A Ticket To Life. (1958)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenova M.

Script writers: Kabo L., Semenova M.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Composers: Kholminov A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About L.V.Vasiliyeva, a country teacher, who was elected as a Deputy of the USSR Supreme Council.

Temporary description

Kutuzov seven-year school building Podolsky District, Moscow Region. Teacher L. Vasilyev with students in the classroom to classroom, office Biological consider sent to exchange seeds, and in the field for planting corn. L. Vasilyev and students in the field of wheat. Podolsky constituency voters at polling stations. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR L. Vasilyev in the courtroom of the Supreme Soviet in the Kremlin. Acts Khrushchev. L. Vasiliev takes voters at home in the village. Meeting L. Vasilyeva with the graduate school, the pilot Lapshin on school grounds. SA Selifonov teacher and high school students Kantaurovskoy Gorky region are working on the school grounds, current collective farm, a corn field. Correspondence Kutuzov teachers and schools Kantaurovskoy: SA Selifonova and LV Vasilyeva. Kutuzov school pupils traveling by boat on the river Volga. Gorky. Meeting kantaurovskih and Kutuzovsky students. Converse L. Vasilyev and S. Selifonov. School children go to school on September 1. L. Vasilyev leads children to class.

Reel №1


Kutuzov school teacher Lyubov Vasilyeva with disciples (synchronously).

LV Vasiliev is the forest with students and talk with them (simultaneously).

Daughter of L. Margarita Vasilieva with children, is a lesson in school.

M. Vasiliev, her husband and LV Vasilyeva walking.

Vassiliev family in the garden.

Reel №2

Kutuzovskaya seven-year school.

LV Vasiliev is a lesson (synchronously).

LV Vasilyeva with students considering the seeds.

LV Vasilyeva with students on the school grounds is sowing corn.

Pupils consider tractor.

LV Vasilyeva with students in a meadow.

LV Vasilyeva speaks with field crop Zinaida Yevdokimova.

Podolsky constituency voters at a polling station to vote for LV Vasilyev.



LV Vasilyeva among members of the Supreme Council.

The first session of the Supreme Soviet of the fifth convocation.

NS Khrushchev advocated.

LV Vasiliev takes voters.

Reel №3


LV Vasiliev takes voters at home.

Former student L. Vasilyeva, a pilot, is working on the school grounds.

Pupils on the school grounds.

School director Alexei Vasiliev talking to guys.

School children at play.

Village Kantaurovo (Gorky region).

Honored Teacher of the Republic Sergey Selifonov working.

Students kantaurovskoy schools work on the school grounds.

LV Vasilyeva reads the letter.

SA Selifonov on a collective farm with current students.

Former pupils SA Selifonova work on the current.

Reel №4

Kantaurovo village.

SA Selifonov in a corn field with students.

School children: Gena nags, Leonid Afanasiev, Yi Eliseev, Natalia Semyorkin.

LV Vasilyeva Boat with children.

School children visiting the ship.

Gorky (the ship).

A meeting of the village school with students Kantaurova Kutuzov school.

Pupils and teachers.

LV Vasilyev and S. Selifonov talking.

The first of September.

Rural students go to school.

LV Vasilyeva children.