Caravan in Russia.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Pankina M.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Levitan A.


Quick historical film on the achievements of the Soviet Union after the October Revolution of 1917.

Reel №1


Machine British tourist Paul Delmer passing through Red Square.

The Supreme Council.

On the podium of the courtroom of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, NS Khrushchev.

In Red Square P. Delmer and journalist Zheronsky.

Landscape plans.

Newsreel, 1918-1923,.:

Starving people, the peasants in the fields.

Battle scenes.

Industrial landscape.

It takes young people - representatives of the Soviet republics.

Obelisks and monuments.

Landscape plans.

Moscow City - LS.

Moscow River.

Metro station.

Morning Moscow.

Monuments PI Tchaikovsky AM Gorky.


Home, where they lived, NV Gogol, FM Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy.

The construction of the bridge.


Metallurgical plant "Hammer and Sickle".

Steelmaker Vasily Ryabov is melting.

Tool plant named after S. Ordzhonikidze.


Reel №2


Car factory.

Assembling the car "Moskvich".

Student Engineering Institute Boris Matrosov works in the shop.

Children rest in kindergarten.

P. Delmer machine passes on the streets of Moscow.

Among the residents of Moscow - the representatives of the national republics.

P. Delmer family acquainted with the sights of the Kremlin, visit Mansion Museum VI Lenin in the Kremlin, examines the courtroom of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, George Hall.

P. Delmer in the museum of the revolution of the USSR visiting the exhibits.

Old revolutionary Vladimir Gorshkov youth.

Professor Nikolai Baranskii lecture in the auditorium of MSU.

In the lobby of MSU students from Kazakhstan, Italy, Beijing, Yaroslavl, Korea, Uzbekistan, Altai, Ukraine, Bryansk region, and so on.

Park near MSU.

Students at the park.

Summer holidays.

Students are leaving on vacation.

Moscow City - LS.

Residential house on Cooperative Street.

Tenants: Professor Popov, electrician Kuzmin, poet Alexei Markov.

Reel №3


Cooperative House on the street.

The boys play football.

House manager talking with residents.

The artist's wife Nadezhda V. Meshkov Meshkov in his apartment.

Sculptor ST Konenkov resting in the yard.

Apartment ST Konenkov.

The works of the sculptor.

GS Ulanova, the Bolshoi Theater.

A scene from the ballet "Giselle".

Agricultural Exhibition.

P. Delmer in the car rides on the fairground.

P. Delmer family of boys and girls who come from Estonia.

P. Delmer autographs.

Daughter Suzanne P. Delmer of pioneers.

P. Delmer and his family are visiting the exhibition.

P. Delmer family attended the Academy of Sciences.

In session of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences.

Academician, Nobel Prize winner Nikolai Semyonov in the laboratory.

Testing of the device "Mechanical hand."

Reel №4


State Department Store.

Customers in the GUM.

Central Stadium VI Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Games of Soviet Peoples.

Performance of the participants Games.

Central Stadium (the plane).

The audience is going to the stadium.

Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky.

Among the guests - a family of athletes Muratov.

Former world champion Valentin Muratov deals on bars.

Sofia Muratova engaged in the balance beam.

Vacationers in the park.

P. Delmer among vacationers.

Automobile seats, where in 1943 there was a battle with the German fascist troops (Orel-Kursk).

British guests visiting the monument.

The city of Kursk.

The car with the family P. Delmer passes through the city.

Streets (of the car).


P. Delmer and his family to see the city.


The streets of the city, park.

Harvest on the collective farms.

Reel №5

The car pulls up to Delmer Simferopol.

Yalta city.

British guests in the car passing through the city.

Tourists visit the Livadia Palace, where the Yalta Conference was held.

Sanatorium on the coast of the Crimea.

Landscape plans (the plane).



Library Avicenna.

Readers in the reading room.

The reader sees the book of Avicenna "Canon of Medicine".

Afshani village - the birthplace of Avicenna.

Khiva - LS.

Palace Tash Hawley (parts, wall paintings).

XV century tomb Paklavana Makmuda.


Juma (details).


The streets of the city.

Observatory, where he lived a great astrologer antiquity lay Beck.

The observatory scientists work.

The tombs of Shah-i-Zinda (details).

Tomb of Gur Emir (details).

Soviet anthropologists M. Gerasimov and others at the tomb excavations Gur-Emir.

Remains of ancient Khorezm.

Scientists are digging.

Directs excavations member of the Academy of Sciences SP Tolstov.

Among scientists - doctor of historical sciences Yakiya Gulyamov.

Inspection found items.

Reel №6

Landscape plans.

Power plant on the Syr Darya River (the plane).

Industrial district of Ferghana (the plane).

City Begovat (the plane).

Fergana city.

Metallurgical Plant.

Steelmaking shop.

Steelmaker Gapiev working at the furnace.

Construction of power plants on the river Chirchik refinery in Fergana.

Work to find new oil fields.

Almalik mountains.

A geologist.

Nonferrous metals plant.

Factory workshop.

Construction of underground coal gasification plant, a thermal power plant.

Workers' village.

Schoolchildren plant trees.


Streets and buildings of the city.

Old Communist Uzbekistan, the first chairman of the city council in Tashkent - CU.

Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Academician Ubay Aripov at work in the laboratory.

Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences Sabir Yunusov at work in the laboratory.

Uzbek women on the streets of Tashkent.

Professor Tursunhodzhaeva lecture in medical school.

Professor Tursunhodzhaeva home.

A female engineer in a textile mill spinning shop.

Workers in the spinning plant.

Noble Cotton Picker Ginnikon Sharapova working in a cotton field.


Construction work in the Uzbek collective farm.

Harvest festival.

Reel №7


Uyghur dance.

Playing rope walkers.

President Sukarno of Indonesia, the king of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah in Uzbekistan

The village, a city in Uzbekistan (the plane).

The plane flies over the Syr Darya.

Old worker Gordeev youth.

A former Red Guard, Civil War hero, Flor Gursky at work.

Monument to those killed in the civil war.

Village, where people live Orochi.

Teacher Sidorov - CU.

Sidorov teacher among students.

Ural village.

Sergey Kirillov, a blacksmith at work.


Landscape plans.

Reel №8

Yalta city.

Landscape plans (of the car).

Delmer family meets and talks with Paul Robeson.

Pioneer camp "Artek".

Paul Robeson among the pioneers.

Speech by Paul Robeson in a camp "Artek".

Physical training exercises in the camp.

P. Delmer family inspects a bedroom, dining in the camp's dining room.

Children P. Delmer - Suzanne and Andrew - among the pioneers.

Family Delmer examines Botanical Garden, is photographed with the pioneers, talks to vacationers in Yalta Kharkov, takes a walk on the Black Sea.

Landscape plans (with motion).

Reel №9

P. Delmer sets tent.

Family P. Delmer rest and dine.

City of Leningrad.

Monuments, streets, and buildings.

Landscape plans (with motion).


Bryansk forest.

Traditional guerrilla camp in the woods.

Landscape plans (with motion).


Streets, squares and buildings of the city.

Minsk residents in the streets.

Belarusian industry products such as carpets, radios, televisions, tractors manufactured at the Minsk Tractor Plant.

Ming University.

Students in the classroom.

Belarusian dance performed by the dance group.

Reel №10

A scene from "Hope Durov".


The Moskva River (the plane).

Nuclear power plant.

Launch of an artificial satellite.

Pulkovo Observatory.

Churchill parade of Soviet soldiers.

The Moscow Kremlin.

Red Square.

Leningrad highway (above).

Visiting family Delmer school.

Guests in the study of physics, the lesson of English schoolchildren.