The City of Brussels - 1958. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Script writers: Grigorev R.

Operators: Monglovskiy U.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Kataev V.


About the preparation and organization of the World Exhibition in the city of Brussels in 1958.

Historical background

April 18, 1958 in Brussels was opened on the World Exhibition.

Reel №1


Belgian king Buduen I opens the exhibition, go around her, accompanied by an escort of honor.

Gidessy from the USSR, France, Iran, Belgium, Italy, Chile, Czechoslovakia, are invited to visit the exhibition (synchronously).

Brussels (Night Plan).

Atomism Soviet pavilion (appearance).

Visitors to the exhibition, visitors from different countries.

The cameraman shoots Soviet pavilion - different., Details.

USA Pavilion - different., France, Finland, Thailand, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Germany.

Reel №2

Pavilions Morocco, the Belgian company "Philips", Canada.

Customers visiting the exhibition.

Exhibits pavilions of Japan, Norway (the first country), Iran (the first musical instrument), England (the first light, the first bike), Belgium (first tram), USA (first car), USSR (the first artificial satellite).

Finland Pavilion.

Visitors to the pavilion Canada.


The Swiss pavilion visitors examine samples hours.

Holland Pavilion.

Demonstration of "artificial sea".

Examination of exhibits of the pavilion.

Iranian pavilion.

Exhibits - carpets, handicrafts.

Pavilion of Mexico.

The exhibits of the pavilion.

Column from the Temple of Tula, costumes, paintings, silverware, etc.

Pavilion of the United Arab Republic.

Exhibits: Art, models of dams, power plants, etc.

Examination of exhibits.

Visitors to the pavilion of Iraq.

Belgian pavilion.

Exhibits Pavilion inspection items.

Reel №3

Plans, the

Brussels: streets, squares and monuments.

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council NI Beaver population of Brussels.

Mayor of Brussels welcomes the Soviet guests.

Steamer "Georgia" with Soviet tourists arriving in Brussels.

Soviet tourists in the exhibition.

Atomism - different.

Chief architect Andre Vaterklyayn - synchronously.

Visitors to the atomism of visiting the exhibits.

Visitors at the exhibition.

Rides, performances by national ensembles.

Visitors to the exhibition area "Merry Belgium."

Vatican Pavilion (external and internal view).

The exhibits of the pavilion.

Reel №4

Exhibits Vatican Pavilion.

Visitors him.

Hungarian Pavilion.

The exhibits of the pavilion.

Visitors inspect them.

Among the exhibits - art, industrial products, electrical installation.

Pavilion Czechoslovakia.

Exhibits departments of industry and the arts.

Statement by the Czech dance group.

Pavilion of the Soviet Union - are different.

Visitors view the exhibits: a work of fine art, product engineering industry.

Reel №5

Exhibits of the Soviet pavilion of the World exhibition in Brussels: oil rig, drilling machine, a copy of the mechanized mines Gukovskaya - Deep, farm machinery, cars, model aircraft "Tu-104", satellites, nuclear-powered icebreaker, nuclear power plant, an international synchrotron Palace of Science.

Section Belgian science exhibits section "Atom", "Crystal", "living cell".

Soviet pavilion.

Layouts of the village "Peace", Moscow State University, the Central Stadium.

VI Lenin in the Luzhniki Stadium.

Among the visitors to the Belgian champion Willie forestay class.

Visitors see the exhibits department of art.

A scene from the ballet "Giselle".

Circus performer Oleg Popov gives autographs.

Reel №6

Palace of Arts.

Exhibits pavilion 'fifty years of the art ": the product of abstract painting, sculpture, paintings by Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh Matisse, A. Russo Soviet artists A. Deineka, Kibalnikov, Shadr, Konenkova, Vucetic, reservoir, Saryan, etc.

Section exhibits art of the Soviet pavilion.

Among the visitors to a former member of the resistance from the city of Louvain Gonote Nandi.

Department of Soviet books.

Among the visitors visiting the exhibits descendants AS Pushkin - the grandson of the poet Pushkin, Nikolai, his wife Nadezhda, their son - Alexander - grandson of poet Alexander Pushkin - the great-grandson of the poet.

Pushkin family records in the guestbook.

Products from the light and food industries.

Visitors view the exhibits.

Exhibits passenger department.

Photo stands, photo panels.


Among the visitors: Prime - Minister of Finland K. Fagerholm, Crown Prince of Japan, the Belgian senator Zhiyon, Queen of the Netherlands Bliana, Lord Beaverbrook, Lord - London Mayor Dennis Treskot, Commissioner General of the English pavilion John Balfour.

Visitors at the pavilions.

Serving American orchestra.

Reel №7

External and internal appearance of the U.S. pavilion.

Visitors to the pavilion.

Demonstration models of clothes.

The exhibits of the pavilion.

The cut mahogany, voting booths, electronic flight machine, "the machine's memory."

The Department of Art Visitors view works of abstract painting and sculpture, photo stands.

Pavilion England.

Visitors see the exhibit "hall tradition."

Tourists in the hall of "science."

Exhibits: a diorama of a nuclear reactor, a model experimental apparatus Atomic Energy Centre at Harwell.

Inspection of the exhibits in the pavilion industry.

"The Garden of Literature" at the English pavilion.

Sculptures of the great English writers.

France Pavilion.

Visitors listen to a voice recording Romain Rolland.

Manuscript writer.

Among the visitors to the French actor Jean Marais.

Exhibits Industry Department.

Among the exhibits - a machine for heart surgery.

Talking French physician and Soviet surgeon Professor Ognev.

Section perfumes.

Examination of exhibits.

Reel №8


Brussels World's Fair visitors warmly welcomed the Soviet people.

National days of the USSR. Performances of Soviet artists: song and dance (Kyrgyz, Georgian, Ukrainian, Alexandrov Red Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army).

Circus acts Durov.

Visitors to the exhibition warmly escorted Soviet artists.

Brussels Exhibition (removed from the aircraft).

Visitors to the Soviet pavilion.

Talk English, French, Soviet scientists.

Atomism - LS.

Exhibits French pavilion stand with film advertising, etc.

Algerian section of the French pavilion.

Working Algerians - jewelers, engravers.

Visitors view the articles of gold and silver models.

Pavilion of Catholic missions in the Congo.

The Soviet pavilion.

Belgian poet Charles Muas does in the book of the pavilion.

Sh Muas reads poetry at the microphone (synchronously).

Meeting of the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR KE Voroshilov and his party: the Minister of Health Maria's Kovrigina, Deputy Culture Minister Sergei Vasilyevich Kaftanov.

The delegation, Ambassador of the USSR VI Avilov.