Our region 1955 № 30

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Producer LSDF

Director: P. Pallej

Operators: K. Stankevich, A. Pogorelij, B. Kozirev, O. Ivanov, A. Tretjyakov, B. Kozirev

Other authors: Zvuk - V. Kartavenko

Reel №1

Vladimir region.

Kovrovskiy Excavator Plant.

Competitions workers after the XX Congress of the CPSU. Work: N. Fadeev, A. Buravtsov.

Building a new excavator plant created by designers and researchers of the Moscow Mining Institute.

Test excavator.

Construction of concrete products plant in Solvychegorskom District of Arkhangelsk Region.

Working team of installers P. Kanashkin.

Pskov region.

Cleaning rye fields Artel Michurin.

Operate tractors, combines Kryukovskaya MTS.

A combine harvester is Vasiliev.

Flax harvesting on the farm "New Life".

Lnoterebilke works on M. Nikolaev.

Opening the Book House in Smolensk.

Meeting of librarians in the exhibition hall.

Sale of books.

Things sports pilots flying club DOSAAF Kalinin Oblast.

Instructors: BN Znamenskii, Novikov with students: N. Kozyakovym, A. Arkhipov on the plane.

Things parachutists.

Jump: Shavlinkina V., V. Karavashkin, B. Polynko.

1st Regional Youth Festival in Pskov.

The columns of youth.

Sports festival.

Involved: athletes, gymnasts, swimmers and others.

By participants amateur.

Key words

Road-building machinery. The building materials industry. Agriculture. Crop. Specialized trade. Library. Voluntary sports organizations. Sports. Holidays.