The World Gymanastics Championship.. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Operators: Golubov G., Grek A., Fedyaev E., Khavchin A.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Prok I.


The film about the XIV World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in Moscow.

Temporary description

Moscow, Central Stadium Lenin. Opening of the XIV World Championships in gymnastics. The stadium team gymnasts are Canada, China, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union. Welcoming remarks to the President of the International Gymnastics Federation, Charles Toeni. Hall of the Palace of Sports. Playing gymnasts (men): V. Torreson (Sweden), R. Lombard (Union of South Africa), Bao Naydzyan (China), and F. Danysz (Czechoslovakia), A. Kornoli (Italy), A. Ismail Mohamed ( United Arab Republic), D. Becker (USA), B. Kapsazov (Bulgaria), K. Kochi (Hungary), A. Kono (Japan), W. Gipser (GDR), R. Dot (France), Lipatov, B . Shakhlin, Yuri Titov, V. Muratov, P. Pillars, Takashi Ono, Masao Takemoto (Japan), A. Azarian, V. Chukarin. Gymnasts perform: V. Chaslavskii (Czechoslovakia), E. Leushtyan-Teodorescu (Romania), Keiko Tanaka (Japan), E. Russell (Canada), P. Astakhov, L. Latynina, T. Manin, S. Muratov (USSR) , E. Bosakova (Czechoslovakia). On the podium winners: T. Manin, L. Latynina, L. Kalinina, S. Muratov, E. Bosakova, A. Azarian, B. Shakhlin, Takashi Ono, Y. Titov. Champions lowered flag competition.

Reel №1



Central Stadium.

VI Lenin.

The parade of athletes.

Spectators welcome them.

Delivers a welcome speech President of the International Federation

Charles Toeni gymnasts.

Raising the flag competition.

Palace of Sports.

The hall pass gymnasts.

The carpet Yugoslav athlete Vera Cheslavka,

Romanian gymnast Elena Leushtyan-Teodorescu

William Torreson, Ronald Lombard (Union of South Africa)

Keiko Tanaka (Japan), Ernestine Russell (Canada)

Nai Bao Jiang (China)

Ferdinand Danysz (Czechoslovakia), Arrigo Kornoli (Italy),

Abdullah Mohammed Ismail (United Arab Republic)

John Bekner (USA), Great Kapsazov (Bulgaria),

Karol Kogish (Hungary), Akira Kono (Japan), Wolfgang Gipser (GDR)

Daniel Coulon Sicko (France), Raymond Dot (France), Pauline Astakhov (USSR), Helmut Hillenbrandt (German Federal Republic)

Valentin Lipatov (USSR), Kalevi Suoniemi (Finland)

Chi Wang Yu (China)

Jerzy Iokel (the Polish People's Republic).

Judges at work.

Gymnasts perform Boris Shakhlin (USSR), Takashi Ono (Japan), Yuri Titov (USSR).

Reel №2


Central Stadium.

VI Lenin.

XIV World Gymnastics.

On the podium Shakhlin Boris, who won the world title.

The audience welcomed it.

Performs on the uneven bars Boris Shakhlin.

Boris pass Shakhlin, Takashi Ono (2nd place), Yuri Titov (third place).

Are won in the team event gymnasts of the Soviet Union, Japan (2nd place), Czechoslovakia (third place).

On the carpet: Eva Bosakova (Czechoslovakia), Larissa Latynina (USSR), Keiko Tanaka (Japan).

L. Latynina on the podium.

On the pedestal Bosakova Eve (2nd place), Tamara Manin (third place).

President of the International Federation of gymnasts Charles Toeni acts (synchronously).

Technical Commission President Pierre Entzhes gives interviews (synchronously).

Break between competitions.

The carpet young gymnasts.

Eva Bosakova autographs.

Keiko Tanaka talks with the athletes.

Hall of the Palace of Sports.

Acts Takashi Ono, Masao Takemoto (Japan), Y. Titov.

Athletes on the podium, winning the competition on a personal priority for certain types of gymnastics: Titova (world champion in the vault), Masao Takemoto (2nd place), Takashi Ono (third place).

Floor exercise.

Acts Masao Takemoto.

On the podium Masao Takemoto (world champion), Takashi Ono (2nd place), Yuri Titov (third place).

Reel №3



Central Stadium.

VI Lenin.

To speak at the balance beam preparing Keiko Tanaka.

Acts Keiko Tanaka.

Ready for action and acts Larissa Latynina.

Playing Bosakova Eve, Tamara Manin.

Floor exercise.

Playing Larissa Latynina, Ernestine Russell, Eva Bosakova.

On the podium: Eva Bosakova (1st place), Larissa Latynina (2nd place), Keiko Tanaka (third place).

Performances on the rings.

The carpet Nobyuki Ayhara (Japan), Albert Azarian (USSR).

The winner Albert Azarian.

Yuri Titov and Nobyuki Ayhara in second place.

Bar exercises.

Acts Larissa Latynina.

L. Latynina on the podium.

P. Astakhov is second, Eva Bosakova - the third.

On the podium winners of the competition on the vault: Larissa Latynina, Lydia Kalinin, Tamara Manin, Sofia Muratova.

Performances on a gymnastic horse.

The carpet Miroslav Tserar (Yugoslavia), Paul Pillar (USSR), Boris Shakhlin (USSR), the first place is Boris Shakhlin.

Takashi is ready for performance on the uneven bars.

Speech by Takashi Ono, Boris Shakhlin.

The presentation was watching Victor B. Shakhlin Chukarin.

Speech B. Shakhlin on the crossbar.

On the podium Boris Shakhlin (gold medal), Azarian, Titov,

Championship winners are Azarian, Takashi Ono, Shakhlin Eva Bosakova, Manin, Latynina.

Retreat championship.

The parade of athletes.