Rich Autumn. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sluckiy M.

Script writers: Oslikovskaya E., Sluckiy M.

Operators: Belinskiy A., Zenyakin A., Kacman I., Kovalchuk V., Kogan S., Koloshin A., Komarov V., Kryakvin E., Lisickiy I., Mikheev I., Oshurkov M., Silenko M., Urbanovich K., Yatsun E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


The harvesting of the record grain crop in Soviet Union fields in autumn of 1958.

Reel №1

Autumn Landscape: Field of ripe rye, corn, vineyards, apple to apples.

Flowering trees.

Chairman of the Odessa collective farm.

Budyonny MO Posmitnogo MTS buys equipment for his farm.

Director of MTS MF Timasheff farewell to those departing in the collective machine operators.

Build a grain elevator, grain barns, roads, on which will carry the bread, driven tractors and fuel.

Komsomol Muscovites gathered in the street, the cleaning of the virgin harvest.

On the train ride and sing students (synchronous).

Harvest combine.

At the helm harvester twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Mark Braga.

Bread in the rolls.

On the field in the Saratov region works trailed harvester.

Reel №2

Harvest in the fields of Stalingrad.

Tractor on a granite pedestal, paving the first furrow in virgin territory.

Harvesting in the virgin lands.

Secretary of the District Committee of the Akmola region Kayminskogo EA Zaychukova presents the best combiner pennant "mamaevtsev" - heroic miners of Donbass.

Harvest in the virgin lands of the Altai.

Pick rolls Budaeva husband and wife.

Harvest night.

Student Elena Petrova is on the phone with her mother Anna Grigoryevna.

Students in the virgin lands are preparing dinner, work in the field.

Among working - Lena Petrova, biology students Stanislav Bush.

Students work on the wall newspaper.

Harvest in the rain.

Repairing the processor.

The combine running a Hero of Socialist Labor Gregory Zubkov from Akmola farm "Victory".

Flooding in the Far East.

Flooded spilled Cupid gardens and fields.

Harvester, buried in the damp earth.

Combine put on skis and pull tractors.

Reel №3

Corn harvesting.

Corn on the school grounds Voronezh pioneers.

NS Khrushchev, MA Suslov and DS Polanski in a cornfield farm "Put Lenina" Kuibyshev region.

Corn harvesting on the banks of the Amur River.

Kolhoznik Overchenko - CU.


The Soviet delegation visiting Mr.

Gartsa farm in Iowa (USA): a corn field, cows, pigs.

MO Polsmitny passes through the village of his farm, greets farmers, talking to a milkmaid, with farmers (synchronously).

Agricultural Exhibition - LS.

Anna Andrianovna Belevets of Brest at the stand of corn.

Mountains of grain.

Passing cars with grain.

Pour corn.

Reel №4

NS Khrushchev speaking at a rally of workers.

Collective farmers presented last sheaf its chairman Altai farm "Path of Communism" MJ GOIDIN, and Chairman of the Voronezh farm "In memory of the Kirov" MF Timasheff.

MF Says Timasheff (synchronously).

NS Khrushchev pass "bread and salt."

Trains and barges with grain.


Cotton harvesting.


Cabbage field farm "Bolshevik", Moscow region.

Harvesting carrots.

Gardens (the plane).

Apple picking.

The grapes and tea in Georgia.

Farm chairman Michael Gurin in the Kyiv region speaks with an agronomist, and his wife.

Harvest festival.

Dancing farmers.

Kolkhoz given presents.

Kolkhoz maternity hospital.

Autumn landscapes.

Rainbow over the field.