Ring Our Youth .. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Boykov V.

Script writers: Komissarzhevskiy V.

Operators: Kaspiy D., Mikosha V., Prudnikov M., Rymarev D., Filatov I.

Composers: Zharkovskiy E.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.

Text writers: Zorin L.


The film is about amateur activity of vocational schools of labor reserves, about the summer recreation of pupils of industrial schools.

Temporary description

Students of vocational schools of the Soviet Union in class manufacturing practices, while playing sports, tour the channel "Moscow-Volga" on board "Rybinsk". Volga River. Landscapes coast. Ship "Rybinsk" parked. Trip participants have fun, swim, relax, give concerts, see the sights of the cities. Fragments of a concert (synchronously). Views and sights of cities: Reach, Odessa, Yalta, Leningrad. Nikitsky Botanical Garden. Landscapes of the Black Sea, the Crimean coast.

Reel №1

School emblem labor force - MS.

A group of students of vocational schools working in the shop at the factory machines.

A group of girls engaged in art gymnastics.

Athletes labor force with the floor exercise at the stadium.

Khimki sent from port to the voyage on the ship "Rybinsk" on the Moscow Sea and Volga groups vocational schools of Moscow Region and Saratov, Kuibyshev and Kazan.

Rising labor force flag - CU., MS.

Sunrise over the river.

Bank of the Volga - LS.

Sailing ship "Rybinsk» - LS.

Rehearsals are on deck: do girls playing brass band played accordion Saratov.

In the control room at the helm of the fourth apprentice trade school Kohl meatless - CU., MS.

Landscapes Ples on the Volga.

The guys go off the ship, swimming, boys fishing.

Artisans at giving Chaliapin.

Artisans are preparing for a concert.

Reel №2

Concert in Pleso.

Serve students of Moscow vocational schools and colleges.

Performed Russian dance "Patterns."

Drozdov carpenter Victor performs a Russian song "night but."

Folk Orchestra of Saratov industrial schools perform an excerpt from the ballet Kenosha "handkerchief".

Steamer "Rybinsk" floats along the Volga.

On board sing artisans.

The banks of the Volga.

Boys and girls write letters.

Artisans in the camp near Rostov get letters from friends.

Performed Cossack dance.

Camp craft in Ukraine.

There come artisans of Kiev and Kharkov.

Reel №3

Kharkov craftsmen perform the song "Zakukovala."

Galya from Kiev Chala reading poetry in Ukrainian.

Performed Ukrainian dance suite.

Ukrainian landscapes - LS. (The plane).

The group of artisans from different cities on the streets of Odessa.

Among them - Boris and Eugene from Nizhny Tagil.

The building of Odessa Opera Theater - LS.

Boris and Jack ran to the port and talk to the duty port, dance, run in to the off-ship.

Crafts on the ship "Ukraine".

Coast of Yalta.

Artisans meet friends.

Crafts swimming, sunbathing, visiting the Nikitsky botanical garden, watch the sun on the Ai-Petri.

Reel №4

Concert in one of the Yalta sanatoriums.

Moldovan dance performed "Joc" Georgian dance "Kintouri."

Dance Suite "In the vastness of the motherland", performed by students of labor reserves in Azerbaijan.

Moscow artisans perform Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody.

Students look Hungarian technical schools present at the concert.

At one factory break before working with dance act Rustavi Georgian craftsmen.

In Uzbekistan, the field camp to the collective farmers are the Uzbek artisans (dance).

Steamer "Rybinsk" floats on Kama.

The banks of the Kama.

Crafts talk to the captain.

The steamer anchors - CU.

Reel №5

A group of guys going through the woods, they are met by the pioneers of the Urals.

Lake at the soapstone.

The boys are building the stage on the lake.

Moscow craftsmen perform the dance scene, "Boys and Girls".

Dance "Dymkovskaya toy" in the performance of artisans from Kirov.

Dance "Silver hoof" performed Sverdlovsk artisans.

The guys with the torches are on the forest, bonfires on the lake (evening).

On the Neva River in Leningrad is a group of artisans (evening, night).

Neva (night).

Reel №6

Concert of the gathering of artisans in Leningrad.

Fragment of Khachaturian's ballet "Spartacus" in the orchestra Bayan labor reserves.

Choreographic collective Minsk House of Culture performs the dance labor reserve "wreaths".

The song "Model Boy" performs choir of the Central House of Culture labor reserves.

Estonian folk dance performed by artisans from Tallinn.

Crafts in the hall waltzing.