On blue roads № 81 (1988)

Newsreel №49162, 1 part
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:N.Zotov

Reel №1

1 plot.

Heavy rafts on the Kama.

Forest floated down the river on a raft Kama "Lake-215" Crew captain Zhulanova leads raft.

Chef preparing food in the kitchen of the raft.

Towing the raft.

2 plot.

Innovators Omsk port.

Workers pour the ground in one river ports.

Porters unloaded from wagons loaded with bags.

Members of the initiative group of specialists Omsk river port for the creation and implementation of new methods of handling operations.

Cleaners in action, portal crane hung on while cleaning gondola.

Capture tap for large diameter pipes in action.

Technology works for reloading packages shrink film.

Experts introduce counterbalancing apparatus fork when loading cement in bags.

The boat is moving on the river.

3 plot.

Barges of the modules.

Krasnoyarsk shipyard.

The assembly process of the barge using progressive implementation of the modular method.

Working in the shop at work (automatic and semi-automatic assembly barges, designed to work on small rivers).

Modular units served on the slipway.

Barges carrying cargo on the river.

4 plot.

Runner "Swallow".

Hydrofoil "Swallow", built at the plant named 26 Congress of the CPSU in the town of Feodosia, intended for use on main rivers to serve long lines moving along one of the rivers. .

Experts on board at work.

The authors of the "Swallows" - employees Gorky Central Bureau hydrofoils at work.

Interior view cabins, engine room "Swallows".

Key words

River transport and road.

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