Lenin Still Alive. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Romm M., Slavinskaya M.

Composers: Kholminov A.

Text writers: Surkov A.


All pictures, depicting Lenin, are shown in this film.

Temporary description

Newsreel. Moscow. 1918. Parade of the Red Army at the Khodynka May 1. Present: Lenin, Krupskaya, MI Ulyanov. Moscow. August 1918. Lenin on the walk to the Kremlin. Talks to VI Bonch-Bruevich. Moscow. 1918. Lenin speaks at the opening of the monument to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. City of Petrograd. 1919. Lenin's funeral Commissar of Railways M. Yelizarov. Moscow. March 18, 1919. Funeral Sverdlov. Lenin speaking at the memorial service. 1919. Lenin of the floor on the Red Square on May Day parade. Lenin and Krupskaya in the car before leaving for Rublevsky water tower. May 6, 1919. Lenin and Krupskaya, Lunacharsky among delegates of the First Congress on adult education. May 25, 1919. Parade Vsevobuch (UMT Soviet citizens) on Red Square in Moscow. Among those present: Lenin, Krupskaya, MI Ulyanov, Samuel T. (Hungary). Lenin spoke. 1919, autumn. Lenin made a speech from the balcony of the building of the Moscow Council (City Council) (synchronously). November 7, 1919. Military parade on Red Square. Lenin welcomes troops, the parade, the demonstrators. May 1, 1920. Lenin stands tab monuments to Marx, "Freed work." Apartment of Lenin in the Kremlin. Lenin with a cat in her arms, Krupskaya at the table. City of Petrograd. July 19, 1920. Conference Room II Congress of the Comintern. Lenin spoke. The delegates in the hall. Moscow. 1921. III-Third Congress of the Comintern. Lenin on the steps of the podium, ready for action. Moscow. Gorki. The building, the area of ​​the estate. Lenin stands at the window. 1922, October. Lenin in his Kremlin office.

Reel №1


May 1.

Parade young Red Army on Khodynka.

At the parade there: VI Lenin, NK Krupskaya, MI Ulyanov.


VI Lenin on a walk in the courtyard of the Kremlin, after the villainous attempt on his life, he is accompanied by Managing Director of the CPC Bonch-.


VI Lenin speaks at a meeting marking the opening of the monument to Marx and Engels.



The funeral of the first People's Commissar of Railways MT Yelizarov.

Mourners: VI Lenin, AI Ulyanov.

18/III. The funeral of the first chairman of the All YM Sverdlov.

VI Lenin speaks at a memorial service at the Red Square.

1 / V. VI Lenin speaks at the May Day parade.

Pass the troops.

VI Lenin and NK Krupskaya in the car before leaving for Rublevsky water tower.

6 / V. VI Lenin, NK Krupskaya and drug education AV Lunacharsky among the delegates of the First Congress on adult education.

25 / V. Parade workers regiments and military schools in Red Square.

Present VI Lenin, with him - Commissioner of the Hungarian Soviet Republic Tibor Samuel, N. Krupskaya, MI Ulyanov.

Reel №2


Universal Military Training troops on Red Square before the parade.

VI Lenin made a speech from the truck.

Pass the troops.


VI Lenin speaks to troops working, going to defeat the White Army of Denikin - synchronously (with balcony City Council).

November 7.

Celebration of the second anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Military parade.

VI Lenin welcomes the passing troops and columns of demonstrators.


1 / V. Bookmark the monument to Karl Marx.

VI Lenin signs a board and lays the foundation stone of a monument.

VI Lenin monument stands on the tab "emancipation of labor."

House in the Kremlin, which housed the office of VI Lenin.

Dining room.


In a room at the table sitting NK Krupskaya and VI Lenin with a cat in her arms.

July 19.

Uritsky Palace in Leningrad, where the July 19, 1920 opened the second congress of the Communist International.

VI Lenin speaks at the congress of the Comintern.

Present in the room.

Reel №3

Palace Uritskogo.

The area in front of the Palace.

VI Lenin speaks at a rally on the opening day of the Congress (speech in a phonograph record).

Gathered in the square listening.

The building of the Grand Kremlin Palace, which hosted the further work of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern.

VI Lenin presides and gives a speech about the role of the Communist Party in the labor movement at the second session of the Congress.

Come out of the entrance of the Palace of VI Lenin and NK Krupskaya.


Bolshoi Theatre, where he was the third congress of the Comintern.

VI Lenin, sitting on the steps leading to the backdrop, is preparing to report, "The Tactics of the RCP (B.)," while listening to the speaker.


Overview - Slides, the house in which he lived, VI Lenin.

Alley in the park.

VI Lenin at the window.


The building of the Central Executive Committee in the Kremlin.

VI Lenin, in his office, behind a desk.

Says V. Lenin.