitation of the CPSU Central Committee and the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union were the first secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, President of the Czechoslovak Republic Antonin Novotny, Czechoslovakia and the accompanying figures.

Reel №1

Delegation met at Vnukovo airport.

A. Novotny greets NS Khrushchev, KE Voroshilov, EA Furtseva etc.

NS Khrushchev greets the guests.

Muscovites welcome passing visitors.

The Moscow Kremlin.


General view of the Prague Castle.

General view of the street and the area of ​​Prague.

Newsreel 1945:

Meeting people of Prague Soviet tank that liberated the city from Nazi occupation.

A. Novotny visit to NS Khrushchev.

At the reception, there are: the party and state leaders of Czechoslovakia - Vaclav Kopecky, Rudolf Barak, Jiri Hendrych Rudolf Strehay Vaclav David, Jaromir Voshaglik, Soviet Foreign Minister AA Gromyko.

Guests' visit to KE Voroshilov.

The members of the Czechoslovak delegation at the mausoleum near the Kremlin Wall.

Moscow - different.

Visiting guests VSHV (halls of the Academy of Sciences, the chemical industry).

General view and streets of Leningrad.

Neva embankment.

Czechoslovak guests and NS Khrushchev paddle boat on the Neva.

Reel №2

Czechoslovak delegation and NS Khrushchev visiting sailors cruiser "Kirov" at Kronstadt.

Visiting guests Peterhof.

Leningraders greet guests passing through the city.

Czechoslovak guests and NS Khrushchev at the Kirov plant, talk to the workers.

PNRM. on veterans Putilov works.

Interview of the old blast furnace Czech Jaroslav Slavik, who lives in Prague and stormed in 1917 with Putilovtsi Winter Palace (synchronously).

A soldier of the First World War, the commander of the Siberian Kuznetsk Joseph son Bart shows pictures of past years of the revolution.

The meeting at the Palace Square.

Playing A. Novotny and N. Khrushchev.

The meeting at the Tbilisi stadium.

Visiting guests metallurgical plant in Rustavi.

The members of the Czechoslovak delegation in the plane on the way to Kiev.

Converse A. Novotny and his journey in the country Pospelov Secretary of the CPSU, the first deputy.

Soviet Foreign Minister Patolichev, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Tarasov.

Overview - Dnieper, Kiev, Khreschatyk.



Kiev Conservatory.

Shchors monument.

Reel №3

Visit of the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine Podgorny.

Visit of Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR Korotchenko.

Among those present - Sidor Kovpak Artemyevitch

Visiting delegation farm "Zhovten."

A. Nowotny presented with bread and salt.

Guests visiting the fields and farms.

Czechoslovak Republican guests on the show in Kiev.


Guests at the "Tochelektropribor."

A. Novotny talks to the Komsomol - the young worker Dechko Valley.

Rally at the city stadium.

Acts Podgorny.

Museum and Monument TG Shevchenko.



Czechoslovak guests at Mamaev Kurgan.

Monument to fallen soldiers.

Guests lay a wreath.

Street Stalingrad.


Guests are sent to Stalingrad on the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station.

Guests visiting the construction of hydroelectric power plants.

PNRM. construction in Czechoslovakia.

Nuclear reactor, built in Czechoslovakia.

Builders Stalingrad hydroelectric welcome guests.

Reel №4

Red Square.

Soviet-Czechoslovak negotiations.

Communiqué on the presence of the leaders of Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union signed: NS Khrushchev, KE Voroshilov, A. Novotny.

A Soviet-Czechoslovak Friendship Sports Palace.

Playing Antonin Novotny and N. Khrushchev (synchronously).

Seeing delegation at home with Vnukovo airport.

Playing in front of a microphone KE Voroshilov (synchronous) and A. Novotny (synchronously).

Among the mourners NS Khrushchev, AI Mikoyan, etc.

Meeting in Prague on the occasion of the return of A. Novotny.

Acts A. Novotny.