On the seas and oceans № 75 (1989)

Newsreel №49179, 1 part, duration: 0:09:31
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Reel №1

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In four newsreel story.

Removed by order of the Ministry of the Navy of the USSR.

1st plot. "Port on Danube."

Odessa region,


Cargo ship is at the berth at the port.

Boom crane carries automobile tires.

Boats in the harbor and port berths.

Gantry cranes at the port of shooting (the river).

View the geographical map that highlights European ports.

Loading and unloading in port.

Data center operators Reni port of the computer.

Building Vessel Traffic Management Center, which was built in conjunction with the Bulgarian specialists.

Sign with the inscription: «TRANSKOMPLEKT ENGINEERING BALGARIA». 4-storey residential buildings on a city street.

Children in the yard of a kindergarten play in the sandbox.

View of the port.

2nd story. "Propellers fuel economy."

Russia. of


Sign with the inscription: "Kanonersky Red Banner of Labor Shipyard."

Vessels at berth port.

Ship "Kingissepp" stands in the dock for repairs (shot below).

Propeller vessel.

Work grinds hand tool surface of the propeller blades.

Researcher, Laboratory of Leningrad Higher Marine Engineering College Admiral Makarov and worker inspect surface grinder blades.

Researcher shows samples of polished surfaces of the blade.

Diver with underwater tool for grinding in the hands lowered into the water with the ship "Diver".

Monitor screen, which demonstrates the polished sections under water propeller.

Third plot. "Training simulator".



Monument to fighters for Soviet power in the Far East on Lenin Square.

Pedestrians on the streets.

Students of Higher Engineering School of the Far East up the stairs in front of the building.

Sign with the inscription: "Far Higher Naval School named after Admiral S.I.Nevelskogo."

Students in classes at the gym and spend management skills large tonnage vessel trained skill differences ships on radar simulator, practiced in the use of satellite navigation to determine the coordinates of the ship.

Teacher with students about the simulator.

Students in the class work on the navigation pad navigational navigational simulator.

Head. the Department "radionavigation devices and systems" V.V.Konovalov professor at the device autorouting "Breeze-E", which was created under his leadership.

Cadet unit studies "Breeze-E."

Students coming to the school building.

Traffic on the street.

4th story. "NEW atomic icebreaker."


Icebreaker "Taimyr" in a way.

Crew members of the management of the nuclear-powered icebreaker in the wheelhouse.

Nuclear-powered body.

Skippers are monitoring the devices that control the radiative processes.

The scheme of the power plant on the screen.

Checking power irradiation of one of the crew members on the radiometric unit.

On the setting screen allocated areas which have been subjected to contamination.

Checking radioactivity source water in the laboratory.

Launching liferafts.

The helicopter lands on the deck of the nuclear submarine.

Finnish and Russian experts sign agreement on commissioning of new equipment on the icebreaker.

Dining room, sauna, swimming pool on the submarine.

Type one of the cabins.

Crew members in the common room reading books and magazines. "Taimyr" in a way.

Key words

Maritime transport.
Economic ties.
Cities, towns, villages.
Pre-school education.
Shipbuilding industry.
Professional Education (Higher).
Air transport.

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