Agriculture № 11 (1988)

Newsreel №49121, 2 parts
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:G.Meljnik, L.Trubnikova, R.Voronov, E.Korshak, L.Popov
Screenwriters:Evzovich Zh., Saranduk A., Zebin A., Amiradzhibi R.
Camera operators:Yu.Maksimov, R.Voronov, E.Korshak, S.Putiev


manufacture of sheepskin and sheepskin coats. 4. "Half of the kingdom for the horse" Reflected the achievements of the Terek stud farm in the Stavropol Territory.

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

Part 1.

1st plot.

Masters of vegetable.

The story tells about the activities of inter-farm hothouse Khmelnitsky in Ukraine.

View of a street in the city


Trading room in one of the vegetable stores.

Seller weighs cucumbers.

Panorama of the greenhouses in the territory of inter-farm hothouse.

Landing a cucumber greenhouse.

Harvest cucumbers early.

Tomatoes on the beds in the greenhouse.

Boxes with tomatoes on the electric car.

Collect salad.

Boxes with salad.

Panorama of planting green onions.

Workers collect greenhouse onion, put it in a drawer.

Interior view of the laboratory hothouse, where studies are different varieties of vegetables.

Type of machine and control rooms in the household.

Greenhouse agriculture workers caring for vegetable


Plant infirmary doctor examines one of the factory workers.

Interior of the apartment of one of the factory workers.

2nd story.

Weed and his enemy.

The plot tells of biological control methods against a dangerous weed - ragweed using beneficial insects - beetle ambrosia beetle.

Type of rural landscape.

Different kind of weeds in the field including and ragweed.

Weed ambrosia of corn, sunflower.

Leaf beetle eats leaves ragweed.

Beetle larvae.

Part 2.

1st plot.

The game is worth the candle.

The story tells about the experience of the collective farm "40 October" Baranovichi, Brest region, where mechanized production created by dressing them poshivuiz sheepskins and various furs.

Sheep in the pasture.

Sheep eat food.

View sheepskin.

Processing sheepskins tanning in-dyeing workshop farm "40 October".

Kind of finished sheepskin.

Panorama of products made of sheepskin.

Cutter at work in the sewing shop.

Customers try on finished products.

2nd story.

My Kingdom for a horse.

In the story reflects the achievements of the Tersk Stud Stavropol Territory in the rearing and education of thoroughbred horses of the Arabian breed.

Horses grazing in the meadow.

Boy sitting by the fire in the night.

Herd of horses across the river goes.

Horse stud farm in the territory, in the stables.

Cleans horse groom.

Equestrian events at the racetrack.

Riders withdrawn horses from the stables.

Demonstration horses.

Spectators in the stands watching the horses photographed.

Horse races.

Awarding the winners.

Key words

Care for the population.
Garment industry.
Fur and sheepskin Shubnaya industry.

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