Construction and architecture № 2 (1990)

Newsreel №49216, 1 part
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:V.Toropov, V.Sudejkin. E.Pokrovskij, A.Rajtburt
Screenwriters:Rzhevskaya A., Peshkov V., Pokrovskij E., Rajtburt S.
Camera operators:V.Sudejkin, V.Rusakova, E.Pokrovskij, A.Antonov


1. "Park - Museum". houses for small towns. "About projects of apartment houses for the central Russian cities. 4. "Russian Modern". On the architecture in the style of Russian modernism on the example of Moscow.

Reel №1

In newsreel includes the following topics:

1st plot.

Park Museum.

The plot tells of the restoration work in the ancient part of the city

Kiev, established the park museum "Ancient Kiev".

In filming the following story: a panorama of the Dnieper steeps, the old part of the city of Kiev;

view of old plates with the NDP "Landscape Alley" on the spot where the city defensive wall in the 10th 13th centuries;

view of ancient orthodox stone cross and pagan stone women;

form the foundation of the famous reconstructed Church of the Tithes - the first stone church in Russia;

general view of the old streets of the city - St.

Andrew's descent, old houses, including the house where the writer lived and where Bulgakov is now a museum-apartment of the writer;

view of one of the oldest cathedrals;

general view of the protected zone of Kiev - Red Square Fountain "Samson", the rotunda, one of the buildings;

panorama of the restoration workshop, where restorers working under the leadership of architect Miletsky;

V.Shevchenko architect and a group of architects from the institute "Ukrproektrestavratsiya" recovery plan for the development of the protected zone of Kiev - Red Square.

2nd story.

Sigrun - man-made stone.

In the story told about the new finishing materials - synthetic granite.

In the plot was filming the following: the interior of a building with columns of Sigrun; production at the Kaluga glassworks Sigrun - synthetic granite; general view samples of tiles Sigrun.

Third plot.

Small house for small towns.

In the story told about the project houses for the central Russian cities.

In filming the following story: a panorama of the city of Vladimir, on the river (removed from the upper point); city ​​streets, ancient buildings; general view of the architectural Institute workshop "Vladimirgrazhdanproekt"; view layouts for the town houses Gorohovets; view of the territory of one of the monasteries in the vicinity Gorokhovets; view of the construction site and one of the new neighborhoods of the city.

4th story.

Russian Art Nouveau.

The story tells about the architectural style of "modern" in Moscow.

In the plot was filming the following: general view of the building of the publishing house "Izvestia" and building, built in the style of "modern" in the early 20th century by architect F. Schechtel;  general view of other homes built F. Schechtel in Moscow in "modernist" style; among them - Morozov Mansion (exterior and interior of the building), a mansion in the style of "Russian Art Nouveau" on the streets of Moscow and including Yaroslavsky railway station building.

Key words

Historical and architectural monuments.

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