Leningrad newsreel 1947 № 25

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Producer LSDF

Director: A. Fedorov

Operators: A. Bogorov, S. Maslennikov, A. Pavlov, V. Seledevkin

Other authors: Zvuk - V. Yakovlev

Reel №1

Meeting at the Leningrad City Committee of the Komsomol Komsomol, advanced production.

Speaker secretary of the Leningrad City Komsomol Kuznetsov.

Shop Leningrad Electrical Engineering Plant "Electric power"; locksmiths work, team members Stupnikova.

Work Leningrad shoe factory "Skorokhod" Komsomolets Petrov at work.

Assembly of optical devices in the shop Leningrad Optical and Mechanical Plant named OGPU.

Workers Komsomol E. Pavel, N. Treskin A. purlins at work in the shop of the Leningrad plant "Linotype".

Linotypes-ready machine.

Shop factory "Bolshevik".

Komsomol brigade at work in open-hearth furnaces.

A welder at work on Kryazhev Leningrad shipyard named Marty.

Leningrad textile factory worker named Vera Slutskaya Balakirev puts to roll the finished fabric.

Team leader farm "novelty" of the Leningrad region Kingiseppsky E. Ivanova and members of her unit clean cabbage.

Production of electrical cables in the shop of the Leningrad plant "Sevkabel."

Key words

Youth organizations. Engineering. Footwear industry. Optical industry. Metallurgy. Shipbuilding industry. Textile industry. Collective farms. Electrical industry.